I Don’t Play Favorites

This is my second visit to Classymassages. I have not written a review yet because I don’t want to play any favorites. I eventually plan on seeing them all. Here is my first review.

The amazing women I met are unique in many ways and I have never been wanting after meeting them. With that said, staying silent is not fair given how much I appreciate the reviews I’ve read. I count myself a more conservative man with no inclination to be a Penthouse Forum author and will do my best to give an accurate and informative review of my experience.

First off, understand this is something I never considered doing before, but a bout with cancer made me internalize all the things that I had not experienced in my life. I committed myself to healing my body and a healthy life style. Still something was missing and I craved pampering, tenderness and an unencumbered relationship with younger, beautiful and successful women.

I discovered nuru and Classymassages. I still remember thinking this cannot be a real thing, but it is, and I decided I needed to check this thing off my list. Let me give a nod to the 2 wonderful artists I met so far.


First came Kye Roberts. OMG. She is a very impressive woman. Speaking with her was a treat. Her style was to connect with me in a kind of spiritual way. I don’t know if that is the right word, but it was a peaceful and engaging experience. I’m not that kind of touchy feely, meditating type, but when our session started and she asked me to breathe with her, light touch, silence, my body responded. It was my first 4 hr experience and I had wood for the entire 4 hours. Kye was my teacher and she led me through many positions, always giving feedback on what felt good and asking what things I wanted to do. I feel like she had multiple orgasms, so I did something right. Her body was amazing and I will never forget the image of her standing in front of the open
refrigerator with the light cascading over her body while she was reaching for something in the refrigerator. Truly amazing. Thank you Kye!

My latest visit was with Ayden Gold. I was very pleased to see new girls are added and Ayden’s more petite physic was very desirable for me. Truthfully, I feel choosing between classy massage artists is pointless. They are all different in their art and
presentation, but apart from their differences, what is common is they are all successful, engaging women who bless us with
their attention in the most amazing and intimate ways. For this encounter, I will be more detailed and explicit.
Ayden met me at the door in a clingy, full-length dress. She kissed me on entering and after offering some water (it was a
morning appointment), she led me to the lounge chairs to chat. She explained her art involved more of exploration by touch
and response. She espoused a method that involved making a connection with me and then see where it goes from there. I was
nervous and hopefully not visibly shaking with excitement. We had an easy conversation and found several common areas of
interest. I was trying my best to remain engaged in the conversation, but hopefully she did not notice I became fixated on her
nipples pressing through the fabric of her dress. I think that is incredibly sexy.

She asked if I wanted to change for our session. I don’t know what expectations are for a shower before the session, but I
offered to take a shower. Of course I show up there squeaky clean, shaved and smelling good. The ladies are immaculate and I
feel it is a proper gesture to shower in their presence to reassure them I respect cleanliness.
After the shower, she asked me to lay on the bed. At this point, she still had her dress on. Several times I missed these beautiful
ladies undressing and told her I like to watch her undress first. With a mischievous smile, she grabbed the bottom of her dress
and pulled it over her head. OMG, completely naked underneath. This is an important moment in our session. I immediately got
an erection and it never went away for the remainder of the session. Her breasts are amazing. Personally, I don’t have a
predisposition what kind of size or shape turns me on, but I love, love, loved her breasts. Her nipples were always hard, breasts
firm and sensitive to the touch. As I moved my gaze down, I could appreciated her uniformly tanned skin, small waist, firm abs,
modest belly button jewelry and shaved pussy. I know several people wrote she had some trimmed line of pubic hair, but I
don’t recall that. I was hypnotized, motionless and counting my blessings to be with such a beauty. Oh ya, time for the nuru to
I lay face down on the bed. Damn the wood was still a thing. She straddled my legs and began this gentle massage, running her
hands up and down my body and then it happened. She started using her nails to caress my body. I love that! Soon, the
touchdown came and I honestly cannot think of a more wonderful thing than body to body nuru. Her breasts running over my
buttocks, which she said were quite cute (indulge me), up my lower back to the shoulder blade. Then turning sideways and
running her body the full length of my back. I’m not sure how long this lasted, but it was heavenly. Then she asked me to flip
Of course this is every guy’s favorite moment in massage. I have been a little self-conscious about my size, but whether true or
not, Ayden said my erection was as strong as a teenager and beautifully proportioned. Ok, I’m buying it. Ayden continued the
soft touch massage, but now when the nails came out, she would tease my cock. We began kissing while she massaged my
member. Then she moved down for some BBBJ. This is something I’ve only experienced at classy massage and as unbelievable
as that was to Ayden, she applied all her talents to making it special. I don’t have a lot to compare to, but she had an engaging
enthusiasm in her facial expression, the way she played with the tip of my penis and when inside her mouth, her touge moved
back and forth across that most sensitive underside. Another interesting note is her teeth were slightly grazing my penis as she
worked the tip. That was a new thing and I liked it. I could have done this forever, but then she asked if I like to fuck her. Great
idea, but I asked her to fuck me. After applying the cover, she mounted me and slowly descended onto my waiting member.
OMG. The silky smooth tightness was amazing. She played with me, going up and down and I was drowning in sheer delight.
Next it was my turn. We started doggy, moved on to missionary and then a little side saddle (not sure what to call that
position). I literally could have done this for all 3 hours. It was amazing.
Unfortunately, time was running short. Amazing how 3 hrs goes by in a blink of an eye. I asked her to make me cum orally. She
went to work. I had an idea and she was very indulging. I asked if she would lay on her back and play with herself while I
masturbated on her stomach. That was so hot. After that, we had time to cuddle for a while. Wood was still hard. We had an
amazing connection and I was so not wanting it to end. All good things do come to an end and after a shower, we chatted a few
minutes, hugged and I left. You guessed it. The wood was still