Swinger’s Club Date

“Swing Club” Dates 

We offer artists here at Classymassages.com who will accompany you to a Swing Club.

If you are a “swinger,” or you AND your wife are “swingers,” you will find the perfect companion to accompany you on a date here at Classymassages!

We have amazing, incredible women who will accompany you on a date to a “Swing Club.” These ladies are not only gorgeous, but fun and open-minded. Their confidence and beauty will be all that you will need to completely fulfill your every need and desire. Everything goes at a Swinger’s Club as you know. Not all of our artists offer this, as it really is a “specialty” if you will. We DO have a few select artists who ABSOLUTELY LOVE Swing Clubs.

Please message Rachel Cohen 954 549 5010 for current recommendation. 




Traveling Swing Club Date:

The three artists we have available for local Swing Club Dates are also available for a combination of a “Travel” date AND a “Swing Club” date anywhere in the United States. 



Rates for “Swing Club”  dates are listed on the rate page. Please click here for a listing of all session’s rose amounts: Rates

Please message either Rachel (Classymassages’ assistant) 954 549 5010 or the artist or artists directly for rate quote if out of the South Florida area.