2 Supermodels Nuru’d my Wife

It was our 20th wedding anniversary. My wife Amanda is a very hot blonde milf type in her 40’s, super tiny with great big all naturals and thick toned legs.  She has a corporate job but she is super hot and could have easily made a killing in the adult industry. My wife had never been with a woman but has been talking for years about trying it someday. For our 20th anniversary my wife booked us an appointment with Amy and  Grayson. She said she was finally ready to venture to “the other side,” Her 20th birthday present to me was to watch her get her woman virginity deflowered by these two hot supermodel types.

Our appointment was set at the Classymassage’s “Spa” location in Ft. Lauderdale, an intimate private setting I found to be extraordinarily discreet.  I was greeted at the door by two statuesque gorgeous slim women wearing lingerie, introducing themselves as Amy and Grayson. .  My wife is not even five feet tall, 4 foot 11 inches on a good day, and when she greeted them she came up to about their waist lines. I was really turned on by the fact that these woman towered over my wife.  My wife has a very strong personality, and to see someone who is so “strong” and “big” in my mind, to see her look so “tiny” next to these taller two woman was just a huge turn on to me. Amy and Grayson were absolutely stunning in person. I had heard stories about models not matching their pictures, but in this case they did 100 percent and truthfully actually better. Both of them have two of the most gorgeous faces I have ever seen and both had bodies to die for. I am an agnostic and do not believe in a Heaven, but if I were to believe in a Heaven watching my wife get deflowered by these two supermodel types is what I would imagine Heaven to be.

The two ladies took us on a tour of the spa, then they led us to the bathroom and changing area where Amanda and I freshened up placing on the robe and slippers.  My wife seemed very comfortable with these two women, they were all chatting during the brief tour as if they had known one another for years. I felt immediately comfortable as well. I was additionally pleased  to see that the spa matched the pictures on the website and was spotless.

We all four sat down to chat for a few minutes before beginning the actual massage.  Classymassges has a fully stocked wine bar there, and even champagne. Grayson poured us all a glass of “bubbly,” and after a few sips and a bit of conversation, my wife stated that she was “ready” to get “Nurued.”

The two artists led us to a their very large “Nuru” bed. Grayson had me sit down on a chair placed in front of the bed and I was instructed to simply “watch.” Amy had Amanda lay flat down in the center of the bed, and Grayson soon joined her. I watched as they slowly began to “Nuru” my wife. My view was awesome because I was actually able to view everything as it happened, without anything blocking my vision, because what I could not see in with my eyes I could see in the mirror. I am very visual so this was an immense turn on for me. 

Amy and Grayson began to by pouring Nuru onto themselves, than they began to rub their nubile glistening bodies against Amanda’s back as she lay on her stomach. It was so hot watching them it was ridiculous. I watched as both their long slim toned bodies rubbed against my wife’s thicker shorter equally toned one. Not sure how so much time flew by as I was completely unaware of anything but watching my wife get “Nurued,” my wife had flipped over.  Grayson was laying on Amanda’s right side, and Amber was on her left side. Amanda looked in a daze of ecstasy kissing Amy while Grayson was rubbing her beautiful breasts against Amanda’s breasts.  Grayson than began to kiss Amanda while Amy rubbed her breasts up and down against Amanda’s. Soon all three beautiful women were kissing. After that, watching them became almost visually surreal. These women knew exactly what to do to my wife. This may have been my wife’s first experience, but Amanda did not appear to have any inhibitions whatsoever, as these two women seemed to make her completely feel at ease and able to express her sexuality.  I think that Amy and Grayson really had a talent of making her feel really comfortable, and physically they seemed to really turn her on. She always said she would try being with a woman only if the woman was really hot, and trust me these women were really hot.  

As I watched,  I could not believe my eyes as to what was actually happening. The long legged Grayson was kneeling between Amy’s legs giving her pleasure while the equally tall Amy was sitting on Amanda’s face. Both Amy and Amber were moaning with pleasure, so I felt obligated to help out Grayson by eating her out, since no one else was doing her at the moment and her beautiful shaved pussy was just sitting there not attended to, shining with her juices and looking very edible indeed.  My wife and I  had discussed boundaries prior to the session and I had asked Amy if I could join her in the Nuru session as well. She had given me permission that I could participate if I felt comfortable enough to, but no pressure. The moment of truth has come and I am really embarrassed to say but  I had not been with another woman than my wife in over 20 years or even had a desire for another woman. I know I am a rare breed, but my wife really just did it for me, and I really just did not have a desire to be with anyone else. Also, my wife is small but her dad was Latin, and she claims to have inherited his temper. Truthfully, I was scared to even fantasize about the possibility of having sex with another woman, as we had the kind of marriage that we did not keep things from one another. Between being scared of my wife’s temper, and the fact that I had only desired to have sex with one woman, my wife, in over 20 years, I really thought I might feel uncomfortable touching another woman than my wife. Truthfully, I thought I was only going to watch, that was the plan. But my plan was ruined, as I was really turned on, my cock was throbbing and seemed harder than it had ever been before. I was worried about performance anxiety too that I would be too nervous to perform, but that was not the case at all. Grayson had her beautiful heart-shaped butt up in the air while she went down on my wife, and it was only inches away from where I was sitting.  I was overwhelmed with the need to be inside of and wanted to enter her from the back. My wife always preferred to lay on her back, where I really preferred doggy style.  After Amy orgasmed from Grayson’s diligent tongue, and Amy completed her orgasm from Amanda’s diligent tongue, Amanda came over to where I was sitting and handed me a condom with a sexy smile on her face and her eyes sparkling with excitement. I took that as a sign Amanda was OK with me to be with both these woman too.

I came over to the bed. I was a bit clumsy and unfamiliar with condoms, but Grayson was not and helped me place it correctly using her mouth.  I was nervous and shaking with anticipation, as I have not felt a different pussy around my cock in over 20 years. Amy assisted in the positioning, putting Grayson a on all fours and instructing me to enter her from behind. I entered Grayson, sucking my cock at the top, Amy was licking the bottom, and my wife was tonguing my taint. I thought to myself life just does not get any better than this. With gusto I orgasmed a huge load, and all 3 mouths dove for it at the same time and I watched as all three beautiful woman lapped up every last drop. 

I had opted for the 3 hour Double Couple Session, and the three hours selection turned out to be perfect.  After our sexual escapade was completed, we still had a few minutes leftover which I was grateful for.  I laid on the massage table while Amy gave me a therapeutic and relaxing massage using hot stones. Amanda lay on the bed while Grayson tenderly gave her a foot massage, my wife’s favorite indulgence.

The experience was amazing and it has really added spice back into our 20 years of marriage. I simply have the best wife in the world and am very appreciative of the gift she gave me.  She may not be as tall or thin like these supermodel type women, but to me she is just as hot.  Because she did this for me it made me fall in love with her all over again even more deeply.Our relationship and sex life have been fixed ever since.

 The only bad thing I can say about this experience is that there is no way another experience will ever be able to top this or come even close. 

Grayson and Amy are absolutely gorgeous and talented and I highly recommend you try them to help your marriage like it helped mine. 


Grayson Starr is no longer available and Amy does not work with women any longer, however most of the women on our site are great with other women so you can still have your fantasy. Please message me for a recommendation if you like!
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