The Amazing Grayson

I found googling looking for an upscale gfe experience combined with Nuru.  I was duly impressed. I mean seriously, the site was outstanding. Never saw anything quite like it before or since. 

I texted the assistant Rachel Cohen as was instructed for immediate consideration for booking an appointment.  I was pretty much sold on the whole Nuru Experience by the Classymassages’ website, as I had never seen a more impressive, or more artistic presentation in this industry in all my many years of philandering. I figured any of the girls listed would have to be absolutely amazing to work for a network that presented as high class as, so I really was pretty much open to seeing any of the girls that were listed on the site. I like to spend my time with a woman who is both upscale and sensationally gorgeous. I like when I select to spend time with a woman that she will have a certain class and a sophisticated style that would makes it impossible for anyone yo tell that they she is a “ladies of the night” if you will. This lady however, absolutely must have an understated touch of extra naughty that comes out to play when the time is right. I really love a woman who is a  “lady in the street” yet totally a “freak in the sheets” behind closed doors. 

When I spoke to Rachel on the phone, she just had the cutest young voice I ever heard with lots of giggling. I asked Rachel to recommend the wildest yet also classiest gal she had available on the date and time I wanted. She recommended Grayson Starr as the model who happened to be available at the time I needed. She said Grayson is very fun, upscale, and extremely uninhibited, and should fit my needs perfectly in every way. She said Grayson was very well groomed with exquisite manners and a certain grace, but she was also definitely was very wild and extremely open-minded and uninhibited. 

Setting the appointment was painless. I answered a few questions asked by Rachel, so she was able to ascertain a level of comfort with me through our conversation  since this was my first time trying a session at Classymassages. I then texted Grayson directly and received an immediate response. I chose the recommended 3 hour session as I did not want to rush my first experience with her. I could tell it was going to be good just by how fantastic this presentation was. Speaking to Rachel Cohen on the phone really sealed the deal, I mean this girl just truly put me at ease. Her kindness and sincerity was really refreshing and she had a calming affect on me, explaining everything in a very matter-of-fact non graphic way. If I was going to do this, I wanted to pamper myself with the “best Nuru possible,” and I could tell this was definitely the best of it’s kind available. 

I booked an appointment to see Grayson in the private high class Fort Lauderdale incall location for the very next day.

The spa location was really easy to find. It was in a very nice neighborhood and in a completely quiet looking location.  I felt immediately “safe,” as it is located in a residential area, and it is indeed very private.  

The spa was just amazing on the inside. Pics did not do it justice at all. Much better, I mean it was really something. 

Grayson opened the door, and aside from not only being really beautiful,  she was also very nice. She made me feel at ease instantly. She was so real, so sweet, and truly THAT is what made her truly amazing to me in a nutshell. 

Her attitude was simply the bomb. She is one of the most enthusiastic person I have ever encountered. She also has the best skill set imaginable for Nuru and Gfe/Pse escort and also that Tantra Far East stuff as well. 

Rachel was correct. Yep, not only was she truly a lady, but Grayson was also  just about as wild as it gets. I was very, very, very happy indeed.

I am a “multi cups of coffee” type guy if you know what I mean. I usually  “have a cup of coffee” about one every hour. She somehow pulled from me in our three hour session together more coffee cups than I have ever had before. I mean, I actually lost count after my 8th or 9th cup.  

I would also deem Grayson as an expert of the prostate, and she has the most exceptional oral skills which she uses in all the right places. I quite enjoyed the oral exploration she gave me in an area that have never before received an exploration. 

Classymassages is definitely the best adult network I have experienced.  Grayson Starr is the bomb. She does not play, she is indeed a wild child. 

I will be back.