Delicious Rendezvous with Alanis

I am a fond patron of Classymassages and reached out to Rachel to arrange a rendezvous with one of my favorites.  With the situation, I only wanted to meet with people I trust, and Classy has always had the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism. Rachel recommended Alanis as somebody she knew would hit it off with me. After many years she has learned exactly how to match me with the right partner at the right time. 

Making the arrangements with Rachel is always easy and painless and I know that promptness and discretion are assured.

I arrived and knocked on the secluded entrance as directed and was met by the cutest young woman. Her pictures, as nice as they absolutely do not capture how charismatic and adorable she is. Her whole face lit up with a smile, and she excitedly drew me into the spa. As always, everything was perfect. The shower was ready with any grooming product I might need or want, and a freshly laundered robe was set at my disposal.

After washing up I emerged to find Alanis expectantly waiting for me with my choice of beverage and a devilishly naughty expression on her face. She put me at ease with the most pleasant of small talk – interspersed with just enough innuendo to maintain a ladylike demeanor while building my anticipation.

She offers to relax me with a hot stone treatment, and her caring touch and firm attention helped me ease into the experience. It was a lovely prelude to set aside my cares so I was ready for what followed.

We retreat to the bed so that I can enjoy the sensual nuru experience and Alanis goes the extra mile for this. She oils herself up so that she glistens beautifully and slides in the most heavenly fashion.  She makes a show of it so that my arousal is complete before she lays a single hand on me to start.  She starts slowly, nuzzling my ear, saying sweet things to me as she presses more and more of her beautiful young body against mine.  She is so effective, so sensual, so… pleasant… that I am painfully erect, I must shift just to give myself room underneath.

Seemingly forever, yet somehow not long enough, she teases and delights until her hand brushes against my taint. But that’s it, just a brush, a light touch, as she returns to the nuru slide and tease. Building, ever closer, until she touches me again, more earnestly. Has her long elegant fingers slide under me to explore my engorged manhood. 

I don’t even know if she told me to roll over, but I know that is what she wanted. She immediately and fiercely attacks my erection before just as quickly pulling back.  She then re-lubricates herself, covering herself again in glistening, glorious, wetness. The sight is breathtaking.  She slides atop me, as my hand twitch towards her, wanting to possess her, she eases herself towards me, making her pussy accessible to me, sharing what she enjoys so that we can both find our pleasure. 

Once I discover how she enjoys being touched she takes me in her mouth. She is very attentive and skilled but I soon unlock her orgasm and she loses focus. She looks back at me as her eyes roll in pleasure. “Take me” she says. “I want to feel you”

There was a funny, authentic, awkward, moment as she realized that the necessary accessories were across the room, but somehow that made it even more desired. She really did want me, she went to get the raincoat with urgency. 

After that momentary halt we started to gently kiss, holding each other close for comfort. It felt very authentic and extremely passionate. Every inch was wanting to be in contact. I roll her over atop a cushion and slowly enter her inviting wetness – the warmth of her pussy almost like a furnace proving her arousal.  Slowly at first, building, playing with her clit so I can feel her wetness dripping down. Hearing her breath become short and quick, feeling her legs shake, my own pleasure is extreme. I don’t know how I didn’t finish right then, but I am able to give it faster, harder, and she responds to it even more passionately. Soon I am unable to hold out and I unleash a quarantine-built torrent into the cover. So much so that I shake, that my vision has spots much like after a vigorous workout. I collapse in relief and exhaustion and we lay there for several moments, reveling in each other’s company and unable to act.

Eventually she gathers herself enough to clean me and dispose of the cover and returns to affectionately nuzzle and kiss me as we cuddle until it is time for me to depart.

One of the finest experiences with a young woman in my life. Certainly, for a first-time encounter. I eagerly anticipate seeing her once again.