Tantra Sessions

3 of our Artists offer expert Trained Tantra/ Certified Dakini Sexual Healing Sessions.

These sessions include Yoni Massage, Lingham Massage, Kundalini Activation Massage, Kama Sutra Positions, Techniques, and Full Union Bliss.  Other Tantra Healing techniques and rituals are also available and included. 

We have 3 artists who currently are experts in this particular specialty. Please visit their biography page for more information. These women are fully trained, certified, and experienced Tantrikas! (Tantra Therapists).

Full Sensual Connection, Nuru, Gfe, also included! Top Rated and Highly Experienced !

When booking, indicate you are seeking an authentic Tantra experience and anything else you would like to be included or excluded! They are happy and able to accommodate in creating anything from sacred a healing experience to more of an intense sensual escapade to the level you desire!

Please visit the individual artists page for more information. 


Kye Roberts (Couples, Men, Women)

Blake Langford  (Couples, Men, Women)


We additionally have one other artist who is experienced and trained in some Tantra techniques. She is not extensively skilled or experienced in Tantra, and she is not a certified Tantrika or Dakini practitioner, but she has learned several exciting ancient sexual healing techniques of Tantra to enhance your sessions if Tantra is what you seek and the other artists are available. Please make sure to specifically request you are seeking Tantra with her when booking. I have heard very good reports, she is a natural.


Full Sensual Connection and Nuru included!

Alanis Ritz  (Couples, Men, Women)


Tantra Doubles/Triples

Alanis Ritz is available and highly recommended with Kye Roberts if you are seeking a true Double Tantra Experience. Kye has years of experience as a Tantra Healer and Practitioner, and takes the lead to ensure you will have a Sensual Spiritual Tantric experience beyond your wildest desires! Alanis Ritz is a wonderful student, and you will be pleased to experience their chemistry.

Alanis Ritz is also available with Bianca Cartwright who works amazing together. However, Bianca is not trained in Tantra so this will be a sensual experience infused with their own combination, a unique brand of sensual and spirituality infused, with emphasis on Nuru and Full Sensual Connection. With Alanis specializing in her Tantra techniques, and Bianca your ultimate GFE dream come true, you will be quite pleased. They are our really passionate and quite lovely together with lots of experience working together! I have heard amazing things!

Blake is open to working with Alanis or Kye for a Tantra Connection

She is open and excited to work with Bianca or Natalie, so if you are seeking a 2 girl that is also Nuru, GFE  full sensual experience that may be a great choice. Blake will make sure to include a Tantra experience, and you will have fun with the other gal at the rest. 

Grayson and Kye work amazing together, Kye will cover the Tantra part, and they will all work together to ensure you the Nuru GFE experience of a lifetime! They have incredible timing, love working together, and have lots of experience working with one another. Two really beautiful, talented women who will blow you away!

If you would like a Tantra triple, let me see what we can put together to give you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.