Nuru’d By 2 Girls – A Wife’s Perspective

This was my first time trying an “adult” type of experience. I was googling around, and found the Classymassages website. I am a married woman with kids, married to a very nice man for over 15 years. He knows I like women, as I told him I was bisexual in the very early stages of our relationship. As long as it is a woman I am with, not a man, I have complete free reign to play around. The only rules are two: the woman must be hot and I must tell him all about it after in great detail. So that being said, in the early stages of our relationship I would sneak off to local lesbian bars and pick up someone, as back then it was an easy thing to do. My husband loved these stories, and it really added some spice to our relationship. These days I am raising 3 kids, working part-time, and taking care of a house, which just does not leave time to spend 3 hours on getting dressed, hair, and make-up and then trolling the bars for what could be hours looking for action. Because of my time limitations, it had actually been years since I last had a “lesbian” encounter to tell my husband about. I decided to seek the help and convenience of a “professional,” as I really needed to feel another woman’s body against mine, as it had just been WAY too long. Also, the sex my husband and I would have for weeks on end after  I would describe to him a “lesbian” encounter of mine really helped out our sex life immensely in the past. Our sex life had gotten really stale lately, and we desperately needed a “boost” that only a “lesbian” encounter of mine could give us.

Have to say that I was totally completely blown away by my “Nuru” experience. When I found the website, I was sold immediately on the company “” Number one was how classy and intelligent these woman came across who advertised on the website. I also liked the rates, as they made me feel very comfortable as I knew to charge what they charge for a 3 hour service they obviously must be doing something right. Seems like they have been around for a few years as well, again making me even more comfortable.

From the prompt response via text message I received to a very painless setup, everything was simply first class. I chose to do a Double Nuru Session because if I was going to do it I should do it right, and I had not been with two women since a drunk night long ago I could barely remember my last year in college.  I selected Grayson Starr and Kye Roberts.

I am thin, athletic, with DD breasts, and I like being with women who have a busty build similar to mine. My husband and the kids were gone on that particular weekend, so I planned the session and arranged for the girls to visit me at my house. 

They arrived on time, which was really nice, as I am a stickler for punctuality. I opened the door to two gorgeous women.

Grayson Starr was simply stunning. I would describe her as slender, busty, great butt, with waist long straight blonde hair, long shapely legs and a very young looking pretty face. I was surprised as her stated age was 29, making her just a few years younger than myself, because I would have guessed she was in her mid 20s . She has a perfect complexion. Grayson was dressed in a sequined gown with elegant high heels, and she had a really sexy way about herself, seeming very confident and comfortable in her own skin. I immediately wanted to jump her, she got my juices going that fast. 

Equally gorgeous was Kye, very petite, busty, leggy , with an amazing butt who also appears younger then her stated age. I would have guessed her mid 20s as well. Her face was a shockingly beautiful face. She wore a tight red minidress with matching heels, and I found her very sexy and enticing as well. She had cascades of waist straight blonde hair, captivating bedroom eyes, and a simply beautiful white smile. I loved her energy, and I found her to be extremely demure and alluring.

After a quick tour of my house and some wine and chitchat, we headed to the bedroom. I had it all ready to go per the website instructions I found on the FAQ section of the website. I had a thick comforter covering my bed, Enigma playing on my sound system, and had lit candles all around the rooms. We all got undressed, and after they pulling out their “Nuru” Gel,  I climbed on the bed per these ladies instructions and the fun began….

The “Nuru” gel and “Nuru” massage just felt amazing! The “Nuru” gel feels amazing on my body, it feels like silky smooth massage gel at first, but their is something extra sexual about it. It is a not “sticky” like I imagined it was going to be, it seemed to me to be described more as “smooth.”  I would describe it as “slick” versus “slimy.” It is sexy, not at all gross like some massage oil or sex lubes can be.

Grayson and Kye instructed me to lay on my stomach, which I did. They both “Nuru’d” me at the same time. It was probably the hottest thing I ever felt. I had selected only the 3 hour session, and my only complaint was that the time flew by way too fast and I really wished I had selected four hours. Next time for sure. It was hard for me to understand when I booked the session why the most popular session was three hours, but after experiencing the Nuru I now understood. As it is described on the website, it is just something that needs to be done slowly to enjoy it not rushed. I will describe the session 2  hours of tease and build up, 45 minutes of the most intense sexual experience I ever had, and the last 15 minutes to be the most peaceful and relaxing energy you can imagine. 

It was shocking to me how much skill and technique this “Nuru” Massage style takes. These girls are very athletic and strong it was shocking to me how physical the actual massage was. My whole body was rubbed with their amazing large beautiful breasts. The whole thing was a blur of pleasure, but I will describe my favorite thing that took place. This was when I flipped over about halfway through the Nuru massage, and Kye took her large natural soft breasts and rubbed them against mine. At the exact same time she started rubbing her hot pussy against me which was one of the most incredible sensations imaginable. I loved the feel of her hot pussy, eventually she let me touch and taste it. This was while Grayson had her beautiful head buried between my legs, giving me some of the most incredible head I have ever experienced. Grayson used her tongue not only on my pussy but put it inside my buttocks at one point which I never felt before but that trick was just incredible, probably best thing I have ever felt before. Grayson and  Kye did each other 69 style while I watched and masturbated. I gave Kye a total of 3 orgasms, Grayson 2, and I had a total of 5. Kye squirted on her last orgasm, which was indeed a first for me. Wow, that stuff is mega hot. 

These woman are so much fun, so warm, so very real. They are high class as it comes. They both are much better looking than their pictures. They are incredible at kissing, oral, and their Nuru Massage and Tantra Skills are amazing, These two girls would be great by themselves, but their chemistry together is simply incredible. Could not recommend this duo more highly!