Tiny Nuru All Natural DDD Perfection

I was in the mood to receive my second Gfe, Pse Nuru service at Classymassages. There was a picture of a tiny girl with beautiful “all-natural” DDD’s that caught my attention. I read that she is highly skilled in Tantra and Nuru and a trained Geisha.  I made an appointment and was able to see her at her glamorous incall the very next day.
This visit is my second time using the Classymassages network, and I have to say this time the pictures were not even in the same ballpark this girl is so much better looking in person. Kye Roberts is a complete knockout, movie star/model material. Her body was spectacular and a little face that was oh so cute and pretty I was seriously, seriously in shock. She is a raging beauty, tight-bodied, beautiful hair to below her juicy backside, which looked a wet dream cum real. She has almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones — a beautiful smile with perfect teeth, and flawless skin.  I was a bit intimidated by how Kye looked only because I was not expecting this level hotness. She is so attractive it is almost ridiculous. Pics downplay this young lady in a big way.

I love the Incall. It is a gorgeous, discreet erotic hideaway in a residential area. Oriental and Indian decor, mirrors on the walls, wine bar, catered food, I mean the works!

She led me in, and we began the 4-hour session.

I took a shower and put on the robe she gave me. She led me to the Nuru bed and got undressed. Her body is correctly built for Nuru and fucking.

She oiled up her body. It was fantastic. Her technique was incredible. She was very in tune to my needs. I think an hour or so passed, and I was ready to turn over, and the real fun began.

She leaned over and kissed me first soft, then DFK. Her kissing technique was outstanding, while she kissed me she pressed her beautiful soft natural DD breasts and her hairless lady cookie lips into me Nuruing me while our facial lips touched and our tongues played with each other.  Those breasts felt and looked spectacular in the mirror. They are made for Nuru!

She flipped around so I could see her tiny perfect swollen lips aching and hungry in my face. I began to lick it, bringing her to a climax where she squirted her deliciousness all over my face. It was sopping. I loved the sweetness and drank every last drop I could.

She is so tiny and toned and hot, and she turned around and began doing Tantra stuff to my cock. She started soft at my balls and began licking them. I could not believe how incredible that felt she knows a few tricks and then some. She probably kept me hard and blew me for an entire hour. I really wanted to cum, and it was like she could read my mind, and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked hard, and I blew my load into her mouth as she swallowed it her innocent face looked up at me and I thought I had died and gone to heaven it was that great. Loved the tease and build up aspect of it. 

We took a break, talked and cuddled, and then she put me on the massage table and gave me a professional massage. I kid you not. 

This chick is smart, funny, and did whatever she could and made me feel like a king. She is talkative and warm and worldly in some ways, innocent in others. She is a class act. 

After about 30 minutes, she started Nuruing my cock with her perfect tits, and then I was rock hard again. My getting hard a second time is a miracle I have only experienced with another artist at Classymassages. Other gals have tried in the past but not succeeded. Kye applied a cover and got on top of me, and it was the tightest sweetest pussy I ever had. She rode me till I blew into her tightness, and she would squeeze her pussy and not let me cum then relax it, so we went for almost another hour doing this, and when I came, it was intense. She came with me and squirted all over my cock when I came, and it felt great.

She is a skilled young lady, looks younger than her stated age, and about 1000 times hotter then pics. Her pics show only an above-average girl. This young lady is spectacular looking.  I love the way she catered to me, and her technique is just incredible. She is a trained geisha for sure. The professional massage and pussy trick alone is worth her weight in gold. 

I love making the appointment with the assistant on the phone, such an efficient girl and fast to respond and a great sense of humor too.

I am a happy camper. I will be back. I cannot wait to see what my next visit will bring. This Network is way better than an agency. The girls are independent they work together for better quality services delivered, and it works. The Spa incall location and the girl who runs the network is fantastic knows how to do it for sure. The ladies state they are “artists,” and they are artists of their craft, not hookers. They seem to love their job, and I am floored by the combination of skills, looks, and class I have gotten so far. I would probably marry any of them in a second if they had me, esp this Kye. She is phenomenal. I cannot imagine anyone prettier, kinder, smarter, or better. She could be taller, yes, I believe she is five foot two, but I thought her tininess was super hot. I mean, she is pure perfection in a tight bodied Nuru Goddess. 


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