Blake: Not a Fake!

I selected Blake not solely because of her pics, which were definitely lovely. I selected her because of what I read about her. The majority of girls in this high-class industry are generally self-absorbed, narcissistic, and act very greedy and entitled. I don’t care how attractive they may be on a physical level. I find those particular attributes in a woman to be a major turn-off. Blake’s personality description was unique, as she sounded like a person who I would enjoy spending time with.  The vibe I got was that she was in this work not just to make money, but for an adventure. And upon our meeting, I was proven right.
Getting into seeing Blake was a bit tricky as the week I was seeking she had limited availability, as did I. The reference screening to get into see her was painless. I found text messaging her assistant Rachel back and forth a very smooth procedure. She even has excellent grammar in text messaging. The booking style was classy in every way.
I was greeted at the private residence of Classymassages by an All-American beauty with sparkling blue eyes and gorgeous, super long dark brunette with dark purple highlighted hair. She is full of energy and very warm. She has an edgy modern appearance and trendy style that was super hot. I immediately liked her. She is slender, athletic, and petite with a juicy butt and yummy thighs. Her breasts are super nice and perky. No complaints from me in the looks department, as I found her quite easy on the eyes. Even if I did not like how she looked, I still would have been happy, because Blake is fantastic. 
But as I predicted, the best part was her personality and attitude. And yes, oh boy, unexpectedly expert sensual skills.
The entire time her attention and focus were on me, just like she advertised. She is indeed s a great listener. She is extremely intelligent, I would say by far the most intelligent woman in this line of business I have met yet. She has a sunny personality, is sincere and compassionate. I could tell she enjoyed being there with me, and that this type of work did not seem like a job to her. 
She is a master of Tantra and has a lot of techniques I have never experienced anywhere else. She is probably the most talented artist I have ever personally experienced in my entire career of hobbying.
First of all, Blake is the oral queen. She blew me for over an hour straight, using a variety of techniques that kept me hard and turned on the entire time without coming. Being a blow job man, I was in Heaven. Blow jobs are the most important thing to me. She is the best. 
Her Nuru skills are outstanding. She used a lot of oil, climbed onto me, and gave me a helluva Nuru massage. It felt insanely good. Great actually.  Nuru Massage is all about intuition, and Blake is an extremely intuitive artist. She has all the Nuru moves down I could have ever hoped for and more.
The sex was also outstanding. The majority of it was tantric intensely erotic sex, meaning there was not a lot of fake thrusting, hardcore pornographic sex like I was used to from girls in this industry.  We actually connected on an energetic frequency and proceeded just to hold each other close why we were having sexual intimacy. It felt so incredible I really have no words to describe it. I think I left my body a few times and visited the stars in a faraway galaxy. Blake really offers a type of sex that really is unique. 
Her attention was completely focused on me. She is a confident girl but has that side to her that is very into pleasing and servicing me like a King. No underlying arrogance or entitled attitude was found. It was a nice change for me to experience this.
I also found her extraordinarily receptive and orgasmic. She is very open-minded. She tastes fantastic and is very tight.
If you have not experienced the Classymassages Spa, you are in for a treat. The place is in a private home, and it is clean and beautiful. I was duly impressed. On the outside, it is a private home that is well kept, understated, and discreet. The inside is just marvelous. I mean, seriously a treat. By far, the nicest place hands down I have ever personally visited. 
If you are looking for a mindless experience with someone vapid and hot in a fake South Beach way, that is not Blake. Blake is girl-next-door pretty, and a girl-next-door person. Do not expect girl-next-door boring, however. She is very stylish, exciting, and has the hottest sensual side that I will definitely be experiencing again whenever I visit next. Her attitude and sexual skills are, by far, the most outstanding I have ever experienced.