Blake: On Another Level

Appearance:Model material
Performance: Forgot it was a service
Session Location:Private Upscale Luxurious Elaborate Spa Incall Studio

General Details

Blake Langford is on another level. She combines the sensual build-up of Tantra with a genuine love for physical intimacy that will leave you breathless. This woman will change your expectations for companionship. That is a bold statement but true.


After a few texts back and forth and a painless screening process, I was able to get the requested time and date I  desired and book an appointment in the spa location with Blake Langford.  I found Rachel very responsive, intelligent, pleasant, and easy to communicate with. I was very grateful I got to experience an incall appointment with Miss Langford at her beautiful hideaway of Classymassages. It is a luxurious private spa incall that Blake and the other high-class independent artists she networks with utilize to make all your Nuru Massage and other dreams manifest into reality. It is immaculate, with every amenity one could hope for, including wall mirrors, Nuru Bed, Massage Table, Shower, Changing rooms, wine bar, and even hot stones station. There is music, incense, candles, I mean everything! They even provide hot towels for cleaning up afterward!

The Juicy Details

I met Blake at her spacious and well-appointed Fort Lauderdale incall studio. Upon opening the door, I was floored by Blake’s beauty. You are immediately lost in her beautiful blue eyes and sexy smile. She is drop-dead gorgeous. The pictures on her website are accurate, but she is even more beautiful in person. But there is much more to her than physical beauty. Upon entering, Blake looked up at me, smiled knowingly, and gave me one of the sexiest kisses I have ever experienced. Her DFK is not about technique, it is true artistry. She is totally in the moment and there is no one else in the world but you. It takes your breath away. After taking a shower, Blake led me to the massage table where she began what I can only describe as a spiritual experience. Blake has taken extensive Tantra training and begins her sessions this way. The Tantra massage that Blake provides is intimate, sensual, and builds the sexual tension like nothing you have ever experienced. She strokes every part of you, and moves her body around and against you in ways that are indescribable. I only booked a two-hour session, but next time will book four hours just to spend more time with the Tantra experience. After an hour of excruciatingly exciting Tantra edging, she suggested we move to the bed. Hard to believe it could get better, but it did. The feelings from the Tantra set the tone for what happened next. Blake knows a man’s body and her own body on a very deep level. We kissed and stroked each other to a fever pitch. She knows exactly what to do and when to do it. When she finally moved her lips down and began her version of a BBBJ, I almost jumped out of bed. It was so sexy looking into her eyes and feeling her tongue swirl around me, it took every ounce of energy not to lose it right there. Instead, I moved around to a sideways 69 and held on for dear life. Let me say that Blake clearly loves to receive pleasure as much as she loves to provide it. She is multi-orgasmic and seems to have a limitless ability to enjoy slow, sensual oral sex. When we finally put on the cover, the positions didn’t really matter, because everything felt incredible. Every part of her squeezes you and transfers her feminine energy in a way that takes you to another level of pleasure. After we came together at the end of our session, I actually began to laugh out loud because the experience was so amazing. So there you have it. I’ve been doing this for quite some time and have met a lot of exceptional women. Blake is at top of the list. If you don’t book her, you will be missing the time of your life.


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