Questions Pertaining To Choosing Which Artist Is Best For You

 Questions Pertaining To Choosing Which Artist Is Best For You:


Will I be able to choose which artist to have a session with? 

If you are booking in advance more than a day you may select specifically who you would like to see and we will make it happen if she is working on the date you are interested in.  If it is a same or a next day appointment we ask that you are open to who is actually available if anyone is available on such a short notice. We are not often able to accommodate a same day or next day request for an appointment as advanced booking is preferred. If we are able to accommodate a same day or next day request, we hope that you are open to who is available, understanding that we are trying to accommodate you best we can but our artists are usually booked up well in advance and same day/next day appointments with the artist of your choice may not be possible.


Since your rates are higher end rates,  should I expect that all the ladies are perfect ten in appearance? 

You are paying the higher end rate for a gorgeous appearance guaranteed, but our higher end rate is not just for looks alone. You are also paying the higher end rate for not just appearance alone, however, but the actual high caliber service you receive that is a combination of exceptional class and incredible talent. You should expect service to be superior in every single way as our service is considered to be a definite 10 to everyone.  Our girls are all well-groomed with an impeccable appearance, and they are all simply stunning. Looks can be subjective, however. What someone thinks is a perfect 10 may vary among different people. I would think, however, most everyone would consider our ladies perfect 10s or very close. 


Who is the best at the actual Authentic Nuru Massage technique?

All artists are excellent at Japanese Nuru Massage, all are highly skilled and trained.

All the girls are exceptional – so you kind of cannot miss with any of them!


Who performs authentic Tantra?

Amber Wood, Kye Roberts, and Violet Moon. 


Who is best at GFE?

This technically means deep kissing and bbbj.

We interpret it to mean not rush and create an emotional, mental connection. 

The session is based in love, healing the heart, and nurturing, kind, and very caring, as if you were spending time with your girlfriend. The girl does not act as if it were a paid service.

All girls love GFE and are equally amazing at it. 

Violet Moon offers our mildest version of GFE however. 


Who is best at PSE?

PSE means like a porn star. It means sexually wild, willing to do more crazy and uninhibited things.

It means that one LOVES SEX and is very open-minded.

Many men seeking a Nuru Experince with our artists do not always request PSE specifically, but if it is desired it is available by our artists.

Our PSE is done with kindness, authenticity, and respect, leaving you fulfilled not just physically but emotionally as well.

All artists are incredible at it and enjoy it thoroughly!

Violet Moon offers our mildest version of PSE however. 



Which artists offer fetishes/fantasies?

Some of our Artists are open to certain versions of these things. 

Kye caters to fantasies, foot fetishes, light domination, and role play. 

Amber caters to fantasies, light domination, and role play. 

Madison Gregory caters to fantasies, light bondage, light domination, light submission, and role play. 

Ava caters to fantasies, fetishes, light domination, light bondage, and role play. 


Please inquire if you have a specific request. 


Who has advanced college education?

Amber Wood and Violet Moon. 


Who offers expertise prostate massage?
Violet Moon, Grayson Starr, Kye Roberts, Ava Paloma,  and Amber Wood.



How do I pick the right artist for me not just based on looks? 

Please read profile and reviews to get a feel if that is the right provider for you.  Schedules of the artists are always changing, so perhaps pick 2 artists you like and see who is available on the particular day and time you may need. It will work out as it is meant to work out, and I have a feeling whomever you get will be a perfect fit for you. I cannot say enough times that each and every artist on here is amazing. 


Which artists are considered to be a fit for a more mature gentleman?

All of our artists cater to more mature gentleman. 

Our average client is in his later 30’s to later 60’s, although we also get clients between the ages of  21 to 85.  

This is a service intended for a more “seasoned” type of clientele who have extremely high expectations which we hope to not only meet, but to exceed. 

We are open to discriminating gents 21 and over. 



Which artists are considered tall?

Amber Wood is 5 foot 11 inches. 

Violet Moon is 5 foot 10 inches.




 What artists are medium in height?

Ayden Gold is 5 foot 7 inches.

Grayson Starr is 5 foot 6 inches.

Ava Paloma is 5 foot 6 inches.

Madison Gregory is 5 foot 6 inches



Which artists are petite (short in height)?

Kye Roberts is 5 foot 2 inches.


Which artists are drama free?

All of them


Do any artists smoke cigarettes?



Which artists are “420” friendly?

Amber Wood, Ava Paloma, Madison Gregory, and Violet Moon.


Are the artists disease free?

Very important question. The answer is yes. All of our artists are required to test 3 months regularly for all std’s including HIV.


Which artists most enjoy companionship dates?

All of them. 


Who offers Swing Club Dates?

Grayson Starr

Madison Gregory


Do any of your artists speak any languages other than English?

All of our Artists are fluent and well spoken in English.

Grayson Starr speaks Spanish Fluently in addition to English. 

Ava Paloma speaks Spanish Fluently in addition to English. 

Julia Reynolds speaks Spanish Fluently in addition to English

Violet Moon speaks Russian Fluently in addition to English.