All Natural Nuru Fun

 I am beyond happy and will be repeating as soon as I recover. That may take awhile as I am not young anymore. These gifted young ladies have ruined me forever because anything after this will pale in comparison and nothing can possibly be as good as my Nuru experience with them was.   It is a really intense experience, in a good way. It is not an experience for the weak for sure or for someone wanting something average. There is nothing average about these girls in any way, they are truly superior in every way imaginable. 
I am a huge fan of all natural breasts on a woman who have curves in the correct places (chest and butt) and none in the wrong. Also, breast implants turn me off.  Usually when breasts are natural C’s or more the woman also is very large all over, not just a wee bit thick in the right places. These two girls were definitely not what I would call thick or overweight in any way.  I am usually out of luck finding a girl who is exactly the type that I prefer physically because with the curves I like always seems to be extra weight there as well that turns me off. What ends up happening is I am only partially happy most of the time because I usually get stuck seeing girls who have a much smaller chest than I prefer but at least they are all natural breasts. Sometimes I will see a girl with implants because I do really like big breasts, but again that leaves me only partially happy. Artificial breasts just don’t do it for me, especially the old-fashioned saline ones most girls have. The new silicone ones are a bit better, but they are still not the real deal that I like. When I noticed Classymassages had a couple all natural choices, I was immediately interested. One lady the fit petite asian gal had all natural DD’s and  there was another one  a tall slim supermodel type with all natural enticing looking c cups that caught my immediate attention. They are the exact physical type I am attracted to because they are both perfect ten model types with chests and  bums that looked quite amazing,  I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I could tell this was going to be fun.  I decided to splurge on a double with them since you only live once, right? Tee hee hee….

If you are a fan of large, youthful natural breasts on a frame that built for sin in all the right places and none in the wrong, and prefer gorgeous young women with outgoing personalities, you cannot go wrong with Amy Potter and Kye Roberts. 

Classymassage’s private spa is set up perfectly to enhance this with her music, candles, and mirrors. The place is beyond spectacular, the pics on the website are accurate but do not accurately capture how spacious it really is.  

The experience was beyond incredible, however, even better than I could have possibly imagined. theses all natural gals have amazing talents, and they are really good at everything they did. The Nuru massage was outstanding. Their two different techniques together when combined was just simply incredible. 
They looked really good together. Amy is very slender and tall and in your face sexy with an amazingly feminine lean, athletic toned body and extremely long legs, while Kye is a tinier version also amazingly feminine and with long legs on a petite five foot tall frame and in your face sexy as well.
Both these lovely gals offer “full gfe services” along with their Nuru  which I was pleasantly surprised by, for some reason I did not think it was included in the Nuru Massage Session. What a great treat!  “Full gfe” was definitely included with both, and they were actually the best “full gfe” experience I ever had. Both girls are top notch kissers and excel at oral as well as the “full gfe” experience. I was kissing both at the same time for awhile actually, something I never did before, and it was hot, I mean really, really hot! The only thing better than that was when they were taking turns sucking my cock, and then both decided to lick it up and down at same  time. With Kye on my left and Amber on my right, they mirrored one another licking my cock up and down in perfect harmony. It was just so hot it was ridiculous. 
Amy was this expert that was so good at everything it was a great big blur of ecstasy. What a sexy face and spectacular body! Legs up to her armpits. Curves in all the right places.  Pics do not even come close to capturing how hot she is with her intense sexual energy. Amy is wild and uninhibited and very, very addictive. I found her to be extremely fun, sweet, warm and very affectionate. Also she is very bright and has a good sense of humor.  Her talents were about the best ever experienced.
Kye is feisty and fun. Kye is, much, much better in person than her pics. Her face looks so much better when you meet her. Pics were no way near as hot as she is in person. She is insanely gorgeous but also super innocent looking. The tiny young looking ragingly beautiful exotic asian beauty really knows her shit too. She seemed to be extremely experienced and quite a Nuru expert as well. Such a pretty little lady and so sweet, with a huge rack and with large hungry looking nipples on a tiny fit frame. Fantastic juicy grabable backside. Really sexy and got real into the session, which was a huge turn on for me. She is a really open, funny, warm,  genuine person, super sharp, and has a great personality.
Kye also has a fantastic and highly unusual talent.  She is a squirter and just gushes and gushes when she comes. Hearing her moan as she orgasmed from Amber tasting her, and watching her face when she gushed out her pleasure was so hot I could not believe my eyes.
Kye and Amy were really into one another no faking there. It was really nice, nothing turns me off more than fakers. There was no acting there, they were really into both me and each other. 
The 2 hour session flew by in what seemed like minutes – 2 hours of pure pleasure in the hands of the 2 sexiest women you can imagine. Amy and Kye  have great chemistry together and are two of the hottest women I think I have ever met. Definitely two of the best looking girls I have seen naked personally by far.  Their Nuru Massage skills and GFE skills are simply outstanding.  Their Tantra skills are just wonderful as well. They kept me on the edge through the whole session. Like I said, the whole experience was just super incredible.
Worth their weight in gold and then some.