Passionate Nuru By A Blonde Sex Goddess!

I deserve the best, as I have worked hard all my life to be able to afford the best. Classymassages so far is definitely the best adult network in existence, and as long as they are around I have no need to ever look elsewhere for my adult experiences. 

I found the website while googling for a girlfriend experience type along with a Nuru Massage. I had seen the website a couple years previously, and the girls then were all hot, but truthfully none of the other girls at that time had been exactly my type.. When I saw the pic of Grayson Starr, I was immediately sold. I really like the kind of girl where every head turns when she walks in the room. I just don’t like a boring, regular kind of  gal.  Grayson definitely appeared to me to qualify to be those things and more. 

After a few text messages, I booked an appointment to see her in her private upscale Fort Lauderdale incall location the following week . The private spa location was really easy to find. It was in a very nice neighborhood and in a completely quiet looking location.  I felt immediately safe, as it is located in an upscale residential area, and no one could really see me parked here, as it was not off a busy street like most other places I have been to.

I knocked on the door, and was blown away by the long-legged vision in red lingerie that answered the door. Her hair is light blonde and she has soft beautiful wide set eyes, a cute nose, and full rosebud lips. Her skin is absolutely gorgeous, fair and flawless with no piercings or tattoos. I just hate boring chicks, and I found this nubile looking Sex Goddess to be the exact opposite of boring. She has a very wholesome look to her that I would classify as a “girl-next-door” type of appeal. Her eyes are light brown and sparkle with mischief. Her eyes were innocent looking yes, but still conveying a touch of naughtiness. She is slim with curves in the right place and none in the wrong. She has gorgeous long shapely legs and a great rack. She has an appealing energy about her and is definitely a class act.  She is very sweet and real, has that soft breathy voice like Marilyn Monroe that made me instantly hard.

Grayson has something about her that was really impressive, even more impressive than how she looked. She made me feel at ease instantly, as normally I am a bundle of nerves in this situation.  Grayson is very personable with a great energy. I was really taken aback with her beauty and can sometime be insecure when in the presence of such a Goddess. Grayson somehow magically made me totally comfortable. Grayson is the epitome of everything I could desired in a woman to be and more. Grayson was just simply my type to a “t.” I truly hit the “Nuru Jackpot” with her…. 

The Spa was really incredible, much bigger and nicer than I was expecting, and I was expecting a lot because of all the good things I read.  It was quite  impressive. Very clean, and set up so you can watch everything in the wall mirror. After a brief tour, she led me to the changing room.   I put on the freshly laundered robe and new slippers she set out for me, and walked out the door of the changing room. Grayson walked over to me also now dressed in a silky black kimono herself. She took my hand, and led me to our “Nuru” bed area….

We sat down at a tablet in front of the Nuru area. She asked me if I wanted a drink, and I asked her to pour me a drink of white wine. She served me wine from the wine bar located in the front part of the spa. It was chilled without me having to ask. I was very impressed thus far, and not as nervous as I usually am in these types of situations because she has that magical way of calming my nerves

We sat down for a few minutes and engaged in conversation. She was just adorable! Really sexy, soft, and girlie girlish. I had recently ended a relationship with a women who was a very strong minded, bossy, intimidating type, so Grayson’s softness was a welcomed change indeed. Grayson has a great sense of humor and I found her to be a little bit sassy and playful.

After a few sips of wine, I felt the warmth of it after it hit my stomach putting me in a state ready to embark on my journey of sheer bliss. I was ready to go. I felt like a young man again.  I mean talk about stimulation. Just looking at her and being in this sensual atmosphere with candles, seductive music, and incense burning, made me more turned on than I had been in years and years.  I was ready for my Nuru Massage!  I was so ready to feel her warmth on my body. I had never wanted anyone more than I wanted Grayson at that moment. The mental and spiritual foreplay was surreal. I had never been turned on so much before an act of sensuality. This is why the longer sessions are necessary. This is something that needs to be savored. The build-up mental and physical is worth the price of admission itself. This young woman was indeed an artist and her presentation indeed a masterpiece. She is nothing like a typical escort. To me she is an actual Sex Goddess. 

She had me lay down, and proceeded to cover herself in Nuru sex Gel which I watched in the mirror. Her body looked just spectacular all wet and shiny and perfectly smooth, and yes, no tattoos to ruin her perfection. 

The Nuru massage was absolutely amazing. She really knew quite a few tricks, I mean she was just incredible! She is very fit, athletic and strong. Watching her perform the massage in the mirror was so darn hot, her creamy skin glistening and her nipples pointing, large and fantastic! Her rack was real nice, very large on a very fit frame and her bottom firm and it is oh so pretty!!!!!!!!!  Big erect nips that stayed like that the whole time. The time in paradise flew by, and a little under an hour into the session she flipped me over. Now I did not have to look in the mirror to see her, just up, as she was above me doing the Nuru. She covered herself in the Nuru sex gel, and took my hands to her breasts gently guiding over them. 

She continued the Nuru, eventually finding and meeting Mr. Happy, shaking his hand. He was erect and oh so happy to meet her. She then began to perform some of the most divine oral skills I have ever gotten with her perfect heart shaped bottom right  in front of my face. I looked at her hungry perfect pussy lips, and than tasted her, sweet as honey and dripping. I found her verrrrry fresh and tight and fragrant. I could not imagine a more perfect daty (dine at the “y”)!

Her oral skills left an impression on me, as she has this trick she does using her tongue right along my taint and around to the back that was probably the best thing I have ever felt. She did some personal things with her oh so talented dainty tongue and her oh so soft fingers that I have never, ever allowed anyone to do before. I mean,  it just flowed somehow. She awoke needs in me I never knew existed. Her skills are really really freaking amazing. 

After awhile, I decided I could not take it anymore, and I was finally ready to be inside this beautiful Sex Goddess.  I had been fully erect now for almost 2 hours straight. She was really good at getting me hard and keeping me right there about to explode but not actually exploding. Mind you, I have never stayed harder longer than maybe twenty minutes in my life, so this was truly a miracle of sorts. She is a magician. I told her I was finally ready for the full experience, and she expertly applied a cover using her mouth.  For the next 20 or so minutes we engaged in every imaginable sex position on the planet. 

Her FS  (full service intercourse), GFE (no cover for oral sex on Mr. Happy and full kissing tongue and all),  and PSE  (sex like a wild porn star with no inhibitions) were delivered and were absolutely amazing in every way. Her pussywas tight, wet and oh so perfect.  I finally exploded looking into her eyes while she was riding me. She exploded the exact same time I did, really hot.She is very open minded and uninhibited, really into me and into the session. There is definitely  something to this Tantra she adds into the session. It adds a spiritual aspect to the session I never had before with other ladies elsewhere I have tried previously.  Our explosions lasted what seemed like minutes. At first, it seemed really intense, the waves rocked through me, but then they became more gentle, very tingly and quite nice. It was really great to connect not just physically but energetically.  I was completely drained and the most relaxed I have been in years.

Grayson cleaned me up with a hot towel, and we took a shower together in the remaining time, soaping each other off.  I love her natural look, as she did not have any make-up on. She is just so pretty and very fresh looking, very soft looking. It was really a nice surprise to see. Usually when girls take their make-up off they look super plain in comparison.  Grayson is the opposite of plain without make-up on. She has really great glowing skin and looks drop-dead gorgeous without any on.  This woman is just unbelievably gifted in so many ways. 

 I think she was the hottest girl I personally have ever seen in this biz, as she just does it for me what can I say. She is definitely bathing suit model or movie star material like I said.  No cellulite or wrinkles anywhere,  I mean she looks super nice!She is very slim with a fantastic rack and a great backside, really smoking hot. She is very busty with a luscious yet compact backside. I just hate big sloppy butts and I also hate flat small ones too. Hers is as perfect as it gets not big really and not small just right and so very firm and juicy. . Her thighs are perfect, my favorite part of a woman,s body. Yummy thighs… I mean yummy.  To me her body is just to die for.  I can talk for hours about just how hot this little number appeals to me.

I also have to say this was the best experience I have ever had. She has the best combination of looks, skills, personality and location possible. There was so much more to this session than I had imagined, way better than I could have thought possible. It was not at all like anything else I have ever experienced. Life does not get better than this Nuru Massage, followed with a full GFE  and PSE experience by this sweet, gorgeous angel and her incredibly talented oral skills along with her delicious, tight, wet, hairless puffy lipped pussy.

Although we used the Spa incall in Fort Lauderdale area for our first session together, she told me for next time she also has a private location in Miami she could see me in the next time.  I actually live in Miami so it will be easier for me. She also said she enjoys outcalls, which may be a consideration next time as well.  I do know one thing, one way or another I will be repeating with Classymassages again very soon. Grayson is absolutely perfect for me and definitely my first choice hands down, but  am also a man who likes variety, so am thinking maybe bring my wife, as Grayson just LOVES women…..

I just cannot wait for the next time….