Supermodel Styled PSE Nuru

I hadn’t indulged in a visit with Classymassages in a while and I decided to treat myself to something new. Rachel said she had just the girl for me, and recommended Kourtney.

I quickly peek at the website – not really necessary since Rachel never steers me wrong, and I was ready to go! Long and lean is a favorite body type for me and Kourtney has that long-legged supermodel build. 

I arrived right on time and they were ready for me. Great communication, and not awkward waiting outside – right away I was able to make way to the discreet entrance to the incall where I was welcomed by a tall leggy blond. Drop-dead gorgeous, with a high-wattage smile.

I took advantage of the clean bathroom to take a quick shower and was good to go. We retired to the bed almost immediately because I was ready just at the site of her, and she asked me “Do you like to kiss?”

Yes, I replied and she said “Good, I’m going to stick my tongue down your throat!”  My kind of woman!

We began with the customary Nuru, and I was already rock hard and stabbing the bed with my manhood. She made a few teasing moves, brushed along by balls and taint, but honestly I was ready to dispense with the Nuru and get going with this sexy creature. Normally I love to turn myself over to my Nuru artist and slowly ease into things, but not today. I needed to have her. She is just that hot!

I flipped and she began to kiss me passionately, making good on her promise to attack my mouth with her tongue. She slid down and engulfed my cock with her eager mouth. This was a top-notch BBBJ, the eye contact was intense. And she drove me wild as I wanted to get her within arms reach so I could reciprocate in some way. 

After a few minutes, she slid forward and asked “do you like anal?” To which I replied that I like it fine, but I prefer pussy and she seemed a little relieved. As it turns out, she will offer it, but would rather do it with somebody a tad smaller than me. No big deal here, because what I really wanted was to be inside her womanhood.

She suited me up and slid onto my cock. Slowly at first, she is tight and not super deep but after a few minutes she was riding with gusto, even doing the spinner move (even though she is a bit tall for that) and getting me really worked up.

We shifted to a spoon and then a lazy dog as her loins became wetter and warmer, and more able to allow deeper thrusts.  I came, hard and long, and rolled to the bed, spent.  She laid there with me a bit, basking in the afterglow, cuddling me and playing with my hair and then went to get a nice fresh warm cloth – gently cleaning my cock and dispensing with the cover.

I hit another shower to get the get/oil off and went home, completely sated and set for a lovely afternoon nap.

Highly recommended! She is absolutely a raging beauty and a fun, sassy girl with a great attitude.