Sacred Tantric Gfe Nuru

If you want an”expert” in combining Spirituality along with sensuality this exceptionally amazing Nuru Goddess is everything you need.

Kye Roberts is certified in Tantra, Reiki, and Yoga. She has intuition that will give you more beauty and passion than you could ever imagine could exist in this type of experience. 

I have also always fantasized about having a tiny, busty, athletic girl nuru me….. 

Kye’s Nuru,  Tantra, and Escort skills and her appearance made her a perfect fit for me. The experience with her fulfilled me on other levels in a way words cannot accurately describe. 

Somehow the the idea of having a Japanese Nuru Massage performed by a sensual, tiny yet curvy all natural beauty sounded more like it would provide me with the exact experience I was seeking. Kye looked to fit the bill for this perfectly in every single way possible. 

I indeed was a happy camper, as Kye was everything I had hoped for, and more.

In person, Kye appearance is breathtakingly beautiful. Her body is perfection covered in flawless skin. She has a great energy about her.

Her breasts are ample, perky, and all natural. Actually they are about the hottest pair of DD’s I have ever met up close and personal. 

Her menu was enticing and intriguing, and loved her Nuru and Tantra options along with what both a true girlfriend experience.

Her Nuru room is discreet on the outside, very large and impressive on the inside. The room’s pics on website just do not accurately capture the incredible spa atmosphere.  It is always 100 percent spotless, candles lit with music playing when I walk in. It is really an impressive place to visit.

I walked in the door and she greeted me with a warm hug and a kiss, making eye contact with her almond shaped eyes. Sincerely warm and happy and an innate sweetness to her demeanor that I just loved. She seemed truly happy to be there.

I felt an instant connection, as if we were old buddies. There is nothing at all artificial in the way she presented herself. She seemed to be very comfortable in her own skin and that put me totally at ease. She immediately made me her focus, connecting with me and watching to make sure all my wants and desires were fulfilled. She is trained in Tantra, and her ability to connect with me and meet and exceed my needs was quite amazing. I found Kye was what I would call a “mind reader.” This Goddess seemed to intuitively know things about me without me even having to say a word.

Kye is a sexy All-American Gal with a touch of Asian, Polynesian, and Eastern European descent. She is impeccably groomed and has a youthful later 20s appearance, but she may be in her earlier 30s if I remember correctly. I actual found her very mature in demeanor, worldly, and sophisticated. I was indeed in the hands of highly skilled woman, not a young silly girl. This woman simply radiated sexuality from every pore. No tattoos or lines or scars, and no strange piercings piercings. She has perfect straight white teeth.  She was wearing only a traditional red kimono displaying a magnificent, very fit body and had her hair and make-up done. She is slim, petite and very toned, tiny yes, but she is not a skin and bones waif. She was indeed a yummy vision in red.

She was very soft everywhere, with no jutting bones hit me during the Nuru. Physically, she is  perfectly designed to do this type of massage.  She has long perfectly curved legs, a rounded, shapely bottom, and perfect youthful, perky large breasts that were definitely all natural.

Kye is a Tantra Goddess who has extensive knowledge of Tantra breathing rituals and techniques. She practices Tantra, Yoga, and meditation on the side. She is also a Reiki Master. Her energy was simply alluring.

She is a professionally trained dancer as well. She performed a private Polynesian style belly dance for me that was just one of the hottest and most seductive things I have ever seen. 

She also works currently as an actress and model, which was quite interesting to  learn about.

I really got lucky finding this beautiful creature. Finally, I found my deepest fantasy. Hallelulujah! 

Her Nuru Massage is outstanding. Her instincts of where to touch and how much pressure to use or not use was not of this world The best part about it was the way her skin felt, as it was the most flawless I have ever personally experienced. I really enjoyed the way it felt against mine, finding it to be an immense turn on. Her technique is slow, deliberate, very intense and focused. Her “lady cookie” was hot and felt delicious as she is used it against me throughout our session. That combined with her soft ample breasts and large eraser point nipples pressing into me felt as if it was definitely a touch of heaven on Earth. Kye is truly a Tantra Master, as I found that Kye is highly intuitive and could read my body with hers. 

She also includes great gfe and pse escort skills. The combo was just superb. The gfe was so real it made me feel like I was indeed special to her, and I felt extremely catered to in a very gentle, seductive, yet meaningful way. I am normally happy with the standard gfe experience, but adding an element of her unique brand of PSE to the session was wonderful beyond words. It was not planned and it just happened, and that is what was so utterly amazing, as it was definitely a natural occurance.  Because the gfe and pse felt authentic and real, for the first time I think I got to experience with Kye what a true gfe and pse experience like this is supposed to feel like. It was very heartfelt and sexually connected at the same, creating a really amazing chemistry between us that was not easy to resist. 

She is really beautiful EVERYWHERE, with a very youthful, tight “lady cookie.”  She is what is called a “nectar goddess,” meaning a dainty explosion occurs when she is pleasured. Her “lady cookie” is delicately groomed, very neat and very fresh. I found that her “lady cookie” liked me,  dripping in response to my every touch.  

The first finish brought me to using a combination of both pairs of lips (top AND bottom pairs) along with a hungry tongue was just incredible. Very intense and lasting several minutes.  Probably because the majority of the 3 hour session I had selected was made of pure tease and build-up. Her techniques were simply phenomenal, as my whole body felt every single touch causing chills throughout my entire body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Her skills were just amazing, taking me to a new level I never quite achieved previously.

Kye cleaned me up after with a warm wet towel which was a nice touch and spent the remainder of time giving me an outstanding therapeutic massage. She was excellent at the massage, which was another pleasant surprise. A few minutes into the therapeutic massage, I found myself  “awakened” again….

It was as if Kye could read my body with her mind. Our eyes were locked throughout the entire session, which really added to the intensity of our session.

The connection I felt was intense as it gets.  We proceeded to do several what she said were “Kamasutra” techniques per her lead. During intercourse, she had complete control over my entire body with her “lady cookie,” which she referred to as her “Yoni.” She called my penis a “Lingham.”  Kye was by far the most knowledgeable escort who also does Tantra I have connected with.

The visual of Kye was simply outstanding,  and her nude and glistening in wet Nuru Gel was incredible to watch in all the mirrors around me. 

My completion was the best, most intense I have ever experienced, as this beautiful angel caused my blissful completion to last several minutes…  wave of pleasure after wave of incredible pleasure. It pulsated throughout my entire body from head to toe.  Our bodies were in sync throughout the whole time, I mean it was just really wonderful. We built up together, wave after wave, and when we ended, we ended together. As I exploded within her hotness, she exploded with a large amount of wetness that was quite incredible. She really is a Nuru Goddess with many, many talents. Her years of experience combined with her sexual instincts and our incredible chemistry gave me the most fantastic experience imaginable. 

Her almond shaped eyes were hypnotic and warm. I felt there was nothing fake in the experience in any way. It was not just a another meaningless escort experience, it was “the real deal.”

She is what I always had desired in an erotic encounter, but never got it 100 percent perfect until now. 

I showered  (the shower there is hot and strong , and I just love that touch).

When I left, I was a little sad because I wish it was not going to end. I could have stayed with her cuddling and chatting for hours. The girl was simply addictive, her presentation perfect. 

This intriguing Princess also has talents way above and beyond any regular erotic massage therapist or an escort. She certainly has nothing mechanical in her demeanor either like asian massage parlor girls and the likes of such.

In my opinion, she is the best choice known to discriminating mankind for a high class escort gfe/pse experience that also has that spiritual element I need in my encounters to make it a sensational one. 

I will indeed be back to see her and maybe others, as Classymassages seems to just keep getting better and better, as the years pass by.