Grayson Starr: Nuru Afternoon Delight

hen came my boldest move. I scheduled a session with Grayson Starr. I said Amber was a bit intimidating to me, but Grayson seemed a lioness. From the beginning, I was intrigued by her, but again I thought I would not be able to connect with her or more embarrassing to me if I could not give her some pleasure. Again, I was impressed with how engaging the women are at classy massages. After some conversation, we decided that she would be the boss and tell me what to do. I was so on board for that. I did not have to fear my lack of experience would create some disappointment for either of us. I would do whatever she asked me. It started with her removing my clothes. She then explored my body and when I tried to touch her, she reminded me I was not told to do so. How my anticipation heightened. Grayson is an exotic beauty and her command of this performance was so wonderful. For the next 3 hrs, she led me through many intimacies that I will never forget.

I was in Miami for business. I had some time towards the end of my trip before my flight to catch a session with Grayson.

We arranged for the session to take place in the early evening at her private Miami incall location, as the spa was further north and the Miami location was much closer. Set up was easy after painless screening. I parked at the condo tower and proceeded to the front desk where I signed in. The guard already had me on the guest list so I proceeded upstairs.

Knocked on the door and behind the door was Grayson; a beautiful, tan, athletic, sexy woman dressed in lingerie. I’m always a little anxious when I first meet providers so it took me a moment to get my bearings and relax. She brought me into the bedroom where we would be spending the next two hours. It was candle lit, big king sized bed and light relaxing music playing. I had been working all day so I took her up on her offer to shower. I quickly showered, dried off and got comfortable on the bed.

Grayson’s specialty is full service, body to body, authentic nuru massage. I had never had it before and definitely wanted to give it a try. She slipped all of her clothes off and lightly spread warm nuru gel on my back and all over her body. She rubbed her body up and down mine. I was surprised that not only was this extremely sexy and erotic but it was also therapeutic. I felt my back loosening up as she slid her beautiful body against mine. She slowly built up sexual energy; subtly teasing me by touching the boys, moaning, and breathing in my ear. All of her movements were controlled. It really was like an art.

Things escalated quickly when she turned me over. She has amazing boobs and used them to give me the best titty fucking I’ve ever had. She slowly brought me to the edge and when she noticed i was about to bust she backed off. She slid to my level and spent some time DFK before she went back to rubbing my body and started an deep throat BBBJ. Once again, sensually bringing me close to climax but not finishing.

She asked if I had ever had a prostate massage to which I replied, “no.” She encouraged me to try it saying that i would really enjoy it. Throughout the session she built so much trust so I decided to say. “yes.” She grabbed the toy, lubed it up and teased my butt with her tongue. She slowly escalated to a full on rim job. She made me so relaxed I barely felt it was she began to penetrate me with the toy. It felt different; she didnt bring me closer to climax but it was definitely a turn on. 

At that point both of us were ready so she grabbed a hat slipped it on and slid me inside of her. Her pussy is so nice. She was soakin wet and the noises she made were hot. After an hour long build up, and edging it didnt take long to finish the first round. I just rolled off of her in satisfaction. She cleaned me up and sensually cuddled me. After a couple minutes she asked me to rub her pussy. To my surprise, after about 5 minutes of body to body petting and rubbing, my #1 homie was ready to rock again. She rode me this time, mish, and k9 for the second and final release.

We showered off and spent the rest of the time chatting and relaxing. I will be seeing her again. This was unfuckingreal.

I highly recommend seeing her. What a great experience. Hopefully I will make it to the spa next time.