Questions Pertaining to Our Service


Questions Pertaining to Our Service:


Is this an agency where you work for someone else or are you independent?

This is NOT an agency nor an escort service. We are 100% INDEPENDENT artists! We work for ourselves, not for someone else. We network together to provide and ensure that our services are superior at all times. 


Does Classymassages have an assistant?

We have a lovely assistant named Rachel who assists us with many things. Some of the things Rachael may helps us when we are tied up are the telephone (we forward her text messages if we are busy), responding to emails for booking purposes, and the booking process itself. Also,  if verification is needed, she does that as well. 


When I text am I speaking to the actual artist?

When you text the artists directly , you are speaking directly with the artist unless she is unavailable to reply at that time and has forwarded her calls to Rachael, Classymassage’s booking assistant. Rachael has worked with us a long time and is a sweet girl with exquisite phone manners. She will help you book your appointment with the artist if they are unable to respond to your text message. 


Is your assistant Rachael a provider?

Not at this time. She is a retired provider, and understands the business very well. She additionally has a degree in business and years of experience as a bookkeeper.  She does not take appointments and is not planning to return to the business, as she prefers to work behind the scenes at this time.


How do I get in touch with Rachael directly with questions or concerns regarding Classymassages?

Please text her directly:  954 549 5010