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Status: Currently Available Independent Provider/Artist here at Classymassages 


Rachel Cohen’s Recommendation

“Jessee is one of our top artists reported for quality skills and personality!

Almost every client she meets conveys she is much, much hotter and sexier in person. She is captivatingly beautiful in person, somehow more than her pictures, and appears youthful looking in person as she has a radiance and a glow about her the pics do not quite capture. She has model-perfect facial features, a stunning figure, and her appearance in person will take your breath away.

She is sweet, with a sexy, soft voice, and a warm, bright demeanor. Feeling sad, distressed, irritated, or at least cranky around her is impossible.  No matter how challenging your day has been thus far, after meeting Jessee it will become one of the best days you will ever remember having. Her nature is peaceful, soothing, and compassionate, and her personality is full of vitality, uplifting, and genuine warmth and her gentle demeanor will brighten your spirits like the sun in the sky. Her innate nature has an effect on everyone she meets that is surreal. She has a notably calming effect on everyone she meets; her ability to encompass true empathy is almost supernaturally healing. She is said to have an irresistible flirtatious, playful, and open-minded nature. Her perfectly toned, slender, feminine body has no insincere bone. Your experience with her is guaranteed to be a genuine connection with genuine chemistry. She has an inborn intuitive ability to connect, making you feel comfortable, and is extremely sensual and passionate without being overtly provocative. 

Jessee Kramer previously worked for Classymassageses when it first started but left about 6 or 7 years ago. We have been genuinely blessed she has decided to return! She is back again; clientele state she is now better than ever! She was our top-rated, most highly-requested artist for several years. If you are a long-time client, you will best remember her by her previous name Jessee Cohen. We changed it to Jessee Kramer to avoid confusion with assistant Rachel Cohen with the same last name. Jessee looks exactly the same, as her physical appearance presents as ageless and timeless. Perhaps even a touch hotter now. As we say at Classymassages, our artists are like fine wine; they only get better with time!  She takes extremely good care of her body, mind, and spirit, and is a very good-natured person who contributes a lot of positivity to the world. Her skin is still the softest I personally ever felt, smooth, her complexion is flawless, and her physique is maintained with Yoga, weights, cardiovascular, and a clean, healthful diet. In my opinion, no artificial enhancements can rival the beauty of natural beauty, a genetically blessed beauty, who takes immaculate care of herself at every level possible.

Time is said to stand still when experiencing a session with this princess. There is something very regal, youthful, authentic, intriguing about her, and captivating in a way that I would describe her more of a passionate princess versus any other description. 

Please treat her with the reverence and respect she deserves, and you will be pampered like a prince leaving your mind, body, and spirit truly fulfilled. Every artist at Classymassages I different; Jessee is a true lady. Start slowly, follow her lead, allow her to entrance and intoxicate you with her sweetness and beauty, ask before touching, and I promise you you will soon be messaging me your eternal gratitude!

Her Nuru Massage skills are outstanding! She has not only previous experience but also enjoys giving the Nuru Massage experience!

Her sessions start out slow; she is highly skilled, with a 100 percent focus on delivering an unforgettable experience.

She is excellent at hot stone and table massage therapy, with skills that rival any professional masseuse. She is naturally beautiful, no tattoos or body piercings. She has never experienced cosmetic surgery and certainly does not need it. She has a large b/small C cup, firm, very perky breasts of perfection, with delicious jutting nipples. She is well-educated and intelligent, and extremely warm, down-to-earth. She is an excellent choice if you want a guarantee of a gorgeous appearance, outstanding service, and someone who can provide you with an emotional connection that provides a true girlfriend experience. She offers a compassionate, connective, experience that is a full sensual escapade without anything lacking. I would not describe the experience as that of being with an adult movie star, but rather dating the smoking hot girl-next-door you always lusted after. She is the head cheerleader with a ready smile that lit up every room she entered.  She is classy, sassy, and sensual, but in a natural way, neither contrived looking nor acting. If you are looking for a mechanical gal, just a beautiful face and body, where personality is not important, I do not recommend Jessee. Jessee is one of the top women who have ever worked with us. She has never had one complaint, except that she is exceptionally more beautiful than her pics. If you are looking for someone to win your heart, seduce you with true passion, and make you want to return and see her again and again even if you normally like variety, Jessee is for you. She truly provides a flawless, Disneyland-style, fantasy come true Girlfriend Experience Nuru Escapade.

Jessee will provide the type of enticing tryst you will enjoy savoring indeed. After your appointment with her, you will realize you have hit the Classymassages lottery indeed! I speak the truth when I say you are in for quite a treat.

She is best booked for the recommended 3-hour session. Her specialty is taking time, never, ever rushing. This gives her time to create that genuine connection you are seeking. She is quite the master of tease and build-up. Your Nuru Massage and full sensual experience will include a little show before the event begins as she is very comfortable in her body and is an expert in tantalizing you visually. I am telling you, you will be the furthest thing from disappointment.


Jessee is regularly available Monday through Friday daytime 10 AM to 3 PM. Later evenings and weekends are also available on exception, but usually needing more of an advanced notice and her availability is not guaranteed.

Jessee sets the intention to focus on delivering a quality experience so superior that she establishes repeat clientele that she can regularly see per her availability. She is also ideal as a perfect companion for dinner or other extended engagements, such as overnights, with advanced planning. She has sparkling green eyes, fair skin, long, silky, light brown hair, and a lovely bright, wide smile with perfect white teeth. Her skin is smooth and flawless. Her body is well-toned. She is lean with shapely long athletic legs though a petite girl, standing only 5 foot 4. She has a beautiful all-natural shapely backside that will take your breath away. It is perfectly rounded, sexy, not sloppy, not overstated, fitting her delicate small-boned frame beautifully, like cream cheese frosting on a carrot cake.  It gives her a very enticing feminine appeal, a very delicate, athletic version of a perfect figure 8.  I would describe her as slim, small-boned, with a shapely derriere, feminine hips, and athletic legs. When we are out in public together, wherever we go men and some women too simply cannot stop staring at her, as her silhouette and features are breathtaking. Time spent with her will make you feel seen, heard, and respected as a person. You will be able to tell she truly cares. It is her personality, as she is very sincere. She loves to listen to your needs and most intimate desires and is quite eager to respond. Jessee has an innate ability to manifest an authentic escapade, creating a mind/body/spirit and a tender, highly sensual, genuinely erotic physical connection. Jessee loves being treated with reverence. Every artist is different, so if you have seen another artist here and had one type of experience, do not automatically assume Jessee is the same way. The best way is to express to one another your desires before the session, and move slowly. She is wonderful at a man’s personal massage, very accommodating and highly talented. If my description of her appeals to you, I promise you she will surpass your expectations. I should warm you, she may soon become an addiction. She is All-American, of Askenazi Jewish descent, with a Caucasian appearance. She still holds the current highest repeat ratio, meaning almost everyone who sees her repeats with her when they can if they are in the area, if not when they are in the area. When the moon and stars align, and she is available at the date and time you are seeking, you will be very grateful you selected her. I have never heard one single negative thing about her. I have only heard how incredible of a person, session, and how drop-dead gorgeous,  passionate, and how genuine, kind, and naturally gifted she is at everything.  She is extremely bright, as deliciously warm, genuine, and down-to-earth as possible. She is passionate as well as compassionate. If you are looking for a straight-up escort mechanical-type experience, she is not for you. If you want to be absolutely blown away, she epitomizes everything Classymassages stands for in appearance (one of the top artists for appearance), class, skills, genuine connection, and genuine chemistry.


Rachel Cohen


About Me

“I am not a robotic, mechanical person in any way, shape, or form. I am extremely playful and fun, and you will find me a very passionate person who is as real as it gets. I am not an actress. I have an innate ability to manifest genuine chemistry together.  I have a soft-spoken voice, and you will find my energy calm and centered.  I DO have a bit of a wild side, but my wild side is genuine. I am a lady. Please select another girl if you seek a more overtly sexual less high-class gfe companionship. Your session will not lack anything,  but I do not operate like a stereotypical escort. I am an artist.  I take pride in my sessions and have been told I excel in skills, appearance, and presentation. I am considered to be a true artisan of my craft. I am a very natural looking, girl-next-door fresh, wholesome, and innocent, but in a smoking hot girl of your wildest dreams kind of way. I am well-read, and well-educated, you will find me a diverse conversatonsationalist. My massage skills are excellent, I am always by clientele asked if I have training as a professional massuese.  I am very small-boned, and lean, with toned sexy curves as I work out regularly. I am told my breasts defy gravity and yes they are all-natural, and my backside is feminine, but it is all me! I have toned arms, a long fit model-styled mid-section, a tiny waist, and long athletic legs although I am a petite girl standing 5 foot 4 inches. I like to laugh and am told I have a good sense of humor. I promise you will feel instantly comfortable with me, and we will explore a most exceptional romantic journey together! Cannot wait to meet you! XOXO”

Jessee Kramer



 South Florida Incall Locations:

Upscale Private 5 Star Studio Spa Incall Location in Fort Lauderdale.


Outcall Locations:

Available for Outcall to the South Florida Areas. 



Travel throughout the State, USA, and Worldwide is available with advanced planning.



Jessee Kramer’s Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is a specific massage that originated in Japan. It is a highly erotic massage using a water-based, seaweed-based, odorless sexual lubricant massage oil called Nuru. You will find that even though it feels like oil initially, it is not. Unlike oil, it is not sticky, dries quickly, and does not stain. It is an extremely high-quality, high-caliber oil. 

Using this delicious sensual oil, Jessee will rub every part of her body against every part of your body, slowly, and seductively. Somehow, this Nuru magically conducts the sexual energy from her body to your body!

 Jessee uses skills, instinct, and the chemistry you create together to deliver the performance of a lifetime. Her authentic Nuru massage delivery is said to be magical!



Jessee Kramer’s “Massage” Experience

Jessee’s massage skills are outstanding, as this woman has a strong touch when you want strong, soft when you want soft, and a sensual touch when you want a sensual touch. She has incredible intuition and knows how to get to your knots and rub out any pain you may suffer. Jessee specializes in deep tissue massage and sports massage.  Her massages are reputed as superior. Our Incall location here in South Florida offers a massage table. Hot stone therapy is also an option. 


Jessee Kramer’s “Gfe” Experience

Jessee includes in her sessions a very refined, authentic version of “GFE”…

“Gfe” is an acronym for girlfriend experience. “Gfe” is an expression that is the girlfriend you have always wanted,  but with no emotional strings attached.  Her version of “GFE” is a pure, authentic version of “GFE.” Her particular version “GFE” experience actualizes in a way that the time spent and the things that happen between you will feel very natural. You will experience a closeness similar to the one you would have if she were your actual girlfriend. This closeness is, however, one without any complications a real relationship often brings. There is nothing about her services or demeanor that would make you feel that she was NOT your girlfriend, that she was acting in a paid service—the reason why is because she is soft, warm, and genuine. You will manifest actual chemistry together. There will be nothing artificial or forced feeling; it will flow naturally and comfortably.


Jessee Kramer’s “Full Sensual Escapade” Experience

A Fully Sensual experience Classymassages is a gorgeously erotic escapade that Jessee has made into a work of art.  It describes an experience that is energetic, uninhibited, open-minded, and fun.  Her offering is a warm, classy, emotionally connective experience where natural passions are expressed comfortably as if you already knew one another in another lifetime! Jessee is very patient, kind, loving, and gentle. She will create a space where together you can manifest genuine chemistry and connection, exploring delicious sensual realms with one another. The experience will be the furthest thing from mechanical or fake imaginable. This is not a hard-core adult movie-themed experience. This will be an authentic mind/body/soul/spirit connection. 


Jessee Kramer’s Companionship/Dinner Experience

A Companionship/Dinner experience is a session greater than 4 Hours. Your venture may actualize as an outing where you enjoy drinks or dinner. Or perhaps you will attend a day or an evening event together. These experiences include a  Gfe/Full Sensual Escapade/Nuru session, but you will also have additional time to manifest a genuine connection. The experience is the furthest thing from a paid service imaginable!  You will feel like you are on a real deal date with one of the hottest, sweetest, funniest women you ever met. Jessee is equally a fascinating conversationalist and a focused listener,  gorgeous to look at, and knows how to dress and carry herself with class, elegance, and style,  and I HIGHLY recommend her for this type of outing. 

Overnights and full/multiple-day dates are also available.  You will be in for the treat of a lifetime.

Please visit this page on our site for more details on what this entails:

Luxury Sessions


Jessee Kramer’s Private Upscale Spa Location (Incall):

Jessee’s “five-star” studio spa is entirely private. The location is in an upscale residential area. It is very discreet and 100 percent safe. The inside is luxurious, spacious, and immaculate, with a fully stocked wine bar, changing room, and a shower area with lots of hot water. Jessee supplies every amenity you can imagine. The walls have mirrors to enhance your session. Many clientele state one of the best parts of the spa experience is the mirrors. Before your Nuru begins you will be able to treat yourself to the visual delight of watching Jessee perform a little teasing while she undresses in the mirror before your Nuru starts. Then, watching yourself get Nuru’d in the mirrors is likely one of the hottest things you have ever experienced. When you walk in the door of the spa, candles are everywhere! You will meet the aroma of cleanliness (we are flawlessly immaculate) and an enticing understated aroma of seductive incense. Beautiful candles are lit adding to the engaging ambiance of the spa,  lovely tranquil-sounding water fountains to listen to in the background, and her unique brand of blissfully sensual music along with a touch of erotically esoteric music will be playing. The Private Spa South Florida location is an incredible, decadent experience you do not want to miss! It is located in a very nice upscale residential neighborhood. Do not be fooled; the outside is understated and discreet, but the inside is a palace for hedonistic delights.


Visiting Your Upscale Location (Outcall):

Jessee also enjoys visiting you at your upscale area location if that is your preference. She will bring everything you could possibly desire or need for your session (Nuru massage gel, music, etc.), so you do not need to supply anything. She even brings candles and incense, to enhance the ambiance. We here at Classymassages ask that, if possible, you cover your bed with a comforter (for extra comfort) or even perhaps just a blanket or sheet to keep the wetness of the Nuru Gel from leaking onto your comforter or sheets. However, our Nuru is water-based, does not stain, and dries quickly, so we do not need to use a profuse amount to get the desired effect.  Nothing will be left messy; just remove the comforter afterward, and it will be like your artist was never there. You can continue on your day if it is daytime or night if it is nighttime, as there will be nothing messy left behind in any way. No stains, no mess. 



  Jessee’s passion is expressed by providing an erotic escapade that is a romantic journey. There is nothing rushed about the services she offers.  It will be an experience that is 100 percent heartfelt, 1oo percent authentic, and 100 percent healing to your mind, body, soul, and spirit.  However, your time together must be thoroughly savored and enjoyed to achieve this. It must not be rushed in any way, shape, or form.

  For this unique genre of Upscale Nuru Girlfriend Experience Sensual Escapade, the longer the session, the better the experience.

3 hr. or 4 hr. Sessions are considered standard or basic sessions.

3 Hours are the basic recommended session length for someone seeking an unrushed experience. This session length gives you the perfect time to receive the full experience and truly savor your time together. It will provide you with a chance for you both to connect and manifest chemistry with one another!

4 Hours is the basic session recommended for those who receive professional massages regularly and genuinely love to luxuriate their senses (massage and bodywork connoisseurs). It is also available for others who want to thrive on their feelings fully. This 4 Hour session will ignite your connection to a profound level. Not all of our artists are able to offer a superior 4 hour session, but you are in excellent hands with Jessee. 

90 Minute and 2 Hour Sessions are available if you have time limitations.

Jessee encourages you if you can find the time to book a “Luxury Session.” A “Luxury Session” is a Companionship/Dinner Session that is greater than 4 hours.

Overnights and full/multiple-day dates are also available. 




Booking An Appointment:

 A 100-dollar deposit is recommended as a polite gesture for appointments booked in advance for more than a day to hold the date and time of your work with the artist you select. We may require one for new clientele booking in advance or for established clientele who have a history of cancelation previously. This is usually done via Amazon Gift Card, with no paper trail. For further information on how to obtain an Amazon Gift card, please visit the link below.


Contact Information

To make an appointment with Jessee Kramer, please message my assistant Rachel Cohen at 954 549 5010 for faster service.

My direct number is 954 825 6116

Text is the preferred method of contact.   

Email: (ter) (p411)

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