Nuru Tantra Goddess

I have been meaning to see Miss Blake Langford for quite awhile but seems she has always been traveling. She is a world traveler, her favorite hobby. She is apparently out of the country or at least Florida 1 to 2 weeks a month. She is often visiting retreats and attaining various certifications, some to enhance her Tantra Therapy work and other similar related modalities. She quickly named over 10 things she was certified in; it was pretty impressive. I saw a selection of other girls on site who looked also amazing but I wanted to try her first. She seemed my cup of tea.  I finally was able to get hold of her via her booker (Rachel). Rachel is a great communicator. The screening process is detailed and thorough. It made me feel very comfortable indeed, it is a very high class low volume place. They are very discriminating and compared to other providers I have seen Classymassages appears conservative as far as taking onnew clientele. I have been around awhile but have never seen an ad. I happened upon a review of Blake and I wanted to meet her.  Seems the girls are independent it is not an agency, they call it a network for independent providers,  and they use the same booking assistant Rachel. This way if one girl is not available at the time you are seeking you can select another one. Very nice indeed. They all are very different if you read the profiles, but the impression I received is that they are all gorgeous, high-class women. I was super impressed just from the website and communication alone. I felt safe too, normally I am nervous seeing a new girl, but with all the stellar reviews combined with the screening process and professionalism, I did not feel that way this time. Finally, the appointment was set for 2 hrs.  I read a minimum of 3 was recommended, and that is an unusually long time, but after seeing Blake I wished I had booked 4 hours. It is hard to explain but this woman provides a work of art as the description does not lie. Time stands still.

Blake is much better looking than her pictures. Her pics on the site are hot, but in person she knocks your socks off.  Blake is very responsive to communication and a very great conversationalist. She looks you right in the eyes and is very warm. 

I met Blake at her spacious and well-appointed Fort Lauderdale incall studio. Upon opening the door, I was floored by Blake’s beauty. You are immediately lost in her beautiful blue eyes and sexy smile. She is drop-dead gorgeous. She greeted me with a nice DFK.

We chatted for a bit and then she told me get ready for a massage. She gave me a fresh robe, clean towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers.  I first took a quick shower (nice hot water), put on some deodorant so I would be fresh for her, and changed in the bathroom. The massage is a real deal. She knows her way around a men’s body. After a 30-40 mins of amazing table massage, I mean it was heaven, she invited me to move to their massage bed to begin the Nuru experience. Once I was settled facedown on the bed she shifted the music from tranquil to sexy. She maneuvered close to the bed and began to remove her clothing in a lovely tease, starting with her silk robe, then slowly removing her bra and panties inches from my face. The walls were mirrored on the side and also there was one in the front, and I am super visual, so I did not miss a thing. She nudged her shaved kitty toward me, and I, taking the cue, leaned forward to dine. After a few minutes of tasting and teasing her lips with my tongue, she moved from my head and began to oil herself while climbing on my back to initiate an incredibly sexy Nuru massage.

Finally, she whispered in my ear asking me to “roll over,” and I was happy to comply. She climbed atop me and continued her Nuru, rubbing her chest along my cock, intertwining her legs with mine, rubbing her kitty on my thigh. She then slowly whispered that it’s her turn 🙂 and invited me for DATY. She very responsive to genital touch and licks. I really enjoyed eating her up, she moans and grabs you while you eat her up. We then kissed like lovers met after a long time. I was ready, she grabbed a condom and climbed on and we were off. She began to grind her pussy on my cock, bringing herself off a couple of times while kissing and moaning. I finished off in my favorite position and couldn’t believe how long it lasted.

This Nuru dream was the best dream I ever had. I only wish it was longer. This was my first time experiencing Tantra, which was her sexual technique that involves keeping me in hedonistic ecstacy the entire time using various techniques. She gives sensual and sexuality a new meaning. I would describe her a beautiful, youthful, petite, athletic  Nuru Tantra Sex Goddess. I am kinda stuck on her, even though the other girls look great. I am not normally a repeater, but this time I plan on. 4 Hours next time, and I will make it work. It is not like anything I have ever experienced. Highly recommend you will be blown away too!

Appearance: Beyond Hot
Performance: Forgot it was a service
Attitude: Lost lovers
Atmosphere: Sensual and ExoticIncall: Immaculate, Spacious, Comfortable, Luxurious, Elaborate, Meditative, and p

Appearance8- Really Hot
Performance – Forgot it was a service
Attitude -Lost lovers
Atmosphere- Meditative and peaceful
Session Location-Sensual
Session Location: Discreet, Upscale, Very Nice Area