I Won The Nuru Lottery With Grayson!

I have been visiting sensual massage girls on and off for awhile now, but I decided it was time for a change and I needed to go for it and try some full service with my massage. I found a website, Classymassages, while googling around on the internet that seemed to offer Nuru Massage along with all kinds of full service bells and whistles. This sounded just about perfect for what I wanted, and who am I to say no to a good thing. There were several girls to choose from, but Grayson Starr jumped out at me as I have been going through a blonde phase. I read more about her in the website, and when I came across a description that she was a bit on the wild side, I knew she would be perfect for my first full service massage experience. 
I corresponded with both Grayson and her assistant Rachel Cohen to make the appointment and it was a painless process where I gave enough information to make them feel comfortable, but not so much that I felt invaded, another plus. It was a totally positive set-up. I like that there was some light screening as many massage girls I have seen do not screen at all, you just text them for an appointment and they send you their home address.  
Boy, did I get lucky. Finding Grayson is like winning the high class escort massage jackpot playing the lottery on your first try. 
I visited Grayson at her incall spot in Fort Lauderdale. The pictures on the site do not do it justice, or her. The place is freaking sensational. The area is nice, a very discreet place, but when you walk in you almost fall over because it is that nice. 
It is what I would imagine a fancy Oriental high end Geisha Themed Japanese palace may appear. The pics of Grayson are accurate but understate her sex appeal. This girl in person very much states more sexiness. I think in person she is hotter, her tits bigger in person, and she has a bit more meat to me as her  ass is made for grabbing.
The rates were higher than I was used to paying for just a sensual massage, but the last Nuru massage girl I ever saw was just a Nuru Massage with no FS, and she was almost in the same ballpark, so I was fine with it. I was not searching for a bargain and I figured from the nice website and all this would definitely classify as a high end experience, which was exactly what I wanted. I had no idea that it was going to be this high end of an experience, as any expectations I had were exceeded. In my opinion, for what was delivered, I would have probably paid twice as much if she had asked.
I booked a 3 Hour Session, as this was the standard session recommended.
Grayson answered the door, ridiculously oozing sex appeal and wearing white lingerie, heels, a black robe with tanned long legs sticking out and blonde silky hair almost to her ass. 
Immediately we started kissing DFK. She was sexy as hell and took charge. I was initially nervous, but this lovely lady knew exactly what I needed even if this was uncharted territory to me. She was a phenomenal kisser, leaving me weak in the knees and my dick the hardest it has been in years. Her lips were hungry, and her tongue delicious against my tongue.
First, we sat down and drank some chilled white wine together. She made me super comfortable. I found her intelligent, funny, and she has a really cute but seductive way of flirting that kept my dick hard throughout the conversation. Her breasts looked really big underneath that robe. I really had to see her naked. It was like she could read my mind, she stopped speaking and stripped completely naked  before me. She looked amazing. Her pussy was shaved with nice juicy lips and clit. I wanted the massage but I really wanted to bang first. She instinctively knew this, fell to the floor and hungrily undressed me, pulling out my cock and expertly sucking it. It was throbbing in her beautiful mouth, and I could feel myself dripping bits of precum into her hungry mouth. I needed to fuck this gorgeous creature. We found the bed, she put a cover on me, and the next thing I knew I was laying on my back and she was riding me. I loved how her pussy felt, very hot,wet and very tight. I was about to blow inside her when she took the condom off and started to lick my balls and then the back. She gave me an expert prostate rub best I may have ever had or pretty close. I could tell she was trained in this she knew what she was doing. She started licking my ass and I thought I was in heaven. Then her perfect finger in my ass again while the same time the next thing I knew she took my cock into her mouth……. and I exploded. She drank down every last drop of my load. I came all the way from my cock through my ass where her finger was penetrating. I wanted to get hard again so I could fuck her, maybe even fuck her from behind looking at that beautiful ass of hers.  I have a feeling there is not much this girl will not want to do, she was very into everything. She loved licking and fucking my ass, that tongue and finger was the best thing for me I have to admit. I could not imagine anything naughtier then that, I mean it was just great.
I am not 30 or 40 or even 50 anymore. I wanted to get hard again but was not sure that was humanly possible. Grayson proceeded to begin the Nuru Massage. Holy shit, what an experience. She took that fantastic body of hers and rubbed it all over me. It felt hypnotic. It looked incredible to see watching it in the mirror. She was perfection, and it felt like a dream cum true. Then a miracle happened – I got hard again. I think it was watching her with the shining Nuru gel all over her body rubbing against me that did it. 
She turned me over, and the next thing I knew her pussy was straddling my face. It was soaking wet sweet and delicious. Big yummy lips and clit. I licked it till she came screaming. She fucked my dick with her big tits, then put a cover on it with her mouth, turned around, and I fucked her doggy style until we both came together. I blew a huge load in her as she moaned and we almost fell off the bed laughing and shaking together from the intensity of our orgasms.
Fantastic large rack, great tight pussy, and a fantastic personality. The whole experience was just incredible, it felt meant to be.
The network she works with Classymassages is actually not an agency. I was explained the difference is that in a network the girls are in control and they make their own rules. I was told the reason they are a network is for safety, and the network is in charge of the fantastic spa and making sure high standards are met. All I know was I was very happy with the quality of service that was provided and then some. I loved Grayson, and will repeat, but this way I can also try the other girls. My goal is to try them all before I am too old to fuck anymore.
Grayson mentioned she has a 2nd spot in Miami, her private condo, that I could see her at it through Classymassages’s service as well.  Truth be told this place was outstanding, a little erotic paradise, and I had no desire to visit a condo after visiting this place, even if it is a nice one. I mean the Classymassages Spa reminds me of a 5 star resort spa where you get all types of spa services but with naked smoking hot chicks who like to suck and fuck and use their pussies and tits and tongue to massage you with instead. 
Also available is an outcall visit which is nice to know for the future. 
I highly, highly recommend Grayson Starr and the network Classymassages.