Please Read Before Booking Online

This will answer all your questions regarding booking an appointment. 


What is the fastest way to book an appointment?

Please text message the artist of your choice do not email for the fastest response. This is best way if there is only one specific artist you prefer to see.

If you are seeking a same or next day appointment  and are open to seeing whoever is available, please text Rachel at 954 549 5010 to see if anyone is available.  She is the assistant for all the girls, so if you are needing a Nuru Session quickly and open to who might be available that would be the fastest way to get an appointment. Do not email her for a fast response.

You may fill out the booking form on this page for an advanced appointment request but please do not expect an immediate reply, as emails are not answered right away. Please allow up to several days for a response.



Please book in advance if at all possible:

We prefer that you book your session in advance as a same hour/same day/next day booking consideration is quite challenging for us to accommodate. We receive many inquiries from potential clients wanting same hour/same day/next day booking consideration but are not able to accommodate the majority of them. If you cannot book in advance,  please try anyway to contact the artist of your choice via text message (not email or telephone call) for a same hour/same day/ next day booking consideration. The artist of your choice may likely not be able to respond immediately and typically same hour/ same day/next day appointments are not always available. On occasion, we are able to accommodate you so I urge you to please try but please do not have an unnrealistic expectation of receiving an immediate response from the artist of your choice nor an immediate appointment.  If you are open to seeing whoever is available however and not a specific person, you can often get in for an immediate appointment. For immediate consideration for whoever is available and not a specific artist, please text Rachel at 954 549 5010 do not email for fastest response. 


Why do I not typically get an immediate response or not usually able to get in to see a specific artist  on the same hour/same day/ next day?

I realize there are many erotic massage therapists and escort providers who you can either call, email or text message and you receive and immediate response. I also realize there are some erotic massage therapists and escort providers who are able to see you that same very day or the very next day, sometimes even as soon as the next hour.  We are not a typical erotic massage therapist nor escort provider who is usually able to do either of those things. We are a very upscale service whose services take planning to deliver the consistent quality of service we offer. Additionally, we are in very high demand and have limited availability, each of our artists prefer to see only one client a day. Our sessions take a lot of planning to deliver as well.  Please understand that typically we are not able to respond right away and also not able to see you even the same or next day, especially not usually the same hour.  Again, if you are open to seeing whoever is available, NOT a specific artist, you should be able to get an immediate appointment. Please text Rachal at 954 549 5010 if anyone is available for an immediate appointment. 


May I pick a specific artist to have the session with? .

When booking in advance, yes you may,  as long as the artist of your choice is available on the specific date and time you desire. If your first artist of choice is unavailable on the specific date and time you desire you, however, you may have to see another artist instead who is available on that date and time. Also, if you are seeking a same hour/same day/next day appointment your choice of who to see will be limited to who happens to be available at the time, so again if you want a specific artist, please book in advance. 


I have limited time available and can only do a same hour/same day/next day appointment. All the girls on here are amazing so I am open to whomever is available.  How do I most quickly get in touch with an artist and make the appointment happen?

If you are only able to do a same hour/same day/ next day appointment,  text the artist or artists of your choice directly and text them the exact date and time you need and see if they happen to be available. If you are not set on just one particular artist only and open to whomever is available as all the women on her are amazing, in addition to whatever artists you text, please also text Rachael at 954 549 5010 and ask her to please let you know who is available/ if anyone is available on the day/time you seek as she loves to help anyone anyway she possibly can to obtain a same hour/same day/next day appointment.


Text Message is the Preferred Method to Book Same Day or Next Day:

For a booking that is done same day or next day, we ask that you please text message the Nuru Massage Artist you are interested in seeing directly.  If you are interested in whoever is available not a specific artist, please text Rachel at 954 549 5010 for fastest response. Please do not email for a same day or next day booking.  Do not call or leave a voice mail as text message is the preferred communication for next day or same day booking. Please indicate on the text message your first name, the therapist you are interested in, how you found her, the day you are interested in, the time you are seeking, the session length, if it is incall (to her) or outcall (to you), and if it is an outcall where your location is, and what type of location (house or hotel) the outcall is. Please do not say just “hello” or “are you available” as we do not respond to texts that are not detailed what specifics you are seeking


Deposit For Same Day / Next Day Booking  is NOT asked for Except For One Exception:

A deposit is usually not required to book a same day or next day appointment. The only exception to this rule when a same day or next day outcall appointment involves a lot of travel time. This would be north of  Delray Beach, south of Miami, and west of Pembroke Pines and Mirarmar  . The deposit to book this  same or next day long distance appointment would be between 100 and 300 depending on the distance involved. 


100 Dollar Deposit Is Preferred For Advanced Bookings:

Once Rachel or the artist you selected confirms your request,  you may then send the 100 dollar deposit to finalize booking the appointment. 


 Why We Prefer a Deposit For Advanced Bookings:

The reason that we prefer one is that our time is very important to us. There is a lot of planning involved when booking an appointment.  This way if there is a cancellation, at least the artist of your choice will be compensated for any inconveniences it may have caused her.

I also find that if we get a deposit up front, even if it is only a 100 dollars, our clients are more likely to keep their appointment. Prior to this asking for this deposit, approximately 50 percent of all our clients cancelled when booking in advance. We implemented this system a couple months back, and since implementing it we have had no cancellations by anyone who has made a deposit. 


If an Emergency Were to Happen and the Nuru Provider You Had an Appointment Was Unable to Make it You Will Get Refunded:

If an emergency were to happen to the provider and she cannot keep your appointment and you did not wish to see another girl instead, your deposit will be refunded. If you cancel the appointment however, there are no refunds, 


Exceptions Are Made, But We Really Prefer That You Send A 1oo Dollar Deposit When Booking An Appointment More Than One Day In Advance If You are Comfortable Only of Course.  You  May, However,  Book  Same  Day or Next Day With No Deposit Preferred:

There are exceptions to making a deposit for advanced booking if you are not comfortable doing it. You are always welcome to instead contact us the same day or one day prior to the time, but unfortunately there are no guarantees that it will be the exact provider of your choice. The good news is that usually at least one artist is always available for a Nuru Massage if you are open to seeing the artist who happens to be available. Unless it is very early in the morning before ten A.M. or late at night past ten P.M..


When Do I Send the 100 Dollar Deposit?

Once we verify the time and that the artist you are seeking is available, you may then send us the deposit. We will text you the email address to use at that time.  Upon receipt of the deposit, your appointment will be booked and confirmed. 



For Discretion Purposes, We Prefer  to use “” To Purchase a 100 Dollar Gift Certificate  As A Deposit. We Use Amazon,com Because It is 100 Percent Safe and Discreet, as We DO NOT Want A “Papertrail.” We Are Sure You Do Not Want One Either:

If you are worried about discretion or leaving a “papertrail,”  please do not. This is a 100 percent discreet way in which to make the deposit unlike using a PayPal or other Merchant Account. For your part, you may want to purchase a 100 pre-paid gift card Visa or Mastercard if you do not already have a “discreet” credit card you can currently use. For ultimate discl\retion, if you do not have one already, you may also want to create an email address that does not have your personal information on it. What you will need to do once you have a “discreet” email you are comfortable using is visit and create an account using a fictitious name. Once the account is created, all you need to do is select the gift card option, and put in the provider’s email address or you may use the company’s main email address, Also make sure to choose the amount you are sending, which should be a 100 per provider for advanced bookings, and between 100 and 300 for long distance outcalls involving extended driving time.  The gift card then gets sent to the artist’s email address. On a bank statement,  your purchase would appear very discretely as a 100 dollar purchase to This way is 100 percent discreet. We can then proceed and book your appointment in advance so you will be able to have the ideal artist, the date that works best for you, and the time all set in place. Please text the artist you are booking with once you have sent the deposit so she can make sure she received it. We can then proceed and book your appointment in advance so you will be able to have the ideal artist, the date that works best for you, and the time all set in place. 


For Advanced Booking Requests:

 Link: Amazon Gift Card

You may text for a booking request:  954 549 5010

Please include date, time, session length, and artists you are interested in seeking. 


Do you accept a Credit Card payment via Paypal for a Deposit? 

We prefer Amazon if possible for deposits, but we can also accept a deposit via PayPal using a credit card on exception.


Can I pay for my session with a Credit Card via Paypal?

Yes, we accept Credit Cards via Pay Pal to be paid prior to the session on exception. We do prefer cash if possible, but we understand that may not always be possible. If this is the method you select, you must pay for your session when you book your appointment. We can also accept a partial payment via Credit Card on Paypal, paid when booking the session, and the rest of the amount you can pay in cash when your artist arrives.