Nuru By All American College Student

When I happened upon this site and saw the fresh face of Alanis Ritz, I knew I had to meet her. She has twinkling eyes that drew me in and a flashing smile with engaging dimples. She looked like she was an absolute darling! 

Although beautiful, the pics of Alanis on the site depicted that of what I would call a “real looking” girl. That was exactly what I look for in a woman physically, a “real looking” one. By that I mean a girl with curves. 

I noticed that Alanis’ age was the youngest on the site but trust me she is all woman and knows exactly what she is doing. She has a very mature way about her. She is all woman. 

Although I have been with a few high end escorts before, I had never received a Nuru Massage along with my escort services. And this Nuru Massage, ah, oh boy, did it sound like fun!  Alanis’ voluptuousness rubbing against my body giving me a Nuru Massage sounded, um, almost too good to be true.  It turned out to not be too good to be true. It actually ended up being even better than I has even imagined!

I booked the recommended appointment of 3 hours, and I showed up for the date at a discreet looking house in a nice neighborhood. I was very excited. 

I knocked on the door, and Alanis answered. She matched her pics. She is a super sweet girl and I found her very sexy in person. She is very smart, enrolled in a local University. I was really glad I made the appointment.  

The spa location inside is super nice. The place was clean, and I was really digging the set up. It has a Far East theme to it.

So I took a quick shower, and put on the robe and slippers Alanis set out for me. We had a glass of wine together, and soon our Nuru fun began. 

The Nuru was done on a bed where I could watch it all happen in the mirrors. Alanis has an incredible body. She is definitely curvy in all the right places. Her ass is absolutely perfect. She has some tattoos on her chest and her arm. She is fair skinned and has really nice skin. I have to say physically though her smile to me is her best feature, I mean, it is absolutely dazzling.

So the Nuru Massage felt amazing. It was one of those things so incredibly sexy in its sensations it felt like you were a having dream but you were actually awake. A lucid dream I think they call it. I was hard the whole time throughout the massage that is how stimulating it was.

So the flip came, and I was ready. She straddled me and guided my hands over to her breasts. They were firm and natural and perfect. We began kissing and she is a fantastic kisser. She turned around and spread her legs in front of my face and I got to gaze into her paradise. She has really beautiful, full, puffy lips. She began to blow me as I tasted her. She payed a lot of attention to my balls and my taint, and she worked her way up my shaft, finally using her mouth focusing on the top. She does it really slow and is very focused. Her technique is mouth and hands in a perfect unison, and she has this way of going about it that brings me to the edge but not too fast so I don’t come, but rather stay on the edge. I made her come as she was blowing me, and she orgasmed really loudly and gushed all over me when she came. I was drenched, and the sheets below me were drenched. She tastes great! I was so into her, I mean, she was so sexual and into what we were doing that I was turned on beyond belief. I had to have her. I had to be inside her. She put on a cover, and got on top of me. She rode me slowly looking at me the whole time. We switched position and we ended up with her perfect ass up in the air while I gave it to her doggy style. She came again, and her coming got me so turned on to the point where finally I could not hold off anymore. I came with her too. It was really, really hot. 

She wiped me down with hot towels from a crock pot spa style. I was duly impressed. We cuddled for a few minutes, and she got up and got me some wine and some cheese and crackers. We still had some time left, and this little angel offered to give me a hot stone massage. I had never had one before, but I was really digging the idea of it.  And I am so glad I got to experience it because it felt just incredible. She even gave me a head rub and a foot rub. Her hands felt magical. Then something happened. I was hard again. She climbed onto the massage table and began blowing me again. This time her technique was faster. She took me deep down into her throat and it felt so good that I could not hold back and I exploded. She drank down every last drop of my pleasure.  Once again, she cleaned me up with hot towels from the crock pot. I only had a few minutes left at this point before our session was over.  The time literally flew by in what felt like minutes not hours.

My feedback is a definite thumbs up.  Keep your expectations realistic in the looks department. Yes, she is an absolute hottie, but Alanis is not stick skinny. She is better than skinny because she is absolutely luscious.  She is very firm everywhere not flabby or out of shape. You will not be disappointed. Service wise, she will literally and figuratively blow your mind. Classymassages is a great place. You will love your experience and thank me for recommending Alanis.