Oh My Kye!

Normally a lot more time passes between visits with Classymassages, but when I went to their website to get a link for a review I saw Kye‘s new pictures and had a sudden, urgent, need for a large-breasted geisha. I contacted Rachel right away and worked out a time to meet and as always, the arrangements were easy and painless.

I arrived right on time and, as always, my companion was ready. If promptness matters to you, you can’t go wrong with Classymassages

I headed to the secluded spa entrance and was greeted by a small gorgeous woman.

Refreshment was offered as I got ready, and I opted for my customary glass of pinot grigio which was waiting for me once I was done cleaning up in the clean and stocked up shower/restroom. Normally I can spend a fair amount of time breaking the ice, but I was so at ease with her right away, and frankly, so eager to get started, that we moved to the nuru bed (at my urging) before I had even half of my wine.

Her energy level was very high to start, I think she picked up my “ready to go” vibe, but I encouraged her to take her time and she did. She used all of her firm body to massage me, especially making great use of her ample bosom. I could tell that she wants to be in charge (which will be fun later when I like to take over)

She kisses my neck and ears while I can feel the heat of her loins increasing. She maneuvered her clit so she could rub it against my legs, back, arms, I could tell she wanted to heighten her own arousal as well as mine, and I could feel her own wetness beyond the nuru oil, my own anticipation grew.

She caressed my manhood from behind, reaching under to excite me, and she whispered in my ear “I can feel that you are ready to roll over”

She was right

Again, she began to caress and massage my whole body with hers, first working around my member, but eventually placing it at the center of her attention, bringing her privates so tantalizingly close, teasing the possibilities, but always remaining properly responsible. It was driving me wild. She leans in and we kiss, our tongues hungrily seeking one another. Again, a tantalizing tease, a brush of the head so near, yet so far. My cock twitched with the anticipation and when she slowly moved down to engulf me in her mouth, I was erect, standing at attention. Without hands she wrapped her lips around the head and treated me to her tongue, slowly transitioning to take half of me in her mouth – I think she was going for a deep throat, but I was too much for her at that moment.

She turned around to use my engorged penis as her own personal massager, and the anticipation of entry, still denied, thrilled me. She slid back so I could pleasure her as well, and I wasted no time taking her entire hood in my mouth as she returned her oral attention to my cock. After a few minutes, I discovered the pattern she enjoyed, as I could feel her concentration wavering on her task.

“Want me to get the cover?” she asked.

“Only if you want me in you” I replied

She had it close at hand and she is back, and I can tell that she was going to try to take charge, but I wasn’t going to have that. Her playful sass needed to be turned about. I rolled her onto her back and applied the cover while returning my attention to her man in the boat, so around that her clit was firm and easily seen and felt. I teased her with the head, returning the favor from before as she squirmed and pleaded with me to stop teasing.

“Look at me” I told her and we kept eye contact as I slowly entered her. She must perform kegel exercises as her loins gripped mine so fiercely that I was at first afraid that she would pull the cover right off, but it stayed in place and we made passionate love for several minutes looking into each other’s eyes and kissing like newlyweds. After many delighted minutes we switched to lazy dog, but not before I kissed the length of her lovely frame and whispered the extent of my desire into her ear. Again, her tightness, wetness, and warmth was so great that it was evident even through the cover and I grunted the extent of my pleasure as words escaped me. I felt her come, the nuru lubricant long since expired, coat her thighs and my ball as I steadily increased pace and strength. “Don’t stop” she implored me, “I am about to come again” and I maintained a punishing pace (for me, that is) until I couldn’t hold out, erupting with great force. As I pulled out, I saw that the cover was filled with an extraordinary volume. I must have been in great need, and Kye¬†was best suited to help.

We didn’t much feel like moving for several minutes until I really had to leave. She cleaned me delicately and marveled that I was still hard. It was for her, I could have managed another, right then, if I had the time, because of how pleased I was. Her sexual energy was perfectly aligned to mine, a true delight.

She started the shower for me to heat it up and I washed and dressed, sadly needing to still face the remainder of my day.

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