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Blake’s Appearance is said to be much hotter in person!


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Highly Punctual, Very Discreet, Dependable, and


Often flexible for same-day or next-day appointments when available, but please try to book in advance.

Pics are recently taken and very accurate. 

Highly Punctual, Very Discreet, Dependable, and Reliable



Rachel Cohen’s Recommendation

“Everyone I have recommended to her has been grateful and satisfied beyond words. She has a high repeat ratio, meaning everyone who sees her comes back to see her usually will come back again!

You will find Blake to be one of the most intriguing, sexiest women walking around on this planet! She has an effervescent personality, is outgoing, charismatic, warm, and enthusiastic. I am told by clientele she is ridiculously hot in person, is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet, and her skills are so amazing it is hard to believe. Her secret is she infuses sexuality with spirituality, being a Tantrika and sexual by nature, these things come very naturally to her. She also really, truly enjoys herself and does not hold back. She will have real orgasm after real orgasm and give you a real orgasm after real orgasm.  An experience with her is as organic and authentic as it gets. She is a very humble, grateful, deliciously warm type of person, which are rare attributes in this industry. She is not entitled, arrogant, or selfish, which ARE attributes commonly found in the adult industry. She has refined her gifts with her innate intuition and empathy which are intrinsic. She is highly affectionate and loves to please, as well as to be pleased. She is knowledgeable about so many things, highly intelligent, and very well-spoken. Your conversation will be riveting! Her skills are reported as absolutely incredible! She is very open-minded and extremely accommodating. She looks much younger than her stated years, as she physically appears to be in early 20s. Incredible Gfe skills, phenomenal Pse skills, and sensational Nuru Massage skills are guaranteed. She is extremely open-minded, accommodating, and passionate. She is a licensed massage therapist, which adds a uniquely powerful quality of service to her sessions. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in Tantra. If you are seeking that spiritual/sensual connection with mystical tantric techniques, her abilities will astound your senses. She is not for the faint of heart, as she is the ‘real deal’ sexual courtesan. She is fantastic with women and outstanding with couples. Blake loves doing sessions with her real-life Playmate Maya Nowak. They are available together for both gents and couples. You will be pleasantly surprised by her refreshingly open-minded attitude.  She has tastefully done body art on the arm and hip areas. I hear she is much more attractive in person to almost every client she sees. She just oozes sex appeal in real life in every way. Her smile is warm and engaging, she is petite at five foot 2, small-boned, and her body is athletic, toned, and tiny with just the right amount of curves. She has a perfect b cup, naturally perky breasts, delicious yummy pink nipples always erect, and a firm, perfectly curved backside. Her complexion is perfect, she has soft beautiful skin, her face glows, her big almond shape blue eyes sparkle with excitement, and she smiles widely with a perfect white smile. Her face is gorgeous. She has a perfect bone structure with high cheekbones, a perfect nose, beautiful laugh lines, and a dimple in her chin that will melt your heart with her warmth and natural sexiness. You will feel both immediately comfortable and immediately enticed and excited to begin one of the most adventurous, exciting escapades we offer!

Reviews for our site are always appreciated. I am also thrilled to speak with you live after you have been verified and have an established appointment or already are an established client, having seen Blake or any of the other girls. You may also email me with any questions or comments about Blake or our service in general, and we can set up a time to speak that way. It may take me a bit to set up a time, but I will be happy to.”

Love and kisses, and enjoy!

Rachel Cohen


About Blake Langford

“What separates me from the rest is my authenticity. I find connecting on a deep level through being present. By that, I mean my entire focus is on you, nowhere else. You will have my undivided attention. In our time together, my body, mind, and spirit will focus entirely on you. You will find our encounter one of those warmest, most heart-centered erotic encounters humanly plausible. I will offer you an experience that will not only satisfy your physical needs but will also enrich and empower your soul. “

Blake Langford


Incall Location:

Upscale Private 5 Star Studio Spa Incall Location in Fort Lauderdale.



Outcall Locations:

Available for Outcall to the South Florida Area. 

Available for Outcall with advanced bookings to your upscale location in South Florida.



Travel throughout Florida, the USA, and Worldwide is available with advanced planning. Blake LOVES to travel.


Blake’s Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is a specific massage that originated in Japan. It is a highly erotic type of massage using a water-based, seaweed-based, odorless sexual lubricant massage oil called Nuru. You will find that even though it feels like oil initially, it is not. Unlike oil, it is not sticky, dries quickly, and does not stain. It is an extremely high-quality, high-caliber oil. 

Using this delicious feeling sensual oil, Blake will rub every part of her body against every part of your body, slowly, seductively. Somehow, this Nuru magically conducts the sexual energy from her body to your body!

Blake uses skills, instinct, and the chemistry you create together to deliver the performance of a lifetime. 


Blake’s “Tantra” Experience

Blake is a very intuitive, powerful Goddess of Tantra, also known as a “Tantrika.”.  You will find her session to be a highly evolved, spiritually erotic encounter.  She combines ancient Tantra techniques, Tantra Healing, and Tantra Breathwork to enhance your session. This element adds intensity to your session, leaving you fulfilled not only physically but also emotionally and mentally, at a depth that will blow your mind. 


Blake’s “Gfe” Experience

Blake includes in her sessions a very refined, authentic version of “GFE”…

“Gfe” is an acronym for girlfriend experience. “Gfe” is an expression that is the girlfriend you have always wanted,  but with no emotional strings attached.  Her version of “GFE” is a pure, authentic version of “GFE.” Her particular version “GFE” experience actualizes in a way that the time spent and the things that happen between you will feel very natural. You will have a closeness that is similar to the one that you would have if she were your actual girlfriend. This closeness is, however, one without any complications a real relationship often brings. There is nothing about her services or demeanor that would make you feel that she was NOT your girlfriend, that she was acting in a paid service—the reason why is because she is soft, warm, and genuine. You will manifest actual chemistry together. There will be nothing artificial or forced feeling; it will flow naturally and comfortably.


Blake’s “Pse” Experience

“Pse” is an acronym for “Porn Star Experience.” What it means here at Classymassages is a gorgeously erotic escapade that expresses in some ways similar to what being with a porn star might be. It describes an experience that is energetic, uninhibited, open-minded, and fun. Blake’s particular version of “pse” is a uniquely expressed work of art. Her offering is a warm, classy, emotionally connective experience where both of your natural passions can be expressed without inhibitions. Blake is a very patient, kind, spiritual person. She will create a space for you in which you will be extremely comfortable exploring sensual realms together. The experience will be the furthest thing from mechanical or fake imaginable.


Blake’s Companionship/Dinner Experience

A Companionship/Dinner experience is a session that is greater than 4 Hours. Your venture may actualize as an outing where you enjoy drinks or dinner. Or perhaps you will attend a day or an evening event together. It includes a  Gfe/Pse/Nuru/Tantra session, but you will also have additional time to manifest a genuine connection indeed. The experience is the furthest thing from a paid service imaginable! 

Overnights, and full/multiple-day dates are also available. 

Please visit this page on our site for more details:

Luxury Sessions




Please inquire with Blake and Maya directly for more details when you see them separately or as a pair. 

Otherwise, you may make an appointment for a phone conversation with Rachel if you would like some further information. This is only after you have already seen Blake or Maya separately or Blake and Maya together. It is available with either Maya or Blake or both of them together.   Email Rachel at to arrange a time to speak with Rachel if you are interested. 


Blake’s Private Upscale Spa Location (Incall):

Blake’s “five-star” studio spa is entirely private. The location is in an upscale residential area. It is very discreet and 100 percent safe. The inside is luxurious, spacious, and immaculate, with a fully stocked wine bar, changing room, and a shower area. Blake supplies every amenity you can imagine. The walls have mirrors to enhance your session. When you walk in the door, candles and incense will be lit, and music will be playing. The Private Spa is location an incredible, decadent experience you do not want to miss!


Visiting Your Upscale Location (Outcall):

Blake also enjoys visiting you if that is your preference. She will bring everything we will need for a session (Nuru massage gel, music, etc.), so you do not need to supply anything.




  In this type of experience, the longer the session, the better the experience.

3 hr. or 4 hr. Sessions are considered standard or basic sessions.

3 Hours are the basic recommended session length for someone seeking an unrushed experience. This session length gives you the perfect time to receive the full experience and truly savor your time together. It will provide you with a chance for you both to connect and manifest chemistry with one another!

4 Hours is the basic session recommended for those who receive professional massages regularly and genuinely love to luxuriate their senses (massage and bodywork connoisseurs). It is also available for others who want to fully thrive their feelings. This 4 Hour session will ignite your connection to a profound level. 

90 Minute and 2 Hour Sessions are also available if you have time limitations. 

Blake encourages you if you can find the time to book a “Luxury Session.” A “Luxury Session” is a Companionship/Dinner Session that is greater than 4 hours.

Overnights and full/multiple-day dates are also available. 


Booking An Appointment:

 A 100-dollar deposit is preferred (not required) for all appointments booked in advance for more than a day to hold the date and time of your appointment with the artist you select. Please visit this link on our website when you are ready to book your appointment in advance for more information: Booking Link.


Contact Information

To make an appointment with Blake Langford

Please text message her directly at 954 825 1441.

For the fastest service, please text message her assistant, Rachel Cohen, directly at 954 549 5010.

Text is the preferred method of contact.   

Do not call/do not leave a voicemail message. I do not answer the phone or return voicemail messages unless you are already an established client.

(I prefer text messages to email. I do not check my email unless I am expecting something. My email address will only be used if you have already corresponded with me via text and are sending me the information we discussed).




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