I Don’t Play Favorites

This is my 1st visit to Classymassages. I have not written a review yet, but here I go. I don’t want to play any favorites, as I do not have anything to compare my experience with Kye Roberts to, but….

First off, understand this is something I never considered doing before, but a bout with cancer made me internalize all the things that I had not experienced in my life. I committed myself to healing my body and a healthy life style. Still something was missing and I craved pampering, tenderness and an unencumbered relationship with younger, beautiful and successful women.

I discovered nuru and Classymassages. I still remember thinking this cannot be a real thing, but it is, and I decided I needed to check this thing off my list. Let me give a nod to the wonderful artist I have seen thus far.

Kye Roberts. OMG. She is a very impressive woman. Speaking with her was a treat. Her style was to connect with me in a kind of spiritual way. I don’t know if that is the right word, but it was a peaceful and engaging experience. I’m not that kind of touchy-feely, meditating type, but when our session started and she asked me to breathe with her, light touch, silence, my body responded. I was shocked and surprisingly turned on in a way I had never been before. I guess you don’t know if you like something until you actually try something.  It was my first 4 hr experience and I had wood for the entire 4 hours. Kye was my teacher and she led me through many positions, always giving feedback on what felt good and asking what things I wanted to do. I feel like she had multiple orgasms, so I did something right to her too. Her body was amazing absolute small and voluptuous and athletic at the same time top heavy soft naturals not droopy at all very naturally surprisingly perky, pics are accurate but there is something about natural breasts that do not sag on a tiny girl that makes it difficult to breathe because they are that beautiful. She has at first small sized looking nipples typical asian (she is mixed asian and caucasian I believe) except they turned into firm long ones like eraser points, nice! Dark but not too dark caucasion dark more than asian dark and perfect areolas that were very symmetrical. I will never forget the image of her standing in front of the open
refrigerator with the light cascading over her body while she was reaching for something in the refrigerator. To this day a fondest memory.

Kye has a really beautiful heart. I do not know if these things are important to others, but it meant something to me. Her kindness and genuine nature moved me. 

She also has an upbeat personality that is contagious. She is what I would call a queen of sensuality and she is a master of Nuru and sex indeed.  Her body and face to me look very youthful I was pleasantly surprised because she is very confident and experienced and sexually knows her way around a man in more mature way then she appears. Her age could be anywhere from late 20’s to mid 30’s you cannot tell with that skin really. She is flawless no tattoos no lines no piercings nothing but perfection.

What a great kisser. Her Nuru skills were outstanding. The oral to one another was incredible.She gave amazing and she was very, very receptive. She is tight as heck, and she does squirt, that is not a fairy tale. It was my first time seeing that live and it was really awesome and a huge huge turn on. She is very flexible and able to accommodate many positions. She is outgoing but also has a very submissive, pleasing personality. She read my body like it was braille. It was such a hot experience. 4 hours of tease and build up with that sensual spiritual thing ending with a release that felt so intense it was almost a supernatural experience. 

To say she has talents is an understatement. She is so sexy and sensual and spiritual and hot it is almost not believable.  I cannot imagine her not being every man’s dream come true!

Truly amazing. Thank you Kye!