I Was Nuru Tripled

Yes I did it! I splurged and ordered up myself a Triple Nuru delight for my birthday, the big five-o. The best gift I have ever given myself by far. 

When I saw the Classymassages.com website while googling around on a visit to Ft. Lauderdale , I could tell just by looking as the website that it will not get better than this if I want to have a Nuru Massage session. The writing on the website, especially the biographies,were exceptionally well written. Also, I did not find one single misspelled word, which really is a pet peeve of mine. Additionally, I love the fact that they are all independent not a service, and that each girl has their own phone number, and if I had any issues with anything there was an assistant named Rachael to help me, also with a direct number.

Several days ahead of the appointment time I was seeking, I contacted Rachael via text message explaining the exact session I wanted, a 3 hour triple Nuru, along with the particular date and time I desired. I chose the 3 hour session because I really enjoy luxuriating my senses when I have an erotic session and prefer not rushing . Rachael called me back immediately,  and guided me to the three artists who were available at that time I desired and who she felt most enjoyed working together.  The selection was Amy, Grayson, and Kye- 3 of what looks like the sexiest, hottest women on the planet. Rachael was extremely professional, warm, and intelligent on the telephone, and I found the booking experience extremely painless. Additionally, the fact that advanced booking was preferred was a very good sign. It means to me they must be running a great business if they are able to turn away same day and next day calls.  I figure they must be offering something better than most, because most artists I contact 99 percent of the time are able to see me the same day I call, sometime even the same hour. I really liked that this service is more prestigious and discriminating than the average. The last thing I am looking for is something average when it comes to pampering myself, as I much, much prefer to give myself the best possible experience available. I am not looking for a bargain when it comes to visiting an erotic artist. I really prefer quality, and I do not mind paying for a quality service, and this service is the best by far quality wise I have ever experienced. This was a once in a lifetime event I will always remember. It had the best combination of  looks, skills, and ambiance I have ever experienced. I have spent much of my adult life traveling the world for worldwide for business and have tried different types of erotic services over the years.  This service in particular is the top service I have ever had by far.

Additionally,  I think the only type of erotic session I will ever do after this will be a Nuru Massage session , as this style of erotic body-to-body massage blows away everything else comparable out of the water. The video on the front page of this website says it all, as I think it really captures the essence of what a Nuru Massage really is. 

The “spa” incall location is perfection. The outside of the “spa” is very simple and discreet and there is parking right out front. It is located in an upscale residential area which made me feel extra comfortable. Last time I had a similar experience it was in a storefront of a main highway and I was not comfortable at all there. This type of spa location is much, much better.  Also, the fact that it is completely private told me I made the right decision. as I dislike going even to a private condo where people are all around and can watch me as I come in and out. Inside, I was totally blown away by the setting. Better than the description by far. It is just great!

Amy is tall and leggy with a face and butt to die for. Sexy long dark hair and gorgeous sparkling green eyes along with a brilliant smile with perfect straight white teeth. She is really really smoking hot in person in that girl-next-door kind of way. She has a really great energy about her that I just could not get enough of.  Best attitude on the planet, as she seemed very excited about being there and was really into everything she did, and trust me we did just about EVERYTHING!

Grayson is so drop-dead gorgeous and sexy it is just hard to believe your eyes. She is blonde and is physically blessed with everything you can possibly hope for in a woman. She easily looks like she should be on the cover of Playboy. She is bubbly and fun and really enthusiastic. Really sexy voice and a great laugh, and she seemed really into me, the other girls, and the experience as a whole.

Kye Roberts has a luscious Marilyn Monroe type of body, but a very petite version at only five foot tall.  Very hot hot hot! Her tits are the best set of large naturals I have ever met. She looks like a famous movie star styled from the 50s. I found her to be very seductive and playful, as well as extremely sensual. Her long silky hair and eyes were unbelievably sexy.  And her attitude also was great, she just was totally excited to be there with me and the other ladies.

Kind of got confused during the session ,as I was lost in a maze of  full sized breasts, girl on girl action, wet girl parts, and lots of Nuru Gel. Kissing, sucking, licking, tasting….. pure, utter ecstasy. They all took turns riding my Johnson while all interacting with one another. Girls on girls and me on girls all  Nice, I mean nice!

As I said, Nuru is already the best adult type experience out there in my opinion. Nuru by these 3 girls is what I would imagine heaven to be. I  loved watching them , as the visual was simply incredible.  Three hours the sweetest bliss you can imagine.

At the very end the girls were fighting over my throbbing cock all taking turns sucking it. They are all so freaking talented. It was so great it was almost unbelievable. When I finally reached the point of no return after almost 3 solid hours of fun, I finally could not hold back any longer, and my eruption slowly began. They backed off right when I first started to spurt, but as it continued spurting, they all 3 leaned in and together lapped up every last drop as if it was the best stuff they ever had tasted.

All together, these three Gorgeous Goddesses wiped me down after with a warm towel. We had a few minutes left, and they offered me a rubdown so I got up from the bed and lay on my stomach on the massage table. All 3 of them together gave me a rubdown that felt just incredible, using their hands and hot stones from the heater.  I felt like a King, a very satisfied and happy King. 

This is a dream come true for me and the best birthday present I have ever had.  Actually, I think it is the best present available on the planet. A Nuru Triple with 3 Classymassages artists is truly the best gift a man can ever give himself.