Do’s & Don’ts



  May I have your personal, private number, email, or social media site?



The only contact information that is available is listed on this site. You will find it on the bio page of each girl and under the tab that says “Contact Information.”


We are HIGHLY UPSCALE companions and artists, not looking to risk our careers here at Classymassages or our impeccable reputations. The Network of Classymassages keeps us safe, steady, with wonderful, discreet, discriminating upscale clients. We can both be terminated from Classymassages, so please do not ask me for further personal information then what is already listed.  If you do ask,  I am required to report it, and I will not be able to see you again. Also, you will not be able to use our services again and see the other girls. 

So please, do not ask me for further personal information than what is listed.








There is nothing more appealing to me than a freshly showered gentleman. Please shower prior to the start of the session. If you are coming from a long day or directly from work you can take a shower prior to the start of our session.

I am a very punctual person and I ask that you are punctual as well.

Please do not text message, send email inquiries, or speak on the phone in an overtly graphic manner.


Please ask before touching!