Tantric Romantic Galactic Rendezvous

This review was written before Violet stopped offering full services. She only offers Nuru and Tantra currently.  Do not expect most of these actions. 


My romantic rendezvous with Violet was an impressive one. I recommend her highly.

I found the site googling around for a VIP escort companion and Nuru Massage. You would not believe how hard this particular combo is to find. It is usually straight escorts who do little or no massage, or straight Nuru without any of the bells and whistles. I was very happy to finally find Classymassages, a perfect match that blended together what I was seeking. 

Booking the appointment was painless. After a light screening process, I was able to make an appointment for the very next day. 

I opted the 4 Hour Basic Session with high hopes. I was not let down. 

Violet is simply stunning to look at. She is fit, tall, and looks like a “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model in person. She has a body that is reminiscent of Eugenie Bouchard, a “Sports Illustrated” model who I am a big fan of.  I’m telling you, in person she is absolutely breathtaking. 

The incall location was spectacular.  By far superior to anything I have experienced. Great location and very normal looking from the outside.  The inside was fabulous. I thought I was walking into a palace when I entered the door and looked around.

Right away, Violet made me feel very comfortable. Any nervousness I had being my first time and all went away immediately. She was very affectionate and welcoming, giving me a warm hug and a kiss upon entering.

She is an all natural blonde with super long silky hair who looks like she spends quite a bit of time doing yoga. I found out out later she is a yoga instructor which explains her perfect shape and energy. Her face is gorgeous. She has beautiful bone structure, sexy hazel eyes that just draw you in, and a big beautiful perfect smile. Appears to be in her early 20’s, although I believe she is mid 20’s, which is always nice when the girl you select actually appears younger in person not older. 

She led me to the bathroom, where I took a quick hot shower. She then led me to the Nuru bed and the fun began….

The best part about the Nuru is that there are wall mirrors in front of the bed where you can actually watch yourself get the Nuru Massage in them. Oh what a joy! She knows every trick in the book. Her body fully naked wet and glistening rubbing every part of her body against every part of my body looked and felt sumptuous.  She held nothing back. She is very lithe and flexible. She used all her yoga techniques on me. The Nuru Massage experience was so hot it was not even funny.

After what seemed minutes but may have been hours of tease and build up I looked up to this vixen doing a split in front of my face and I knew the time had come for me to advance……

I tasted her and found her receptive, deliciously fragrant, and very wet. She has perfectly coiffed pubes that were not a big bush, just a perfect trimmed line on top. 

When her hand finally met my manhood, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She knew exactly how to hold him, touch him, stroke him. It was like she was reading my mind, or inside my body, because I have never felt anything exactly like this before. She has talents that are not human with those hands. I found out she is a licensed massage therapist, which helps explain her incredible technique. Still, the title “massage therapist,” did not accurately explain how she could be so talented, as I have never really experienced anything quite like it.  Expert bbbj was given, but it was given with a tantra technique so it was not a typical bbbj at all . For me, it was far better.  I felt like I was in a different galaxy at this point. In perfect sync with my needs, she applied a cover and gently climbed on top of me, expertly guiding my manhood into her. She did not just hop on like most do, she did it in a way that was very slow and sexy. Our eyes connected and we began to move together in a smooth, perfect union. She is truly a Sex Goddess. I seriously have never felt or experienced anything like this before. It was in part the tease and  build -up, part how how hot she was to look at, and part that our chemistry was off the books, but it ended as the most incredible, most super intense sexual experience I have ever had. When I finally finished, it was at the exact same moment she did. We both received what felt like minutes (not seconds) of wave of pleasure after wave of pleasure. She explained after that the longer orgasms we had were from the Tantra techniques. Fantastic does not even begin to describe it, nor phenomenal either.  I think I will describe it as Galactic, as it really felt like I was in another Galaxy. 

Her Nuru Massage and Tantra skills are extraordinary. She knows her art and has perfected it. She has a true gift for connecting.  She truly catapulted me into another dimension of sexuality. I just loved her and truly loved the experience.  You will too.