Now THIS is a Woman

General Details

I had been looking to try a nuru massage for the longest time since I initially learned about it, and this was definitely worth the experience. I have never felt so relaxed with anyone before in my entire life.

The Juicy Details

This woman, my God this woman. She is a full Geisha experience without a doubt. I’ve never been pampered or waited on like this before. Definitely will be going back multiple times. She took me into the spa room, nice dimmed lighting and warm atmosphere with the aroma mister in the corner. She gave me a few minutes to undress and lay on the bed (not an air mattress, thank God. I was worried about being too slippery) and started with a soft touch massage. Her hands are very gentle and smooth, it felt like butter. After a bit she started to drip the nuru gel onto me, then gave me a little show as she undressed and began the nuru massage. Her skin is so silky, it was exquisite.

Lookswise a definite 10. Skillset and experience off the charts.

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