Kye: Even Better Than Expected

I was down in the North Miami – Lauderdale area a couple weeks ago. Doing a little business and visiting friends. I got a hankering but all the So-Fla gals I have seen or wanted to see were booked up ; retired ; out of town or otherwise unavailable. A fellow hobbyist buddy who lives nearby recommended contacting Rachel who operates the service created by Eden a retired legend . She operates a massage escort incall with beautiful girls that have wide menus. There is limited bookings – most of the ladies only see one guy per day and the service is second to none. I was taken aback by the prices quoted but my buddy hasn’t been wrong in any of his other recommendations and assured me it was worth it. I’m not sure why but I gulped and said : ” You better be right ! ” I checked the website and looked at Geisha’s pictures . Good but not great. Another round of reassurance and I took the plunge.

I called “Rachel ” and requested Geisha per my pal’s recommendation. I was in luck as she had an opening the following day so I got the info. The following day I called and confirmed and got the location. It was a short hop from my hotel. Geisha was there waiting for me. Drop dead gorgeous and super friendly. She is petite. A beautiful Pacific Asian. She said Thai and Hawaiian but I think there might be some “howlee” in there somewhere. She led me to a place to change so we could start with a bath .

And the details noted were VERY juicy indeed. In short, this was not a “session “. It was an experience that is still giving me the warm and fuzzies.


The Juicy Details

We both got naked and slid into a warm tub. First she washed me head to toe with an incredible touch that got me excited. I returned the favor and the sight of that incredible body all soapy and wet got me even more raring to go. BUT Geisha told me to relax because we were just getting started. She led me into the massage room after we dried off , laid me down and massaged me.

And massaged me. With her hair , her hands and then her whole body. Nuru , reiki and even some acupressure. This lady is skilled , experienced and LOVES what she does. We easily spent an hour together and hadn’t even kissed yet. I was dying to. And to massage her. But she knew how to drag it out without being a tease or playing games .

We lay down on the bed together with our hands slowly and gently going here and there. We started kissing , soft and friendly at first and then dfk. This gal LOVES to kiss. Not just part of the routine but she really likes it. I finally got my mouth on her breasts.

She says they are “organic” and they certainly looked and felt natural. I worked my way down and started kissing the outside of her pussy. Her response was totally natural and she was obviously really into it. I went to Daty avoiding her clit at first – after all the teasing and pleasing she gave me I thought it was only fair lol. I started licking and sucking her clit and felt her starting to rock and her breathing got deeper and more rapid and there is no doubt she came hard. I’m trying to draw the highlights out of what is a dreamy blur. The bbbj was superb. She obviously enjoyed giving as much as I liked the getting. Another round of daty including eating her ass .Other than that Greek is not on her menu. Then she did another bbbj with extra attention to the boys and some rimming. On with a condom and she slid it in – cg; rcg , then I got off the bed and went deep into standing mish. Throughout there was lots of touching and kissing. The whole thing seemed like a slow motion dream. I didn’t know how responsive she was really being until we shifted to doggie. For the first time she was really vocal and talking dirty, grabbing the bed , pumping back at me and coming hard for what seemed like a couple minutes. Were we done ? Not even close. I’m no youngster and “one and done ” is my usual but not with her. She got one cup out me in the bag during doggie and got another out of me with another spectacular bbbj.

I had paid for 3 hours and was tempted to go for a 4th but she just smiled and said “‘We are done . For now ” With a smile and a wink. So I just went with the flow.We talked a lot. She is fascinating. I asked her out to dinner but she couldn’t make it but she asked where I was staying and said she would join me for a drink or two later that evening. I gave her my number and that night I got a call (after getting a few texts reassuring me that she would be joining me ) I went down to the lobby to meet her , We sat outside at the bar and talked for a while and when I invited her back to my room she accepted. Yes I got a few jealous looks from some of the other guys who saw us together. When we got to my room I asked her “how much ” and she said “whatever . I can’t stay over but I’ve got a couple hours free”. There was just something about her. We just made one of those rare connections that happen maybe once or twice in a hobbying career. I’d like to say that I was up for another round like earlier in the day but I just wasn’t. I did my best but that 3rd cup just wouldn’t come . I asked her if $300 was enough of “tip ” or “parting gift ” explaining that I went way over my usual budget to see her in the first place and she was fine with it. She made it clear that our second meeting was because A. she liked me B. she had a lot of fun and C. I was a friend of a very good friend of hers and she felt safe. She prefers not to do outcall. She is super picky about who she sees away from the spa. She wants everyone who sees her to go through Rachel. She made it clear that she was going outside her usual parameters just by seeing me for a drink let alone coming up to my room for another round of nude recreation. To see Geisha you MUST go through Rachel.

Just an amazing time with an amazing woman. Very bright. Very well educated. Incredibly warm , friendly and super considerate. The enthusiasm that is off the charts. I went way outside my usual budgetary guidelines but it was worth it. I have already made plans for a repeat in October. Can’t wait.

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