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“Alanis is a great choice if you want a drop-dead gorgeous, graceful, youthful young woman to create your Nuru and other sensual dreams come true with! She is fun and exciting to be with, with skills reported as outstanding, refined through time, and with experience, having worked as an Artist at Classymassags now for almost 4 years,  She has an absolutely positive, phenomenal attitude. She dresses with class, pizzazz, and style, as she is definitely a fashionista. If you want a young woman on your arm for an evening extravaganza who knows how to dress to the nines to accommodate you on an upscale evening escapade, she has that certain”je ne sais quoi” you are seeking.  She walks into a room, lighting it up with sexual charisma, carrying herself with the glamour of a movie star. She has an enticing combination of innocence, and she can initially be a bit shy when first meeting. It is really refreshing to experience that touch of wholesomeness. You will definitely not feel like you are with a professional provider or a mechanical robot.  She is very authentic, not an actress in any way,  and very down-to-earth, and I hear in reports of refreshingly genuine connection and genuine chemistry.  Do not worry, it does not take her very long. Once the comfort level is attained,  and your session begins, you will find her go from mild to wild faster than the speed of light! She genuinely enjoys her craft, and it shows!  Alanis has a soft, sweet, voice, a warm, gentle demeanor, and a radiant, beautiful perfect white smile with dimples, 

She provides a top-notch gfe/pse escort experience, and high-class companionship, with the most outstanding delivery of Authentic Japanese Body to Body Massage Nuru one can imagine. Her skills are reported as absolutely outstanding.  She is also highly skilled in the art of Tantra techniques, which if requested she will include in her sessions! She is a natural at the spiritual/sensual arts, and I am told the tantric aspect of tease and build-up, bringing you to the edge and back desiring more and more, is one of her many superior talents.

Please treat her with reverence and respect, like the classy young woman she is, and you will be very pleased indeed! Each Artist delivers their own brand of passion and connection, so please always ask before touching. Each artist offers their own particular definition of open-mindedness, so if you received one service from another artist, don’t assume all artists are open-minded the same way. 

She has a passion for and experience in moderate fetish/fantasy/bondage/domination and related experiences.  Have high expectations for quality service delivery, as your expectations per reports for these services will be surpassed. She is a woman who has the looks and experience, and skills to fulfill many desires within the moderation you are seeking, but she must be treated like the queen she is, and in turn, you will receive pampering like a King! 

If receiving an authentic Nuru Massage better than imaginable is one of the most important aspects of your session, she is highly, highly, highly,  recommended. She is reputed as exceptional at the Nuru. She also implements hot stones in the spa location. 

Alanis is punctual, reliable, and usually available for same or next-day bookings, which is not very common with most of our artists. I believe this is because her personality is very spontaneous, and she always seems excited to work.  Her availability for booking is usually full-time, as she rarely travels. This makes her a most appreciated gem in our genre. Our version of full-time, however, is never more than one a week, and rarely more than 2 or 3 clients a week. She is considered low volume by anyone’s standard,  just more available and more quickly than most of the others. 

She has tastefully done body art on her chest, arm, and leg that are not visible in the pictures. She has small, sexy silver nipple rings.   Otherwise, pictures are a very exact representation, what you see is what you will get! I have noticed, often the longer the ladies work here, the more their inner and outer beauty and natural enthusiasm for this craft simply blossoms! With her youthful skin, a bright wide smile with dimples, sparkling hazel eyes, and an innocent laugh that will melt your heart, you will likely find her even more appealing in person, as it is commonly reported. 

Her backside is the perfect size a backside should be, flawless with no cellulite or imperfections whatsoever, and is breathtakingly perfectly shaped. It is simply lovely, and feminine without being too wide or too thick, really an incredible site to be held! I think men appreciative of a natural derriere (not enhanced) that is the absolute perfect shape and size, will concur with me that she has one of the most fantastic backsides known to humankind. 

Her breasts are all-natural, large b/ small c cup. Her nipples are pink, and always firm, with a sexy medium/large dark pink areola around them. 

 She is currently our youngest artist, but do not let her age deter you, as I promise you her age and appearance may be youthful, but she is ALL WOMAN. She possesses uncanny sensual abilities and erotic maturity, with a natural ability to connect and a sexual confidence that is much more advanced than most women you meet of the same age. This is likely due to her unique life trajectory and an innate sexually curious nature that manifests in her surprisingly naturally open-minded approach to sexuality. You will find her highly erotic maturity exemplified in many by her incredible skills and ability to connect. 

Although 2-hour and 90 minutes sessions are available for those with time constraints, Alanis’s expertise is best experienced in the recommended minimal 3-hour session, and also I encourage you to book even longer if you are able. She is great with dinner dates, companionship, and overnights, and with advanced planning through booking with me, Rachel, through text, she loves to travel. For additional roses, she will come to visit you throughout Florida areas. She is only one of our two artists who will consider traveling to other states and even possibly out of the country, as she is Passport ready. Again, please message me, Rachel,  directly for details and specifics, and we can map out together all the logistics of a dream-come-true visit from Alanis here in South Florida to your upscale area location. 

Her Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage skills are said to be exceptional.  She gets positive report after positive report about her Nuru application. She may seem shy when first meeting, as her demeanor is very sweet and ladylike. Despite her shyness, she is initially warm, and delightfully giggly, with a welcoming radiant perfect smile. As your session progresses, she offers a warm, outgoing personality that will make you feel instantly comfortable.  She additionally offers a more assertive side to her personality that is an option to come out with her comfort if requested and take control of the session if that is something that you find appealing. Just let her know at the beginning of the session if that is something you would like to experience. She offers GFE/ PSE and she is VERY enthusiastic about these things. She has great reports consistently received applying oral application. She likes to receive as well and is a very enthusiastic receiver.  She has a feisty, passionate side to her that many may enjoy.  She is phenomenal at giving a prostate massage. She is our top girl for moderate fetishes, fantasies, bondage/dom, and more elaborate things along this line.  She is excellent with couples, as she is great at taking charge and exudes a certain confidence that creates a wonderful bond with couples.  She is a “squirter,” a Sacred Amirita Goddess. Her particular version of  Tantra is more sensually healing and erotic than spiritually healing, and she may not currently be as extensively trained and experienced as our 2 other Tantrikas (although Alanis is indeed on her way),  but she is a true naturally sensual spiritual courtesan.  She will not only fulfill your desires for a Tantric Spiritual Sensual connection but exceed it.  She is very naturally gifted at this art. 

Alanis is superior with women and couples in a session, and she is available by herself or with another artist or artist on here for Couple Sessions, Double Couple Sessions, Double Sessions, and Triple Sessions. Please request from me, Rachel, via direct text for a current recommendation or perhaps a selection of the available artist or artists recommended for a session along with her at the time you are seeking when booking an appointment. Which artist works best with which artist is something that changes with availability and artist’s chemistry, so please ask me, Rachel, which artist or artists work currently work best or would work best if they have not been together before with Alanis and are available at the time you are seeking.  I see things the girls often don’t, and can really give you intuitive guidance for this. 

Alanis’ lovely breasts are large b-cup/small c-cup. They are all-natural with small, sexy silver piercings as shown in her pics.  She has a devastatingly beautiful smile, an absolutely adorable face, and her skin and hair are breathtaking. Her blonde hair is shiny, healthy, straight, thick, and silky, as she is a rare breed, an all-natural blonde, and her beautiful hair flows all the way down to her superb backside,  She is athletic, and fit, in very good shape, as she practices yoga and calisthenics daily. Her skin is youthful, glowing, fair, and relatively flawless, with no cellulite or scarring, as she is genetically blessed and takes care of herself the natural way, and has not had plastic surgery. 

  Alanis physically offers a sexy, unique millennial style with an enticingly hot rebellious edge that most of the other artists do not. I believe we currently have only one other gal with a millennial-style hot rebellious edge.  Although some gentlemen state they do not like body art or nipple piercings initially, after seeing Alanis, however, they usually change their minds. She more than qualifies for her position here as one of our most sought-after upscale artists. An experience with Alanis is consistently reported as high-quality and high caliber with all the bells and whistles, lacking nothing. If you select incall, you will get our wonderful elaborate spa experience that mandates a wonderful escapade for any upscale discriminating gent or couple. She has a fantastic attitude, and gives her all into every session, and consistently high feedback reports evidence this.  Regarding outcall, she is highly punctual and brings everything imaginable with her into her session with you, recreating a spa-type ambiance.  She loves and is extremely open to outfit requests, as she has an extensive wardrobe equipped to fulfill any specifics you desire. She also is not a shy breed with toys. When texting me, do not get graphic on the text message with details if you have a request, keep it rated g and non-descriptive and very clinical, please. I do not respond to anything vulgar or overtly detailed. Just ask simply. Do not get dramatic or overly detailed.  Give her a try if her physical description and session specifics appeal to you,  and you will see I am spot on in my recommendation. Quality of service is superior, she has that PHENOMENAL backside made for Nuru dreams, her personality is adorable, and you will love her positive attitude. Remember, she can go from mild to wild, all you have to do is ask. She is a lady and appreciates being treated with adoration and respect. Treat her like the princess she is, and enjoy Alanis’  supernatural personality, looks, and magical talents!  You will feel treated like a Pampered Prince indeed!”

Rachel Cohen

“Looking for a high-quality girl for a high-caliber escapade?
You’ll find me an ardent, intelligent companion.
Our romantic encounter will be a sophisticated tryst manifesting a genuine connection.
Let’s have an adventure!
Let’s escape from the mundane together!  
I am a youthful Spirit with an Old Soul Presence.
You will find me vivacious, warm, and quite genuine.
Do not be deceived by my age.
I am wise beyond my years.
I am a highly intuitive, incredibly passionate soul!
I have an innate knowledge of what a man desires in an erotic encounter and a natural-born talent for delivering exactly that.
I will fulfill every single need and desire imaginable.

I am a down-to-earth, sassy, All-American gal.

You’ll find me to be a woman with substance who is wise beyond her years.

I am a College University Student.

I’m an animal lover, nature enthusiast, yogi, and painter.”


A highly upscale rendezvous…

Alanis Ritz



Alanis Ritz’ Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage Experience:

Nuru Massage is a specific massage that originated in Japan. It is a highly erotic massage using a water-based, seaweed-based, odorless sexual lubricant massage oil called Nuru. You will find that even though it feels like oil initially, it is not. Unlike oil, it is not sticky, dries quickly, and does not stain. It is an extremely high-quality, high-caliber oil. It somehow magically conducts the sexual energy from her body to your body…   

Using this delicious sensual oil, Alanis will rub every part of her body against every part of your body, slowly, seductively…..

She uses skills, instinct, and the chemistry you create together to deliver the performance of a lifetime. 


Alanis Ritz’s “Gfe” Experience:

Alanis Ritz includes in her sessions a very refined, authentic version of “GFE”…

“Gfe” is an acronym for girlfriend experience. This acronym is an expression that is the girlfriend you have always wanted, but one without any “emotional strings” attached.  Her version of “gfe” is a pure, authentic version of “gfe.” Here at Classymassages, Alanis’ particular version of a “gfe” experience actualizes in a way that the time spent and the things that happen between you two will feel very natural. You will have a closeness similar to the one you would have if she were your actual girlfriend, but without any of the complications, a real relationship can often bring. Nothing about her services or demeanor would make you feel that she was NOT your girlfriend or acting in a paid service. The reason why is that she is genuine. You will manifest pure chemistry together. There will be nothing artificial or forced feeling; it will flow naturally and comfortably.

Alanis Ritz’ “Pse” Experience:

“Pse” is an acronym for “Porn Star Experience.” What it means here at Classymassages is a gorgeously erotic escapade expressed in some ways as a similar experience to what being with a porn star might be. It describes an experience that is energetic, uninhibited, open-minded, and fun. Alanis’ particular version of “pse” is a uniquely expressed work of art. Her offering is a warm, classy, emotionally connective experience where both of your natural passions are shown. Alanis is a very patient, kind, spiritual person. She will create a space for you will be extremely comfortable exploring sensual realms together. The experience will be the furthest thing from mechanical or fake imaginable.


Alanis’ “Tantra” Experience

Alanis is a trained Goddess of Tantra, also known as a “Tantrika.”  She is a “sacred Amrita nectar goddess” (squirter).  This session will be a highly evolved, highly erotic encounter. This element adds intensity to your session, leaving you physically, emotionally, and mentally fulfilled at a depth that will blow your mind. Her version of Tantra is more sensual and erotic than spiritually healing, and her training and experience are not extensive but said to be a wonderful experience. She is said to be very intuitive by nature. 




  In this type of experience, the longer the session, the better the experience.

3 hr. or 4 hr. Sessions are considered the standard or basic sessions.

3 Hours is the basic recommended session length for someone seeking an unrushed experience. This gives you the perfect time to receive the full experience and truly savor your time together and gives a chance for you both to connect and manifest chemistry with one another! Alanis prefers a minimum of three hours if possible. She considers herself a woman who loves to take her time, not feel rushed, and to more deeply connect. She believes in providing a quality experience, and a non-rushed session exemplifies this. 

4 Hours is the basic session recommended for those who receive professional massages regularly and truly love to fully luxuriate their senses (massage and bodywork connoisseurs), and others who want to fully luxuriate or their senses, igniting your connection to a very deep level. 

2 Hour Sessions are also available if you have time limitations. 




Alanis’s Companionship/Dinner Experience: 

A Companionship/Dinner experience is a session that is greater than 4 Hours. This Companionship experience may be a session where you have drinks or dinner. Or perhaps it will achieve that you attend a day or an evening event together. It includes a  Gfe/Pse/Nuru/Tantra session, but you will also have additional time to manifest a genuine connection. The experience is the furthest thing from a paid service imaginable! 

Overnights and full/multiple-day dates are also available. 

Please visit this page on our site for more details:

Alanis encourages you can find the time to book a “Luxury Session.” 

She really loves to take her time, and not feel rushed. She loves to pamper you and really make a genuine connection. She is an expert at tease and build-up and is excellent at connecting for long periods of time. She knows how to dress and truly conduct herself like a woman of class, style, and exquisite grace. Major head-turner. Carries herself with elegance, exudes smoldering sensuality, and has exquisite manners. She is soft-spoken, has a wholesome vibe about her, a great sense of humor, and a lot of experience in attending high-class extravagance. She loves and is open to Swing Clubs.





Alanis’ Private Upscale South Florida Spa Location (Incall):

Alanis’ “five-star” studio spa is entirely private. The location is in an upscale residential area. It is very discreet and 100 percent safe. The inside is luxurious, spacious, and immaculate. There is a fully stocked wine bar, a changing room, and a shower area. Alanis supplies every amenity you can imagine. The walls have mirrors to enhance your session. When you walk in the door, candles and incense are lit, and music will play. This private spa location is an incredible, decadent experience not to miss…


Visiting Your Upscale Location (Outcall):

Alanis also enjoys visiting you if that is your preference. She can visit your upscale location in Miami, Fort. Lauderdale, or Palm Beach, as well as its surrounding areas.   She will bring everything you may possibly need for a session (Nuru massage gel, music, candles, incense, etc.), so you do not need to supply anything. 




Open to Travel locally anywhere in Florida with advanced notice.

Will consider travel to other states as well as worldwide with advanced notice.

Please text Rachel Cohen directly for all logistics! Do not ask me directly please, as she makes all arrangements for travel. If you ask me I will feel uncomfortable, as she will better be able to answer your questions. I will not have the answers for you.  

Rachel and I will correspond and discuss all details and come up with the answers you need. 


Booking An Appointment:

 A 100-dollar deposit is preferred (not required) for all appointments booked in advance more than a day to hold the date and time of your appointment with the artist of your choice. Please text Rachel Cohen directly how to make this deposit to hold the appointment, and she will walk you through it. You may also visit this link on our website when you are ready to book your appointment in advance for more information: Booking Link.

Contact Information


For appointment requests, my availability questions, as well as to receive the fastest response, please text Rachel Cohen, my booking assistant, directly: 954 549 5010. 

Text message to my assistant Rachel is the preferred method of initial contact. Do not call/do not leave her a voicemail message. Classymssages does not answer the phone or return voicemail messages. If you need to speak live, if you are an established client here at Classymassages, or have been screened and booked your appointment and desire a live conversation, you may make arrangements via text and speak to Rachel my assistant. Most questions and the majority of responses, however can be answered via text or available on the website when booking an appointment. 

After the appointment, feedback is greatly appreciated. The preferred way for feedback is to email Rachel with specifics at Reviews that actually tell a story about your experience at the Spa with me, Alanis, or an outcall experience with me are greatly encouraged. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please email Rachel as well. All feedback will be answered. If you ask Rachel not to tell me that it was you saying something, or even writing the review because you are shy, just request that you remain anonymous.  She always respects anonymity. We also love to publish accolades or suggestions regarding our services in general, as well as specifics about your experience with me, Rachel, or any of the other ladies in the past how I measure up, as well as our location. Again, ask to be anonymous if you like. I you write a review and want it published on our site, all reviews are anonymous. Reviews, feedback, and everything via email to are greatly encouraged. 

Other than for feedback, our email address is only for use if you have already corresponded with me or Rachel,  and are sending me or Rachel any particular information we discussed. If you have something detailed to send via email, please send a text message to Rachel at 954 549 5010 so that she will know to check her email for it. I believe Rachel checks emails only approximately once a week unless otherwise arranged. 

I, Alanis Ritz, do have a private email address if we have an established client relationship (I have seen you already) and you want to send me something privately after our session, or if you have an appointment with me,  I am not on email often, so please email Rachel first at and tell her to have me check it. I do not accept private information from clients, and if you ask me for my private information or offer your private information it makes me highly uncomfortable. I will let Rachel know and you will not be able to use the services at Classymassages again. The email is only to be used for something like a private thank you perhaps or personal details you liked about our session. Feel free to send gift cards as well. But this is the only private communication we can have. I am not comfortable with any communications that are away from Classymassages, and I would not want to have to tell Rachel you stepped past a personal boundary that is clearly stated and you would not be able to visit here again. It doesn’t matter to me if other girls have in the past and not reported it, as they probably do not work here any longer and that may be the reason. Thank you again for respecting this boundary. Here is my email: 



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