Our Artists’ Requirements

Our Artists’ Requirements:
    Like fine wine, Classymassages only gets better with time!  

The secret to our success is our subtle infusion of spirituality in all of our affairs. 

Classymassages’ criteria not only requires emphasis on class, perfect ten appearance, but requires experience or certifications in modalities like Tantra and training, massage, meditation, yoga, and prefer the ladies be highly sensually intuitive with training in healing energy modalities either Reiki, Chi Gong, or Healing Touch Therapy. We are seeking not only physical attributes, but energetic skills as well, as want you to have a spiritual/emotional/sensual connection. 

  All  of our artists are hand picked and personally recruited. 

Classymassages is a company that has evolved through the years.

When we bring a new lady aboard, they must have certain requirements in order to fulfill our upscale discriminating gent’s needs. We only hire an average of one to two new ladies a year, as our artists stay with us for years. If you have been watching this site, you will see that there is very little revolving door action.

This is indeed a dream job for this unique upscale genre.

 We want to deliver to you “the real deal.” By that, we mean that we want you to have your needs not only met, but exceeded. That is why we make sure everyone would agree that our artists are perfect ten in looks,  and that they are warm, authentic, and down-to-earth. We want you totally happy, as the majority of our clientele is repeat clientele. 

Intelligence and education are also very important at this level. Our clients are usually intelligent and well educated, so that they desire that in a companion. We make sure our artists have certain certifications and skills as well that qualify them in this way. 

Most of our current artists now are perfect ten model types with amazing skills who are High End GFE /PSE companions. They are for both new and established clientele. Most importantly, these women are all loving, gentle, warm, and genuine. There is nothing jaded or mechanical in their demeanor. 

    NO PHOTOSHOP OR ALTERATIONS are NOT ALLOWED as artists MUCH MATCH PICS EXACTLY! The only exception is a light blurring in order to not be recognized. 

We prefer to have very low volume clients who are very discreet highly upscale gents or couples. We do not hire ladies looking to work more than a few times a week, as we prefer ladies to espouse a demeanor that is mature, calm and happy.