Superior, Sensual, Spiritual Nuru Escapade with Beauty Blake Langford

I found Classymassages online, as I was searching for something with more substance than just a typical escort or sensual massage experience. Not sure what I was looking for exactly, but this site seemed a perfect fit. The girls are beautiful. I had never had a Nuru massage and was intrigued, so I scheduled an appointment with Blake Langford. Through texting her assistant Rachel, the process went quickly, and was easy to schedule after a painless screening process.

We met initially at my upscale hotel bar.  The hotel has strict rules about visitors coming directly up to the room, as they require a visitor must be escorted by the hotel guest.  When I saw her sitting at the bar, I was pleased. She is highly well-groomed and classy, petite and extremely pretty. Even prettier than her pics! So far, so good! We chatted for a bit, then went to the room. She took a few minutes to set up the room with music and candles, which I found to be an impressive measure.  She went into the bathroom to change and came out wearing a fantastic negligee. She began the session with the massage. The nuru massage is a very erotic massage that starts as a body-to-body massage and slowly transitions into a very sexy escapade. It was a great evening, and I definitely would repeat it. Classymassages’ and the booking assistant Rachel Cohen are very efficient, professional, and easy to deal with. Blake and I really clicked. She is outstanding in skills, appearance, personality, professionalism, and we just had incredible chemistry. 

As I said, she was beautiful and the best part is she really seemed to enjoy the session as much as I did. She is a very spiritual person and a very sexual person. A rare combination, each a rare find on their own, and together most appreciated  As we talked for a bit, I found her openness about her sexuality refreshing. She is comfortable in her skin with no inhibitions.  She started with the massage. This was my first Nuru massage. She used a lubricant that is specific to Nuru. It was nice, odorless, not oily,  and she rubbed it on her body giving me a nice show, then used her body to rub it on me. Blake is very athletic and you have to be athletic to do this massage effectively. It involves a lot of physical work.  As she continued to rub, then eventually grind on me, I started to get excited. She started with a very slow handjob, then would alternate with a blowjob. very nice. Then she turned around to grind on my chest using her thighs and legs and lady parts. It was very sexy. I pulled her to me so I could DATY. She was really into it, and I loved it. She then turned around and started back on a BBBJ which was fantastic. I wanted to fuck her, but her hand job and blow job combo was so good, I could not resist. I decided to just go with it. Even though I didn’t fuck her, I’m sure I could have if I wanted. She is open-minded and accommodating. Normally I like to fuck, but she was so good at what she was doing, I was happy enough with that. This was a first for me. After an extremely satisfying intense finish, probably from all the tease and build-up, she cleaned me up and we laid there cuddling and talking for a while. She was definitely not in any rush. It was very refreshing. She got up and got dressed, and after a warm hug like we were longtime friends, she then left. I will definitely repeat. You can also do a two-girl session with them as many of the girls are bi, but on their website, they tell you that if you want to do that, you should ask the assistant Rachel to recommend which girls currently work best together. Since Blake was there, I asked Blake to recommend her favorite girls to play with. She gave me a choice of a few different girls she enjoys playing with. They all sounded great to me. I will definitely repeat soon with her and another girl. Classymassages is a great, great service. Blake Langfored is a great, great girl.