Scheduled Tours

 Scheduled Tours 

What is a “Scheduled Tour” versus a “Traveling Tour?”

A “Scheduled Tour” is when we have already scheduled a  visit to your area. This is not a “Traveling Tour,” as a “Traveling Tour” is when we actually come to visit you solely no one else.

Please visit the page on this website called Traveling Page for more information a scheduling a “Traveling Tour.”

We do not have any scheduled tours at the moment and have no plans to schedule a tour as we are busy here locally. We will always consider scheduling a tour to your area if there are multiple request to that area.

You may text our assistant Rachel Cohen 954 549 5010 if you are interested in us touring your area one day. At this point in time, however, we do not have any other tours planned now or in the future. When you text message us, please make sure to indicate in the email in the subject the city and state you are interested in having the artist visit you.

Rachel Cohen 954 549 5010