History of Classymassages

History of Classymassages


 Originally, Japanese women were the only ones providing this specific style massage. One would think that a voluptuous body and an artist who did not have language barrier would be a better option than a stick skinny artist who did not speak English, but “Nuru Massage” was essentially unheard of in the United States, especially being offered by an American, until January of 2012.  


In January of 2011,  the now legendary Goddess Eden was a Florida based provider who gave body rubs. A client of hers, a gentleman who had visited Japan on a vacation, had experienced the “Nuru Massage” technique. He could not get out of his mind wanting to experience a “Nuru Massage”  again. He was very frustrated that he could not find that specific technique anywhere but in Japan. Goddess Eden was his favorite body rub girl locally.  He suggested to her that she learn about and specialize in “Nuru Massage.” He saw that she was very athletic, graceful, and flexible. Additionally, she never rushed her sessions, and she had a very intuitive touch. Her body type was compact and athletic, and she had lovely all-natural curves.  He predicted that the youthful looking  “All American” cutie with could take the body rub industry by storm by developing and reinventing her own particular brand of  “Nuru Massage.”


Goddess Eden’s client’s prediction soon became a reality. In January of 2011, Goddess Eden began her studies of the Japanese based massage along with Far East Tantra and developed and perfected her particular technique. By the end of 2011, she had became the number one ranked body rub provider locally.  At the beginning of 2012, she released a “Nuru Massage” video that captured the raw sensuality of her “Nuru Massage” technique. The video catapulted her instantly to fame, and Goddess Eden became an established as an international adult video star and Icon. By the middle of 2012, she rose to become the top rated provider in the United States. By the end of 2012, she became ranked number one internationally.  Many try to duplicate Goddess Eden, but she is the original provider who brought popularity of the technique to the United States.


By the end of 2012, Goddess Eden had become overwhelmed by the demand for her “Nuru Massage”services.  To help meet the increasing desire for her brand of “Nuru Massages,” she decided to train others in her particular technique and create a”Nuru Massage” service. “Classymassages” is that service, a service that provides her particular brand of “Nuru/Tantra Massage” along with GFE/Escort services. Goddess Eden has personally trained each artist currently working in her particular technique. Even though Goddess Eden no longer offers individual sessions herself and no longer manages the service at this time, Rachel Cohen is the next best thing. Rachel is her protege, as she was personally mentored by Goddess Eden for years before taking her place. Rachel is the current assistant and marketer, and has been running the Classymassages’ Network successfully for over 6 years. 

Goddess Eden made an impression on the Industry that has changed it forever, bringing an artistic appreciation to this genre that was never there before.

Through Rachel Cohen, and all of us, Goddess Eden’s legend will live on.