Grayson Is My Shining Starr!

Contacted her assistant Rachel Cohen to set up appointment. After time and date was booked, I arrived at the incall in Fort Lauderdale. The spa is gorgeous and very discreet in a private location in a very nice neighborhood.  When she opened the door I was very pleased to see a stunning beauty. This was my first Nuru experience.  I would repeat.

The Juicy Details

After going in we sat down for a bit to get to know each other and Grayson went over the Nuru experience. After speaking with her I could tell she is a great conversationalist and very intellectual. She is also very spiritual and loves Buddha, considers herself both a Christian and Jewish. Very interesting all the way around. The entire room was nicely decorated and dimly lit to ensure a relaxing experience. After our conversation, she went to wash up to prepare for the Nuru experience. After she came out the shower, she asked if I would like to wash up also, which I did. After I came out of the shower I took a seat and she dropped her towel to reveal a gorgeous tone body with a beautiful ass and tits. She climbed into my lap and started massaging my body and some LFK. After this she led me to the bed and asked me to lay down on my belly. One wall on the side of the bed was an entire mirror so I was able to watch her get on top of me and start to pour the Nuru oil all over her body and mine. After that she began to rub her sexy body all over mine and gave an excellent massage. She asked if I was okay with rimming, which I had never experienced, and I said yes. This was one of the greatest pleasures I have ever experienced. She was amazing. After that she got in front of me and spread her legs for me to enjoy her lovely pussy. Her pussy was so nice I enjoyed eating it. After that she rolled me over and started to worship my cock. She did the best blowjob to the point where I came in her mouth and she took it all. After that we talked for a bit until I was ready to go again. She started again with some cock pleasure and blow job and started Nuru rubbing her body on my cock. Every inch of her body had rubbed and massaged my cock and she did it so well I came again. We again took a moment and laid together and then she did some modeling for me with the mirror. She is very playful. I began to get hard again and we tried for a 3rd shot, but by this point she had completely milked me dry. I went to shower to get all the oil off and when I had come out she had prepared a drink and some snacks. We talked and really enjoyed each other’s company. After that I left and felt extremely relaxed and had a one of a kind experience. I enjoyed my time with Grayson and would repeat. If you want to try the Nuru experience this would be it.