Wild Nuru With Passion a Queen

Her online photos look amazing and I decided to give it a shot. As I read in other reviews, I concur she looks much hotter in person. She’s definitely enthusiastic, and a lot of fun.  She is really a sweet girl and innocent looking in a way. I was not expecting her to be as wild as she was. Maybe it was just our chemistry, as I did not read in any other reviews an experience similar to mine.  It was a really wild time. Sweet as she is, girl-next-door looking as she is, she seems open-minded and accomodating especially for someone so young

She opened the door to the spa (which is an incredible classy place) greeted me with a hug while wearing lingerie. She’s got a great voice, very breathy and sexy, and I asked her if she ever worked on phonesex lines. She laughed. She actually had a story about that. She then proceeded to give me one of the most superior Nuru Massages that I could ever imagine.  I was getting pretty horny by some more of her stories, as I was asking her a lot of hot questions and she was answering them with hot stories totally turning me on. The attention she was paying to my dick with the nuru gel and the different parts of her body. She rubbed her tits on my back (I was on my stomach at first), ran her hand up my butt crack a few times, and reached between my legs to play with my balls and my dick. I was relaxed by this and her telling her stories, and she didn’t skimp on the Nuru gel at all. As soon as there was the slightest friction, she would put more on me or her and get back to running her body over mine. She has the sexiest little giggle and I told her. When she finally rolled me over and began the face-to-face, she used her tits to work my dick over quite a bit. It was fun, and she was playful and flirty while she did it. I lost track of time until we started to kiss, which she is really, really good at, then she started to suck my dick. She gives an excellent blowjob. I was bareback at the time, and she did an excellent job of keeping me at the brink while playing with my nipples She also kept a hand on my balls and played with my perineum periodically. The girl really knows her blowjobs! I hinted to her I wanted a wilder PSE type experience than what she typically does, as my tastes tend to go that way. She said she felt comfortable with me and turned on enough, and proceeded to offer me a few options even using names I don’t know. I was duly impressed and pleasantly surprised. My expectations for extra wild PSE were going to be met. She seemed so girl-next-door and sweet I really was surprised she was so open. She lay back on the bed with me standing to the side. She also got out a vibrator and told me to basically face fuck her while she used the dildo on herself. I obliged, and I was amazed at her lack of a gag reflex. While she was fucking herself with the vibrator I reached down and ran my fingers over her clit. She was pretty wet, and I picked up the pace on face fucking her and fingering her clit. I was close to coming at this point and she pulled out a condom and put it on me. She then took out a vibrating cock ring and got on her hand and knees. I started fucking her doggy style while she used the cock ring to give us both a thrill. She’d turn up the intensity and then turn it down just before it became too much. The cock ring had a clitoral stimulator on it, and she seemed to be enjoying the attention it was giving her clit. I thrust as deeply inside as I could to make sure it gave her as much action as possible. We fucked like that for a bit, then she rolled over on her back. I twisted the cock ring around to align it with her clit again, and started fucking her while sucking on her tits. They are the most beautiful tits in the world, and she seemed to like having her nipples sucked on. I fucked her like this until I came, which was pretty intense with the cock ring and the vibrations. She pulled the cock ring off, and took me to the shower. Once I was clean, we talked a bit more. The other girls on the site all look great, and one day soon I will try another one of them too as I like variety, but Alanis definitely did it for me and I was truly satisfied.  I don’t usually repeat, but Alanis was that good, I just might.  And she is really just such a nice person and the place was top notch, nicest location I have ever seen. The texting and screening for setting the appointment painless, location is superior.