Our Spa

Our main location is a fairly large, private, discreet five star studio spa, located in an extremely upscale residential area in the Downtown Ft. Lauderdale / Las Olas area. 

Our spa is the epitome of luxury, decorated with an Oriental Theme. We create a truly decadent ambiance that truly enhances the  “raw eroticism” of your “Nuru  massage session.”

It is immaculately clean, sparkling from top to bottom.

When you first walk into our spa, you will hear sensual, electrically charged music playing on a powerful sound system. “Enigma” is a top musical choice by our artists, as that seems to be a musical choice that provides the best fit for the highly sensual environment to best perform the Nuru Massage in.  

You will find candles and incense lit throughout the spa. 

Our gorgeous, professionally installed wall-to-wall mirrors allow you to watch us perform the “Nuru” massage in it. The visual affect is said to be amazing. 

Pictured below is our actual Spa Location. 

 The bed pictured below appears to be a King Sized bed. In actuality, however, it is a Nuru Massage Bed  that was designed specifically for receiving a Nuru Massage upon. It has a specific mattress that we had designed specifically for performing Nuru Massage Services. It is waterproof, and quite a bit harder than an regular mattress.  Also pictured below is a massage table, which gives you the option of incorporating a therapeutic massage into your session as well. A relaxing therapeutic massage is the perfect way to end  your Nuru Massage session. 



Classymassages Spa Nuru Massage Room


Parking is completely private, safe, and discreet. There are no neighbors across the street, nor are you able to see neighbors on either side.  You will feel completely comfortable coming here. Parking is completely safe, easy, and painless. When you park you are right in front of the spa so you do not have to walk far. The place where you park is the epitome of discretion, as it is covered and it is not on a main road.



Our shower is very hot, strong,  and spotless.

The shower is available to you before and after all sessions for yourself or along with your artist in a shower session.



Classymassages' Shower

Very Hot Strong Shower. Immaculately Clean.



We supply our upscale clientele with a freshly laundered bathrobe and slippers.

Classymassages" Robe and Slippers

Robe and Slippers



We also provide you with high quality turkish bath towels, including an oversized bath towel 

Oversized Turkish Bath Towels


We have fully stocked bathroom with amenities.  Every client gets a toothbrush, toothpaste, new comb, fresh bar of soap, etc. You will be blown away that somehow we think of everything. We even have a shower cap, hairdryer, hair gel, deodorant and you may even shave if necessary.


Classymassages’ Bathroom


We also provide Hot Stone therapy and can incorporate it into your session if you like. 



Hot Stone Section


Before and after sessions, in addition to a shower, we also provide warm hot towels.


Hot Towel Warmer



There is a “mister machine” that actually creates a “mist” during your session, reminiscent to being in a rainforest.

Rainforest Mister


 We have a large Buddha that creates a very soothing waterfall sound throughout your session.


Buddha Water Fountain



There is a Changing Room, as well as a safe place to leave your belongings during the session


Door to the “Changing Room.”



We have a fully stocked wine bar with every kind of wine you can imagine.

We also stock champagne. 

We also offer water, juice, Gatorade, or soda.

Beverages are offered before, during, and after a session, as our sessions are very intense and you may likely need them!



Fully stocked wine and champagne bar.





Classymassages has only one “Spa Location.”

Grayson Starr has her own second “private” location available for clients already previously established with Classymassages.com only unless an exception is made. 

It is a highly upscale private location in Miami.