What Is Nuru?

Nuru Defined

The foundation of our service is a very specific style of massage originated in Japan called “Nuru Massage.” Essentially, it is a massage that uses authentic “Nuru Sex Gel” as a base for the massage instead of a standard massage oil. The gel we use in our sessions is  actually authentic “Nuru Sex Gel” imported from Japan. The “Nuru Sex Gel” is extremely slippery and viscous. It is water based and derived from natural seaweed. Because it is not based in oil, it rinses off very easily and does not stain. It can also be considered a safe sexual lubricant.

 The ‘Nuru Massage” we perform is a totally nude, body-to-body rub/slide combination. We employ our entire bodies, not just our hands,when performing this style massage. The “Nuru” technique we perform is intricate and intense, and it requires a great deal of athleticism, strength, and coordination.