Vitality Reborn With Natalie

I was referred to Natalie by a co-worker that had seen her previously. I just finalized my divorce the week before and was in the mood for a high-class rendezvous with a young cutie. She sounded perfect. He described her as unbelievably hot, and after a 20-year marriage with the same woman, a middle-aged, overweight woman with sagging boobs and a flabby stomach, I felt like I finally deserved a treat. I felt like I was ready for unspeakably hot.

Making the appointment was super easy. I texted Natalie directly and had no problems booking an appointment with her at the spa location in Ft. Lauderdale. There was a light screening process which made me feel confident that this was a discriminating higher-end service.

Classymassages’ spa location is in a charming private residence. It was easy to find and discreet. I knocked on the door, and Natalie answered. She is Top Model material with long brown hair, gorgeous hazel eyes, and a body to die. She is so sexy it is ridiculous. Her pics do her no justice much better in person indeed!
The studio has a fabulous set up with candles and music. It is set-up with an Eastern theme.
I selected the recommended three-hour session, which ended up being perfect.

Natalie has a ready smile and is warm and personable.

I grabbed a shower, and we began the session with drinks, conversation, and cuddling. Natalie is a very bright young woman and very compassionate. I told her about my recent divorce. I explained to her she was the first woman I had been with within the past 20 years other than my wife. She was adorable, delightful, and understanding about my situation, making all my nervousness disappear. Before the appointment, I was an absolute wreck. Would she like me? Would she find my body repulsive? Would my lack of diverse skills turn her off??? My wife was the same thing every time, mechanically missionary, and did not like to give or receive oral. My skills were very rusty. But Natalie was such a doll with a sunshiny personality and a calming way, and I knew those fears were unwarranted. I was not only in capable hands but kind ones.

I had read up on this Nuru, and it looked almost too good to be true. And it was. I have absolutely nothing to compare my experience to, but it felt amazing. Gorgeous Natalie was rubbing slowly every part of her body against me. It was a massage, but a massage by a nubile naked sex Goddess. Time stood still for our experience. Natalie looks very young in person would peg her 18 if I were to judge her on looks alone. But she certainly does not lack skills. Her massage technique is that of a sensual mature woman. I rolled over after a while, and she tried to proceed with the Nuru, but I was rock hard and ready to go. She intuitively knew this, and we began the Gfe and Pse part of the session.


We began to kiss, first lfk, than dfk. She used her tongue deeply while kissing me. I felt like I was in high school again, making out with the hottest girl in school. The kind I never had a chance with when I was actually in high school, but always dreamed of being. We kissed for a long time, then soon I felt Natalie’s mouth moving down on my body than landing on my cock. She took my swollen cock into her beautiful mouth, and oh boy, did she know what to do! It had been twenty years since I last had head, so truly at this point, any head would have been fine by me. Seriously, though, this particular head WAS just exceptional. Spectacular. No condom, bbbj. Lots of suction, release and hold, her mouth moving slowly up and down, one hand touching my balls perfectly, and one hand holding the bottom of my cock so she could take the whole thing deep into her mouth. I asked her if she would swallow my load and she said yes, give it all to me -nice! This young lady has superior talents.

I soon returned the favor, opened up her toned legs, and delved in to taste her pretty flower. It was gorgeous. I had missed how beautiful a shaved pussy can be. My ex-wife’s pussy was super hairy, all the way down the sides of her legs. This pussy was much nicer. Her lips were perfect, not too big, not too small. Compared to my wife with all her weight and kids, this pussy was much fresher and tighter. It took me a minute to remember what to do. I was indeed a bit clueless here. I started to lick the top of her clit, and she tensed a bit, so I softened my pressure. The second I softened my strength; she began to relax and started gently moaning.  I increased my speed and stuck a finger deep inside. She seemed to love it. I thrust my finger in and out of her while licking her clit. She then orgasmed, and her juices exploded onto my hand and face. It was hot!

I was finally ready to enter her beautiful flower. I was so rock hard, and I could have probably cut glass with my johnson. I was ready, oh, so ready.  She laid back, and I entered her, looking down at her beautiful face and body. She was simply gorgeous. Her pussy was just so heavenly tight. I started slow, and believe me when I tell you I have never felt a pussy like this before. It was so tight and just felt like the warmest sweetest thing as it gently milked my cock as she pulsated with her build-up. It was oh so juicy and wet, not at all like my ex-wife’s loose dryness. She was so into getting my cock, so passionate. She even started gently moaning and making the hottest face as she did. Her face was just so beautiful to look. Missionary position was boring to me, though, because that is the only way I ever fucked my wife. 

I wanted to try Natalie on all fours. I asked her if we could fuck doggy style, and she happily obliged. She got on all fours, and I was able to look at her spectacular ass in the air with her beautiful hairless lips looking at me. Her hole was calling my name, and I entered it. Something about this angle on my cock just about caused me to come the second I entered her. It was the softest sweetest thing I think I have ever felt from that angle. My balls hitting the inside of the very top of her thighs felt like velvet, and the way my cock curved along with her pussy was simply incredible. I thrust in her a few times, and she took it. She was moaning and asking me to give it to her harder, so I did. I thrust in and out of her, and she took it all.  Soon her pussy started pulsating in orgasm, and then it started milking my cock too, making it feel so good that I could not hold back anymore. I thrust deep and hard into her pussy exploding. She took it all, coming right along with me. 

Natalie and I cuddled after for a few minutes, and then she led me to the massage table where she gave me an incredible massage. She even used hot stones.  We chatted. She is intelligent, soft-spoken, sweet, and girly.  She is truly bisexual and loves women, super nice! Any man should consider himself fortunate to have met her. She surpassed in quality of my expectations. I knew she would be hot, I knew she would be classy, but I did not expect her to be this beautiful little person she was inside and out. She touched my heart with her warm, down-to-earth persona. Her skills were outstanding. Even though I really would not have cared if her skills were not that good, they were, and I was genuinely appreciative. I was truly smitten. I will be back to this magnificent paradise, and to see Natalie again as soon as I recover. She is young, but I am not.