Statuesque Paragons of The Feminine Form

Returning to the romantic hideaway of Classy Massages was overdue. The girl I used to see was no longer working there, but I checked the website and I found a girl named Amber Wood with the sex appeal I like. She offered PSE  along with her GFE Nuru and between that I was
I hoped for 3 hours of pure bliss, and I was not disappointed. In fact, bliss does not even approach doing the experience justice. Normally I am a  of a dominant guy in sensual encounters, but with Nuru, it is best to surrender yourself to the journey. I elected to see two courtesans from the site, both statuesque paragons of the feminine form. One svelte (Amber Wood) and the other bosom and athletic.
I arrived right on time and was welcomed back into their discrete retreat, hidden away in a quiet, yet easy to find location. I was offered refreshment and the opportunity to shower as the ladies prepared themselves to pamper me. The session begins slowly as they ease you into the mood and delicately stimulate the skin with light caresses, a touch designed to awaken the senses and arouse the mind (and other things) for what is to come. The beauties at first alternated using their bodies to rub against me, and then began to split the task. One caressing my legs as the other worked my back, sneaking in playful kisses to my neck, my ears, and place south. Some sensual play and light touches between my thighs must have telegraphed my desire for prostate play as a finger gently probed my nether regions.

An aside on prostate massage: I like it, except most ladies want to set up shop in there. These two knew how to give just enough. Back to the event…

I do not know how long I was treated to this pampering, my mind lost itself to the experience, but suddenly the intensity reached a crescendo as I felt a probing tongue to my backside. Combined with a gentle and arousing touch to my scrotum, I quickly reached a point of maximum lust and I did something I never do: I moaned. This tongue lashing seemed to last for a blissful eternity, yet was somehow still over too soon. I wish it was happening to me right now. I did not know which lady brought me to such heights of ecstasy until I was asked to roll over when i learned that Amber was the agent of pleasure. 

I closed my eyes for a minute, catching my breath,  excited in anticipation about what was to come next. When I opened my eyes again,  Amber and the other gal were kissing one another deeply and very passionately right above me.  Their chemistry was palpable, and the sight of these two beautiful tall women together was ethereal.  Watching them in front of me and in the mirror, their kissing became more fervent. Soon they were touching and tasting one another. Amber laid on her back, and the other gal knelt between her beautiful long legs and brought Amber to an intense orgasm where she quivered for several minutes.  After she recovered, Amber returned the favor, and after a few minutes the other girl started moaning and gushed out her pleasure onto Amber’s face.  Amber came over to me right after the girl orgasmed finished, and in an extremely slow and erotic way started kissing me. I could taste the other girl’s sweetness on her lips and tongue. The other girl joined us after a minute, and soon the three of us were all kissing one another at the same time.

I was very, very turned on. This is the point where it is always a challenge for me, because my lust is so great that I want to take over, but the best is yet to come.

These vixens know how to maximize the pleasure, and prevent it from ending too swiftly. They eased me back from the edge and commenced a slow tease and to rebuild the state of unimaginable arousal. They start by resuming the Nuru experience and soothing and heightening the tatectile sensitivity of everywhere except my dick. For agonizing, enticing minutes they made me yearn for their touch, and as a result, then they did finally gently brush my manhood I twitched with pleasure. They increased the contact gradually, not so fast that I would finish right there, not so slow that I would lose the edge. Their hands, then their breasts, then their privates as the slid atop them, then their mouths… skilled, hungry mouths. They felt me coming close and backed down as it subsided, they built me back up. I had the sensation of orgasm for minutes without finishing, the pleasure overwhelming my senses.

Then, unexpectedly, a question. “Are you ready for a condom?” I think I said something witty like “uh huh” or maybe “fuck yeah”, I don’t really remember. The other girl slid a condom onto me and there seemed to be a momentary battle of wills as they determined which one got first dibs on my rock hard cock. The other girl won and rode me cowgirl as Amber kissed me. I stopped being completely controlled and commenced to play with Amber‘s pussy and she became excited and rode my hand, if not to orgasm, then close enough. The heat coming off of her loins was like a lustful furnace. The other girl sensed her desire and climbed off, swapping out the cover with a masterful deftness and Amber began her ride, working my engorged member as if it were her personal toy. After a short while I felt her juices running across my balls and between my legs and she lifted off.  I thought we done with the condom but no, she instead guided my member into her ass and rode me like a porn star.  I am not small, there is not a lot of cowgirl Greek going on in my life, but she wanted it and she took it.

I started to feel myself coming close and must have given it away, because she stopped, and they removed the condom. They then began amazing tag team head that quickly put me to the edge, but I would not cum. I had been at such a high level of arousal for so long that I just reached the point of near-orgasm and stayed there for several phenomenal minutes. As Amber continued an enthusiastic and skilled blowjob, the other girl transitioned to playing with, then sucking my nipples – even better. She then moved to deliver lustful kisses and her finger once again found my prostate. Another level of pleasure and again, I moaned. I cannot stress enough, I DO NOT MOAN. I am a silent cummer, but these two pushed me beyond. As the other girl kissed me and aroused my nether regions, Amber increased the suction on her blowjob and caressed my balls. It was, at last, more than I could withstand and I came. It felt as if I came explosively, but Amber didn’t stop. No quit, no spit, she kept going until I begged for mercy, Literally begged.

I was done. Completely, and utterly done. I could not have formed a thought at that moment. Thankfully, I had my pair of angels to care for me. A hot towel materialized and cleansed and soothed my member.  Soft touches and kind words brought me back to the world of reason and more refreshment was provided.  I was helped up and thanked (really, after that, I was thanked) and guided to the shower. I was completely and utterly satisfied, and both ladies expressed a heartfelt desire to see me again. 

They will. 

***Name removed as the other girl is no longer available and Amber no longer works with women. However, most girls on our site do and I am happy to give you a recommendation if you want a similar experience!

Rachel Cohen 

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