Gfe/Pse Nuru Art Double Time

I had just an absolutely incredible  experience at  Enjoy my unedited XXX version of my Nuru Session with two of Classymassages finest artists.

One would never expect to find their spa, hidden, as it is, in an unassuming place. The whole place is arranged as a perfect little rendezvous for a short delight.  The ” Classymassage Spa” is discreet on the outside, and a luxurious Palace on the inside. The “Spa” is actually a palace. It is a palace perfectly designed for the Nuru Courtesan to attend to her King. It was vast in size and immaculate. It even came equipped with a fully stocked wine bar, changing room, shower room, and three sections for the entertainment.  One is for conversation, one is for massage, and one is for a Nuru Session. Beautiful wooden floors and walls, decorated in an Oriental Theme with mirrors everywhere. Water fountains, soy aroma candles, and even misters really enhanced the innate eroticism of the luxurious ambiance, completely satisfying not only my visual senses but my olfactory senses as well.

I was freshly showered, but I gave another rinse anyhow just to be as squeaky clean as possible. The “Spa” is arranged with a the changing room which also gave me a place to hang your clothes and find freshly laundered towels,robes, and slippers for use. I hit the incredible shower, which had a very strong hot water flow. I just hate showers with old pipes that give you cold water. I also hate the modern showers in some places that come with a built in water saver, so that the water flow is very low. This shower was a dream shower indeed! To me it is all about the touches, and this touch indeed was the one that meant a lot to me.

I dried off and was welcomed by two amazingly beautiful Courtesans both beautifully dressed in lace. 

I was offered either chilled white wine, red wine, champagne, and other treats. We all three drank the spirits together in the section designed specifically for conversation, getting acquainted. 

Soon, we moved to the Nuru section…

I watched our erotic escapade begin it the mirrors strategically placed to allow one to be a spectator at all times. And boy, what a show. 

Grayson Starr is a knockout that looks like she could be a notable adult film star or bikini model. Grayson Starr has a great figure with a fantastic set. I would describe her as five foot 6, with long shapely legs. 

Kye Roberts is a simply gorgeous petite upscale model type. She has a very fit body and a set of fantastic perky all natural DD’s, a fantastic set of long legs, and a fantastic bottom. She is indeed a drop dead gorgeous young woman slim with with perfect slender curves to enjoy as she showers you with attention and affection. 

These women have great chemistry together. They are very sexual and seem equally into both me and one another as well. When the woman are truly bisexual and into one another like these two, it really makes for an even better session. 

Back to the encounter: Kye used her light touch and had delicate use of her fingernails on my sensitive places and it woke all of my skin to be alert to her touch. Soft kisses and warm breath put me in an amorous mood and the warmth of the women’s loins was felt every time they came in contact with my skin. Teasing and touching eased me to a state of awakened openness and a perfect prostate contact was made – not too much in and a gentle massage. The Nuru gel also serves as a spectacular lubricant. Eventually, I was to a point where I could not take it any longer and that is when they permitted me to roll over. The sight was magnificent.

After I rolled over, the two women lay on my side and started to kiss and carress one another. Watching these two women kissing and rubbing their breasts and other female parts together was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. The harmonious blend of these 2 beautiful angels was almost surreal .

There were simply no inhibitions between these two women to be found whatsoever.

I watched as Kye went down on Grayson, and after several minutes of oral administration caused her to orgasm. Grayson climaxing was truly incredible to hear and watch, as I found her moans intense and highly erotic to watch as her body convulsed in pleasure.

Grayson soon returned the favor, and soon thereafter Kye squirted out her delight all over Grayson. Kye really orgasmed intensely,   and the site of her female nectar spouting from her female nether region into Grayson’s hungrily awaiting mouth was one that I will be likely recalling and masturbating to for the rest of my time here on earth.  

Two women, powerful in their control of their own sexual energy, and hungry for my pleasure put me on the edge of climax, but they would not let me have it yet. No, they were determined to built the energy to a point of overcharge. The thing about Nuru, as these women practice it, is an almost spiritual sexual practice. The tantra techniques are worshipful in their application. They set their hands, their breasts, bellies, loins, feet, legs, mouths… every part of themselves to the task of increasing my arousal. They made me the entire reason for their existence while I was with them. As one showered me with kisses, another engulfed my manhood in her mouth, they shared my cock and treated my taint and scrotum to delightful licks.

I never knew that kisses to my thighs and stomach could feel so amazing. As this went on, a cover was magically applied and then I was taken into a glorious wet pussy, as attention was paid to my nipples, and legs, and balls, and feet. It felt as if I was being pleasured by four women instead of just two. Finally, as I was ready to beg for release, the cover vanished as mysteriously as it appeared, and they returned their mouths to the worship of my manhood and coaxed a massive orgasm, one that I felt throughout my body, from me and as I ejaculated they kept up the stimulation, making me squirm and pushing me beyond my limits. One of these women is enough for any man. Two, is a revelation.

My only regret was not choosing the  longer 3 hour recommended session, which I would have had I an inkling about how hot this escapade was going to be.  I had made the mistake of only selecting two hours with these gorgeous angels.

Trust me, put Grayson Starr and Kye Roberts on your  very soon “to do” list.