Luxury Sessions

Life is too short, and one should really enjoy and savor every precious second of it. You should never, ever rush pleasure… not for one single second!

If you have been working really hard, or are under any kind of stress lately, you may want to treat yourself not to just a couple hours of Adult fun, but to a longer, more  romantic Adult rendezvous, where much more passion and connection will evolve. 

These options are referred to as “Luxury Sessions.”

Our clients love to experience our Nirvana Like soul nourishment of this pure unadulterated sensual Nuru, and Companionship.

Gents often select “Luxury Sessions” with a  Courtesan to connect mentally, as well as physically. Time spent only in the spa or perhaps only a hotel room can leave one feeling physically satisfied and mentally to some degree, but in a longer escapdade, a true connection will manifest a much more satisfying experience on every level. 

Perhaps this “Luxury Session” is an evening excursion, such as a business party, boating, or even dinner and drinks with other friends.

Maybe it is an Overnight Experience of Dinner, Nuru, and Sleeping Together with lots of cuddling, followed by a romantic breakfast. 

Maybe it is a full day or days spent keeping you company during your free time during what would otherwise have been a tedious business trip. 

This may be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered… 

Our artists are sensual healers… They base their intentions in love, kindness, and integrity. I promise your experience will help not only fulfill your body’s needs and desires, but it will truly nurture your very being as well…


Luxury Session Rates