Questions Pertaining To Choosing Which Artist Is Best For You

Questions Of Choosing Which Artist Is Best For You:


Will I be able to choose which artist to have a session with? 

If you are booking in advance for more than a day, you may select specifically who you would like to see, and we will make it happen if she is available on the date you are interested.  If it is the same or a next-day appointment, we ask that you are open to who is available if anyone is available on such short notice. We are often unable to accommodate the same day or next day request for an appointment with a specific person as the advanced booking is preferred. If we are able to accommodate the same day or next day request, we hope that you are open to who is available, understanding that we are trying to accommodate you best we can, but our artists are usually booked up well in advance and the same day/next day appointments with the artist of your choice may not be possible.


Since your rates are higher-end rates,  should I expect that all the ladies are perfect ten in appearance? 

You are paying the higher-end rate for a gorgeous appearance guaranteed, but our higher-end rate is not just for looks alone. You are also paying the higher-end rate for not just appearance alone, however. Still, the actual high-caliber service you receive is a combination of exceptional class and incredible talent. You should expect service to be superior in every way as our service is considered a definite 10 to everyone.  Our girls are all well-groomed with impeccable appearances, and they are all simply stunning. Looks can be subjective, however. What someone thinks is a perfect 10 may vary among different people. I would think, however, most everyone would consider all of our ladies perfect 10s or very close.

Most artists are excellent at Japanese Nuru Massage, highly skilled and trained.

All the girls are exceptional – so you cannot miss any of them.



Who performs authentic Tantra?

Blake Langford and Kye Roberts. They are absolute experts at Tantra. True Tantrikas/Dakinis. Extensive training, multiple tantra modality certificates, and both are highly intuitive. They both have experience as spiritual energy healers, yoga, and meditation. Kye is a trained professional belly dancer and Polynesian Dancer. Blake specifically has extensive training in Tantra Breathwork and related breathwork modalities. Both can accommodate and are trained in almost any Tantra healing modality you can imagine, highly recommend it! Full-union bliss is included, as well as Kamasutra positions, Tantric, tease, and build-up techniques and positions. Trust me, if Spiritual Sensual Healing Tantra with Full Intimacy Option is what you want, it is what you will get! 

Also highly recommended Alanis Ritz for magical Tantra Techniques.  If you are specifically seeking a spiritual Therapeutic Tantric Sensual Healing experience,  I would describe her not as extensively skilled and experienced and highly trained as the other two Tantrikas/Dakinis, but she is said to be highly skilled, very, very intuitive, with incredible technique and application. 


Who is best at GFE?

This technically means deep kissing and bbbj.

We interpret it to mean to  “not rush,” and to create an emotional, mental connection. 

The session is based on love, healing the heart, nurturing, kind, and caring as if you were spending time with your girlfriend. The girl does not act as if it were a paid service.

All girls provide GFE.

Most of our artists are exceptionally total GFE with reports I hear over and over again AMAZING their GFE is. Most of the girls are seriously good at it if that is what you are seeking, I give most of these girls a guarantee of superior GFE service.  By GFE I mean kissing and cuddling just like a girlfriend would; girlfriend-type chemistry is guaranteed—never a complaint about GFE but always a compliment. You cannot go wrong. The top reports 100 percent consistently received are Kye, Grayson, Jessee, Bianca, and Blake for GFE, as every single session receives the most complimentary feedback about warmth, kindness, patience, kissing, and cuddling imaginable. Clients always state with these three that their session was not a service, but a life-changing experience. The others are all phenomenal in different ways, but these four always always always receive top GFE-specific reports. 

Alanis, Natalie, and Kourtney usually have stellar GFE reports, but I have had reports of not having “chemistry,” referring to kissing enthusiasm and affection aspects not sensual escapade limitations. Meaning this does not refer to the GFE in the sense of the more personal, intimate GFE reference.  All girls provide a lovely personal, intimate GFE. They call this YMMV, meaning ‘your mileage may vary.” This means there is a very high chance of having exceptional GFE chemistry, kissing, affection, but we cannot guarantee these specifics with these three ladies because we have received at least one contrary report. If this is important to you, I highly recommend one of the other artists.

However, Natalie and Alanis have 100 percent stellar reports in doubles with another girl with GFE, chemistry, kissing enthusiasm, and affection. 



Who is best at PSE? 

PSE means like a porn star. It means sexually wild and uninhibited. 

It means that one LOVES SEX and is very open-minded.

Many men seeking a Nuru Experience with our artists do not always request PSE specifically, but if it is desired, it is available by our artists.

Our PSE is done with kindness, authenticity, and leaving you fulfilled physically and emotionally.

All artists are incredible at it and enjoy it. All are equally amazing at it.  

I would say Jessee Kramer offer on the lighter end of PSE although they offer extremely modest and PSE to their comfort only and I do not think you will lack anything unless you are looking for something specifically more on the hardcore side. 

Your best bet for more of a hardcore version of PSE is Alanis Ritz, Kye Roberts, Grayson Starr, Kourtney Davis (optional (YMMV) Greek), Natalie Teghan, Blake Langford, Grayson Starr (rimming specialist),  and Bianca Cartwright (optional (YMMV) Greek).


Which artists offer BDSM/fetishes/fantasies?

Our Artists are open to certain versions of these things, but no one offers anything hardcore. 

Kye Roberts caters to light fantasies, fetishes, foot fetishes, domination, and role play. 

Grayson Starr caters to light fantasies, light fetishes, light domination, light bondage, and light role play. 

Alanis Ritz caters to moderate bondage, fetishes, fantasies, role play, submission, foot fetishes, with a specialty is domination. 

Kourtney Davis caters to very light versions bondage, domination, fetishes, fantasies, and role play. 

Blake Langford caters to moderate fantasies, fetishes, domination,  bondage, and role play. 

Jessee Kramer caters to very light fantasies, fetishes, domination,  bondage, and role play.

Bianca Cartwright caters to moderate versions of bondage, domination, fetishes, and fantasies. Her preference is submission, so she is your best match if that is what you seek. 


Who is an actual licensed massage therapist?

Technically, we do not ask if someone is licensed, as we offer what is called body rubs. Those who might be stated to mirror a licensed massage therapist in skills are the following:

Blake Langford

Kourtney Davis

Bianca Cartwright

Jessee Cohen 


Who has a college education?

Kye Roberts currently holds a degree. Extremely bright. She has diverse skills, certifications and impressive artistic and spiritual knowledge. 

Alanis Ritz is currently enrolled as a College University Student. Very intelligent. She is young but wise beyond her years. 

Jessee Cohen holds a degree. She is brilliant. I would qualify her as Mensa if that was still a popular option among the younger generation. 

Blake Langford holds extensive tantra and other related spiritual modality certifications. She is brilliant and I would qualify her as Mensa material if that was still a popular option among the younger generation. 

I would qualify her as Mensa material if that was still a popular option among the younger generation. 





Who offers expert prostate massage?

All artists offer prostate.

Jessee Kramer, Grayson Starr, Alanis Ritz, and Kye Roberts receive the top reports.

 Bianca and Kourtney are open to it and receive good reports.



Who squirts (sacred amrita nectar)?

Kye Roberts

Alanis Ritz

Blake Langford (YMMV, Depends on Chemistry)


Are there any artists available not listed on the site that I used to see, or heard of and wished I had seen? 

If an artist is not listed on the site, that means they are no longer with us. However, on occasion, a former artist will reach out and say if any of my old clients reach out to me, let me know. So please ask. If you wished you had seen an artist who is not listed, we ask that you are already an established client first and we do not provide current photos as this girl is considered “under the radar.” This is an extremely rare occurrence, however. Sometimes a lady will be brand new starting and not listed yet, and you can be her possible first experience. 


How do I pick the right artist for me not soley based on looks? 

My advice, in our specific high-end genre, is to never simply pick an artist just based on looks. I understand wanting tall 0r short, understanding wanting a certain age under 30 or mature, but regardless, all of our ladies are wonderful, amazing, talented highly skilled women, not abstract pieces of meat to be analyzed for their physicalities. They all epitomize beautiful, powerful, empowered, heart-centered, highly intelligent, highly skilled women who take immense pride in their craft. This is NOT an escort agency, with ladies in and out. This is their career. We rarely hire and rarely does an artist leave unless life pulls them in another direction.  It is a healing sensual service many describe as a simple paradise on Earth. There is nothing else like this on the planet. This is a palace for queens and princesses, to be visited by kings and princes.  We humbly ask that the ladies that are part of this Network please be treated with reverence and respect. Please read the artist’s profile and reviews to see if that is the right provider for you.  Schedules of the artists are always changing, and most of our women have cycles, so often they are not always available. Perhaps pick at least your top 3 or even 4 artists and see who is available on the particular day and time you may need. It will work out as it is meant to work out, and I have a feeling whomever you end up with will be a perfect fit for you. I cannot say enough times that each and every artist on here is amazing in some way. I never hear what I think are ‘true’ complaints, or they are removed and no longer listed here. If I hear a “complaint” it is often referring to a more superficial issue, an objective opinion, never about refusing a service, showing up under the influence, showing up late unless there is an emergency, or things along those lines. You are guaranteed exceptional service. Never ever a complaint about that. We are a class act in every way. I do address any and all complaints, but I always take into consideration when one is subjective and one is objective. For example, if I  receive a complaint that a girl does not exactly match her pics, I do make note of it. If there are two not matching complaints, I meet with the girl and we address the issue. Often new pics follow if necessary, as perhaps they had gained or lost weight and I was not made aware. Sometimes they change their hair color and cut and do not tell me! Sometimes the girls for whatever reason refuse to take new pictures, as they are independent. The good news is I rarely hear these things, and if I do I will do my best to handle it. However, the majority of the time I hear our artists look even better in person because of their charisma, personality, or energy in person. I hear so many wonderful things that a random opinion about an appearance comes across as disrespectful, although I know it was not intended that way. Please keep in mind, if you are calling for a same-day appointment, or even the next day, the artist may not have the time to dress and do hair and make-up to the glamorous extent normally taken. Our average client books weeks in advance. This is for discriminating gents seeking the finest service, the most well-reputed Nuru Tantra Full Sensual Escapade service not only in the USA but in the world. Our women are all high-caliber, high-class beautiful women. For example, there is one artist I hear over and over again she looks way younger in person, then I will have a report after 20 reports she appears older. I have learned not to react and freak out over a complaint or two on appearance. Often people can have a different opinion. Unless I hear more than one complaint about not matching pics, I don’t address it for this reason. If there are two, I will address it. There are only 3 artists which I received one report, basically looked good but we did not have great chemistry like the others, and I made a note of it. To us, not having chemistry with one of our artists is unacceptable. It is as unacceptable to me as being late for an appointment unless there is an emergency. We pride ourselves on our artists providing consistent chemistry, as they are magical creatures, with supernatural gifts of creating the space for eroticism and performing life-changing experiences that transcend our clientele to a plateau of pure bliss. I speak with the artists, and if one more report is received I no longer recommend them. However, even after two complaints of no chemistry, all of our ladies listed have established clientele already and it is not fair to remove them from site. That is why it is important to read thoroughly everything, especially what I write on top. If you want a spiritual sensual connection, ask me who is best and currently available. If you want a super GFE, when you text me, Rachel, ask who I recommend and who is available when you are seeking. If you want the best Nuru, ask who I currently recommend and who is available. If you want the wildest fetish or PSE experience, ask who I recommend. Things can change very quickly, sometimes b4 I have a chance to update the profile. The truth is what is attractive to one person may not be attractive to another, and women continually change their appearance. I recommend selecting based on services you are seeking and set your expectations high, if we have clear communication I promise I will point you in the right direction, and I know you will be pleased when booking well in advance.  If it is a last minute request and you are asking for whomever is available, focus on how amazing our service is and be grateful for how beautiful our women are, how incredible our place is, and the simple miracle you were able to get in.  These ladies are artists, not typical providers, they mind being objectified for their physicality. Ages are accurate reflections, as I rarely hear anything except they look younger in person.  If you want a perfect ten stereotypical machine, ask for that. Say who looks most like a perfect bathing suit model in person. But don’t ask for that and then complain because the girl stated her age over 30 had beautiful laugh lines so you only rated her a 9 1/2.  However, if service and looks are what you are seeking, say who provides that specific combination the best. Honestly, though, I would look into the eyes of the provider if their eyes are not blurred, and read what I wrote about them. If their eyes are blurred, try to look at the picture and feel their energy, then read what I wrote about them. I am getting to a point of depth and maturity in life, and I am mandating this to be an escapade that is one of beauty, grace, opulence, emotive expansion, and healing on all levels, mind, body, and spirit. 


Which artists are considered to be a fit for a more mature gentleman?

All of our artists cater to the more mature gentleman. 

Our average client is in his later 30’s to later 60’s, although we also get clients between the ages of  21 to 85.  

This is a service intended for a more “seasoned” type of clientele who have extremely high expectations including quality of location (we have the most beautiful, most discreet location in South Florida imaginable), appearance, class, skills, and service, which we are reputed to not only meet but to exceed. 

We are open to discriminating, mature gents 21 and over. 

The youngest artist is Alanis Ritz, so if you are mature, remember she is 23. She is, however, extremely mature in most sensual and sexual ways, but I want you to be comfortable. She has seen clientele who qualify to be AARP members and older, and they said very positive things about how she is wise in ways of intuition and sensuality beyond her years. Unless it is an understandable mental deterrent that she is only 23, don’t let that be a deterrent because she is all woman in the ways of the world. She is very wild and open-minded much past her years. However, there have been statements of discomfort with kissing with gents over 70. So if that is the case, perhaps select another artist. 

The rest of our artists are middle 20’s and up.

Natalie Teghan is mid 20’s looks very youthful.

Blake looks very youthful but is 27 and very mature sexually in very profound ways.

Bianca is 26, looks significantly younger,  but wonderfully sensual and mature in every way! 

You will lack for nothing with any of our girls as far as sexual maturity and experience go. We cater to the discriminating mature gent who prefers the finer things in life. 


Which artists are considered tall?


Kourtney Davis is 5 foot 7 inches. (small-boned, slim, leggy, athletic)


What artists are medium in height

Grayson Starr is 5 feet 6 inches (medium-boned, lean, fuller backside, athletic, leggy, busty, long and leggy).

Natalie Teghan is 5 feet 6 inches (small-boned, lean, toned arms, athletic and fit, flat stomach, small waist, full backside, full upper thighs and hips,  athletic long legs, busty).





Which artists are petite (short in height)? What are their builds?

Kye Roberts is 5 foot 2 inches. (athletic, busty, small-boned)

Alanis Ritz is 5 foot 3 inches. (athletic, shapely bottom, medium-boned)

Blake Langford is 5 foot 2 inches. (slim, athletic, shapely bottom, small-boned)

Bianca Cartwright is 5 foot 3 inches. (athletic, large shapely bottom, medium-boned)

Jessee Kramer is 5 foot 4 inches. (slim, well-toned, shapely bottom, very small-boned, athletic long legs and model style torso)




Which artists are drama-free?

All of them


Are the artists disease-free?

That is a very important question. The answer is yes. Our artists are required to test regularly for all STDs. 


Are any of your artists 100 percent drug and alcohol-free and/or involved in the 12 Steps?

We have three artists who fit these criteria. Please inquire if this is a specific request. 


Do any of your artists use illicit drugs?

No. Zero tolerance for substance abuse. 

Alanis Ritz is the only artist I am aware of with a prescription, 4-2-0.

Our artists are reliable and dependable and exhibit no interest in anything of that nature. All but three will have a drink of wine with you. If that is a personal requirement, please ask. Don’t assume they will drink alcohol.


Which artists most enjoy companionship dates?

All of them. 

I would say Jessee Kramer, Blake Langford, Grayson Starr, Alanis Ritz, Kourtney Davis, and  Bianca Cartwright really relish those types of evening escapades. They are the most sophisticated in that way and truly know how to dress, how to present and conduct themselves with grace and style, exemplify class and elegance, and truly embody discretion.


Who offers Swing Club Dates?

Bianca Cartwright

Alanis Ritz

Blake Langford

Grayson Starr





Do any of your artists speak fluently any languages to

her than English? 

All of our Artists are fluent and well-spoken in English.

Grayson Starr speaks Spanish Fluently in addition to English.  

Kourtney Davis speaks Russian Fluently in addition to English.

Bianca Cartwright speaks Spanish Fluently in addition to English. 

Natalie Teghan speaks Spanish Fluently in addition to English.