Nuru By Beautiful Bianca

Appearance: Model material

Performance: Once in a lifetime

Attitude: Amazing

Atmosphere: Intimate and classy

Session Location: Private Incall

General Details

Really beautiful girl with an incredible experience. Total GFE with PSE tendencies! Outstanding Nuru! 

The Juicy Details

I called Rachel Cohen at Classymassages for another enchanting encounter and she told me she had just the girl for me. She told me about Bianca Cartwright and said she was a natural, very sensual, sexual girl who loved her work. Rachel has yet to steer me wrong as the Classy Massage girls are always classy and top-notch. Only elite companions are welcome. We set up a time, and as always the communication was amazing. Rachel reached out far ahead to let me know that Bianca was stuck in traffic and stayed in communication, knowing that I like to stay informed. Their organization is so professional, that it turned out there was more than enough cushion to have our encounter start on time anyhow.

Enough about how awesome Rachel is because the star of this show was 100% Bianca Cartwright! I arrived at their well-appointed and discreet hideaway and was greeted by a beautiful Latina with a million-dollar smile. She said her family was from Argentina, but she is the all-American dream girl in a high-powered Latina package. She was wearing the cutest little sundress and was perfectly made up. She greeted me with kindness and a naughty twinkle in her eye, and had none of the normal first-time nervousness or new-girl uncertainty that sometimes shows up. She wanted to be there and was 100% about me

We retired to the sitting area to get to know one another as she offered me refreshments and struck a flirty balance in our discussion as I relaxed and settled in. She has a knack for maintaining enticing eye contact and she certainly has “physical touch” as one of her love languages

I used the changing room to get undressed, and neatly hung up my suit and tie.  I took advantage of the shower right next to the changing room, so I could get nice and clean after a long day of work. Classymassages had a brand-new in-package toothbrush and a fresh tube of toothpaste for me to use,which I did. Their restroom was clean and appointed with anything I could ever possibly want. They even laid out an oversized folded Turkish towel to dry off with, which I used. I made sure I was squeaky clean for her. I then put on the Men’s Silk Robe, the brand-new slippers were still covered in the wrapping laid out for me in the changing room and placed my watch in the jewelry box just for that purpose. Talk about the touches. I even used the spray deodorant and rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash using a fresh dixie cup. I mean, talk about the touches. There were two freshly laundered hand towels sitting next to one another to dry my hands and face with! The place goes all out, I am a man who appreciates the touches. I understand that outcall is nice, however, this place is not to be missed. I mean, Bianca looks like a sex goddess, but even if she was not, I would be forgiving, as I would still be a happy man just being in this place with all the high-end accomodations.

I returned to her to find her in a delightfully sexy robe with lingerie beneath. She guided me to the Nuru bed, and I laid down and watched her in the mirror as she did a little strip tease and slowly and sexily applied Nuru gel all over her amazing tight young body until she glistened in the candlelight!

She started slowly, building my excitement with her sexy, soft body, the only words uttered calculated to build anticipation for what came next, the softest kisses delivered in strategic places. It felt as if she loved every inch of me, and I felt the stress of the week fade as the anticipation built for what was to follow. She made great use of her lovely perky breasts and perfectly shaped ample ass, making sure to rub them all over my body. Her feet and her hands massaging and soothing my tired body. Many minutes of sensual massage, growing ever more urgent until the teasing touch began. First near my sensitive areas, then lightly brushing against my taint, my balls, my ass. Easing her hand beneath me to test my aroused manhood. Soft, hot breath in my ear. Delicate nibbles and kisses to my neck, until my erection threatened to burrow through the bed.

She had me flip over and resumed her amazing Nuru slide on my front, at first ignoring my upright erection, but slowly, teasingly grazing it with her arms, then hands, then lips. Soon she came up to kiss me, first softly, then more urgently, our tongues meeting. She must have approved of my kissing as we continue that for some time as she moved her body against mine, expertly using her legs to position my member near the promised land but always outside. I feel as if she used my cock as her own personal sex toy against her clit as I felt the warmth of her loins build.

She eased downward and took me into her mouth, looking into my soul with piercing eye contact. She commenced an epic styled, not to be forgotten, edging BBBJ, building my arousal to incredible heights, but not so much as to spend me early. Her tongue expertly probed my frenulum, served my balls, and teased my taint. She pressed against my taint, stimulating my prostate from the outside and the pleasure was astounding!

She turned about and offered me her immaculate pussy, and I eagerly sat upon it with my tongue as she continued her amazing BBBJ. I know I eventually figured out how she liked it because she lost focus and surrendered herself to the pleasure of my cunnilingus! After a few minutes of grinding against my face, she orgasmed her delicious fresh juices all over my face, moaning gently, then a bit more loudly towards the end, and then shaking with pleasure. So hot!

“I want to feel you” she said after recovering from her intense orgasm.  

She proceeded to apply a condom and eased herself onto my throbbing cock. I could feel her tightness and warmth, knowing I was responsible for her pleasure and she was very wet and ready. She rode me in cowgirl, coming to me for DFK and pushing her clit against my shaft. We shifted to reverse and I was treated to yet another view of her amazing ass. (Ass lovers, this is the girl for you) and we continued for quite some time until I felt the urge to take charge.

We resumed in lazy doggie where it was my time to let her know my appreciation, speaking into her ear (and occasionally not even managing words, only sounds of pure lust) as she threw herself back at me to our mutual pleasure.

I applied a little gel, testing the waters with my thumb, and with approval, slowly and gently slid my member into her ass. After a few moments she let out a quiet little moan, I can tell she appreciates it if done properly

After swapping covers, we switched to missionary so I could see her beautiful face and look deeply into her eyes until I exploded deep inside her, cumming with great force and volume

Bianca and I laid in each other’s arms, spent until she had the energy to provide me with amazing, gentle, aftercare. After disposing of the cover, she cleaned me with hot towels and guided me to the massage table, soothing any remaining aches and getting me ready to face the rest of my week.

A fresh towel was provided, and I showered to rinse the remaining Nuru gel from my body, leaving my skin soft and a smile on my face. She helped me dress and made sure I left with a proper amount of kisses and new refreshments.

She is not to be missed. She is a perfect balance of naughty and nice; sweet and spicy; innocent angel and decadent succubus. Highly recommend it to anyone desiring a first-class experience.


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