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Kye Roberts and Grayson Starr! Top Rated Doubles for Gents or Couples!




“Grayson has been with Classymassages for over 8 years.

She is a warm, free spirit, very enthusiastic, with a magically enticing wild side. She has an easy laugh, a girl-next-door attitude, a bombshell-styled fair-skinned Latina blonde with an innocent-looking round face with predominantly Caucasian facial features. She has beautiful big warm sparkling brown eyes and a ready, wide, perfect white smile. Her body is Latina voluptuous. Although originally from Columbia, she speaks English perfectly, with almost no discernible accent. Somehow, she will put a smile on your face, even if you are having a bad day. 

 Clientele tell me they love her outgoing nature, as she has a way of making them feel instantaneously comfortable. If you are shy or nervous and want the woman to more take charge and make you feel right at home, Grayson is perfect for you! However, she is not dominating, bossy, controlling or loud, she is soft-spoken and loves to go with the flow, but she has a way of taking charge that makes you feel empowered. 

Physically, I would describe Grayson as a head-turner sexy. 

She’s a fashionista who wears sassy attire that perfectly matches her effervescent personality.

She loves to drink wine with her clientele (Pinot Grigio is her favorite).

She is a fan of music in all genres, including Pop, Rock, Salsa, Jazz, Broadway Show Tunes, and even Classical.

She is very spiritual and lives her life in a very positive, honest way.  She is a very generous-hearted, genuine person. She embodies professionalism, and punctuality and has never canceled a scheduled call in all her years of working. 

She’s an incredible singer and dancer, mandating her the Ideal Companion for a party or perhaps a night excursion dancing. Also, consider her for a Swing Club Date extravaganza or overnight, as these are options she is open to experience. 

Grayson is fun-loving, open-minded, and naturally sensual. You will find her a highly passionate woman who loves to give pleasure. She also likes to receive pleasure if that is something you enjoy.

She loves working with couples and is one of our top highly recommended artists for couples.

Kye and Grayson have been doing doubles together since she started, and they are very much sensually compatible, the real deal. Their chemistry is authentic, as they are as much into one another as they will be with you. If you want a double experience to that will blow your mind, I highly recommend this duo. Grayson is truly bisexual, however, so even if Kye is not available, she is open to working with another artist. Please ask me, Rachel, for a recommendation, as I know which artists are available at the time you are seeking and who would have the best chemistry together if Kye is unavailable. Grayson would be a great choice to work with  some of the artists who are available as well.

Grayson is not a shy, insecure breed. Although she can be assertive, she is never aggressive, as she is a woman with class.  Once comfort is ascertained, she can switch into a more passive role, and you can take charge. She equally loves to please as well as to be pleased. She holds herself well and moves catlike, sensually, exuding a sensual, sleek confidence. Many of our clientele, especially our more passive, conservative gents and couples, love that about her. They like that she intuitively can make the first move, yet she will not overpower the session. She intuitively knows how to balance and manifest perfect sensual chemistry.

She is a patient and gifted sensual Courtesan with an uncanny ability to manifest results with one’s sexuality when others have tried and failed previously.  

She is a more mature and experienced artist, yet her features, skin, and figure convey someone much more youthful than her stated age.

Her kindness, listening skills, and compassion mandate her to deliver an unequivocally high-class, caliber girlfriend experience endeavor.  Her NURU Massage skills are exceptional, and she is excellent with hot stones. I am told she is an expert at a man’s “personal” massage and other what I would describe as lovely offerings catering specifically to how a King would want to be hedonistically, luxuriously pampered by a dream Courtesan. I will leave these hints to provoke your imagination; feel free to read her attached more specific reviews. She has many reviews with beautiful shimmering details of taboo dreams and fantasies expressed in reality! Her specialty is applying what you want without you having to say. She is not new to this genre; she is not shy, so you will find her comfortably uninhibited. Yes, you will have a fully sensual escapade leaving you fulfilled emotionally and physically. 

Grayson currently has an alternative Incall location in Miami and our Spa here! It is a private, highly upscale condominium, immaculate, elegantly decorated with a touch of spirituality blended with modern upscale art. It is not a 5 Star spa-type ambiance, , but it is discreet and high-end, and if an incall in Miami is a preferable location, perhaps for reasons of limited time or transportation, or our Spa is unavailable at the time you are seeking, please consider her private location as an alternative.

No tattoos, fair flawless skin, no piercings except ears. “

Rachel Cohen



“I refuse to offer an average or mundane type of experience…  

I am neither predictable nor boring…

I embody a “joie de vivre” (zest for life) that makes our time together a magnificently exciting escapade!

I take pride in creating our time together as a ‘Work of Art.’ I fully intend our rendezvous to be a ‘Masterpiece.’

I offer a HIGH-CLASS, heartfelt, yet WILD journey! It is an erotic adventure you will not forget for a long time. I am highly experienced and will truly rock your world. I am very open-minded, fun, with compassionate, patient side as well.  If you are open to spending time with a classically beautiful, blonde-haired Latina , this voluptuous, talented Goddess is full of vitality and sensuality.  I hope I am THE ONE intended for YOU!”

Grayson Starr



Grayson’s Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is a specific massage that originated in Japan. It is a highly erotic massage using a water-based, seaweed-based, odorless sexual lubricant massage oil called Nuru. You will find that even though it feels like oil initially, it is not. Unlike oil, it is not sticky, dries quickly, and does not stain. It is an extremely high-quality, high-caliber oil. 

Using this delicious sensual oil, Grayson will rub every part of her body against every part of your body, slowly, and seductively. Somehow, this Nuru magically conducts the sexual energy from her body to your body!

Grayson uses skills, instinct, and the chemistry you create together to deliver the performance of a lifetime. She has been performing and perfecting her Nuru technique for over eight years. Trust me; you are in for quite the treat!

If you come to the Spa, you can watch the whole experience in the mirrors on the wall as it happens. It really enhances your session. If Nuru Massage application is something very important to you, Grayson is highly recommended for this. Let her know this is one of the main reasons you selected her, and I am sure she will deliver an unforgettable experience!



Grayson’s “Girlfriend Experience”

Grayson includes in her sessions a very authentic version of the “Girlfriend Experience”…

“Gfe” is an acronym commonly used for girlfriend experience. “Gfe” is an expression that describes the girlfriend you have always wanted,  but with no emotional strings attached.  Her version of the “GFE” experience expresses itself in a way that the time spent and the things that happen between you will feel very natural. You will have a hearfelt connection similar to the one that you would have if she were your actual girlfriend. This closeness, however, is one without any complications a real relationship often brings. There is nothing about her services or demeanor that would make you feel that she was NOT your girlfriend, that she was acting in a paid service—the reason why is because she is soft, warm, and genuine. You will manifest actual chemistry together. There will be nothing artificial or forced feeling; it will flow naturally and comfortably.


Grayson’s Fully Sensual Escapade Experience

A fully sensual escapade experience at Classymassages is a gorgeously erotic escapade that expresses itself as an experience that is energetic, uninhibited, open-minded, and fun. It is very authentic; you will feel like you are with a real lover, not an actress.  Grayson’s particular version is a uniquely expressed work of art. Her offering is a warm, classy, emotionally connective experience where both of your natural passions can be expressed without inhibitions and taboos explored. Grayson is a very patient, kind, spiritual soul. She will create a space for you in which you will be extremely comfortable exploring sensual realms together. The experience will be the furthest thing from mechanical or fake imaginable, she is really sensually uninhibited and is able to connect and manifest almost supernatural chemistry.


Grayson’s Companionship/Dinner Experience

A Companionship/Dinner experience is a session greater than 4 Hours. Your venture may actualize as an outing where you enjoy drinks or dinner. Or perhaps you will attend a day or an evening event together. It also can include whatever particulars are listed in a regular  session, but you will also have additional time to manifest a genuine connection indeed by having dinner or attending an outing together in addition to or instead of solely a Nuru/Full Sensual Session.  The experience is the furthest thing from a paid service imaginable! Grayson is witty, fun, and a great companion! She will turn a lot of heads, she is really a head-turner!

Overnights, and full/multiple-day dates are also available. 

Please visit this page on our site for more details:

Luxury Sessions







Columbian Descent

Caucasian Appearance/Latina Build



Fluent well-spoken English.
Fluent well-spoken Spanish. 

Session Lengths


4-Hour Sessions are available and highly recommended for the elite client who enjoys a longer, more luxurious pampering courtesan-styled massage. 



90 Minutes are available if there are time limitations!

Dinner Dates of 6 Hours, 8 Hours, 12 Hour Day Dates, 12 Hour Overnights, and Multiple Day Dates are also Available and Highly Recommended. For Multiple Day Dates, please inquire with Rachel for rate quote. All other quotations are listed. Grayson prefers not to travel or drive to an outcall beyond South Florida limits.





One is a private condominium upscale, discreet residence in Miami.

The other is the elaborate spa location in

Classymassages’s “five-star” studio spa is entirely private. The location is in an upscale residential area. It is very discreet and 100 percent safe. The inside is luxurious, spacious, and immaculate, with a fully stocked wine bar, massage table, nuru bed, changing room, and a shower area (very hot water with an adequate stream). Grayson supplies every amenity you can imagine. You will be given a full-sized Turkish towel, fresh robe, slippers, fresh toothbrush and fresh toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash, fresh soap bar, deodorant, and much more! The walls are fully mirrored to enhance your session. When you enter the door, candles and incense will be lit, and music will play. The Private Spa is a dream location intended to create a hedonistic fantasy into a reality. It is an incredible, decadent experience you do not want to miss!




It is located in a high-end area of Miami, in a private upscale condominium. It is very discreet; parking is not an issue. Although it is not set up as an elaborate spa, it is a lovely, private, comfortable residence! Elegant, spacious, immaculate (Grayson is extremely clean)  and decorated with artistic flavor, a touch of spirituality with a modern flair. This incall is ONLY for Grayson, no other artists. 



I am available to visit your upscale South Florida and surrounding locations. 




Booking an Appointment

We believe in being a 100 percent safe and discreet as we prefer to not have payment made into a Merchant Accounts if possible.

  A paperless trail using a gift card via (it is NOT a Merchant Account and there is a way to do it that is 100 percent non-traceable) is explained in the booking section of this website.  A 100-dollar deposit is requested for all appointments booked in advance more than a day to hold the date and time of your appointment with the artist of your choice if you are a new client or you are an established client and have canceled on us previously. Please visit this link on our website when you are ready to book your appointment in advance for more information on the deposit, or feel free to ask Rachel how to go about it: Booking Link



Contact Information

To make an appointment with Grayson Starr, Please Text my assistant Rachel Cohen directly:

954 549 5010

Text is the current preferred method of contact.   

Do not call/do not leave a voicemail message. 

Once you are in communication with Rachel and the appointment is set, or you need to send something like verification or a review on Grayson via email, you may email Rachel Cohen at


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