Sexual Poetry: A Couple’s Experience

My wife and I have always wanted to have a Tantric experience with another woman. After researching several other sites and not finding exactly the service and woman we were seeking, we had almost given up. Then a work associate referred us to Classy Massages. When we saw the site, we knew we had hit the jackpot.
We decided to go with Violet Moon, as we both found her gorgeous. Violet Moon is very easygoing and very relatable. She is a regular kind of girl, extremely sweet. We were both crazy about her. She looks like her pictures except prettier in person.
The spa itself is quite nice. The outside is understated. The inside is a Far East themed spa type of setting.
Her session far exceeded our expectations. The main thing I appreciated was that she made us both feel so very comfortable, especially my wife. Her skills were just exceptional. Violet is a mind reader. You don’t need to tell her anything, as she seems to know what to do without you telling her. She is quite knowledgeable about tantra. For the majority of the session, I requested she focus on pleasing my wife while I watched. She gave her a Nuru body to body massage. It was one of the hottest things I ever experienced watching. The contrast between my exotically beautiful darker skinned voluptuous wife against the slimmer, more fair-skinned Violet Moon was incredibly sensual. When she finished her Nuru Massage, she used her expert tantric skills that brought my wife to the edge and back again, over and over again. She finally caused my wife to have an orgasm that must have lasted an entire minute. I’ve never seen my wife convulse harder or more intensely.
The session ended with me finally joining. I laid back, and my beautiful wife climbed on top, and we connected in a way we have not connected in a long time. Per my wife’s request, Violet sat daintily upon my face. Violet was enjoying herself,  working herself up writhing against me. I tasted Violet’s deliciousness as my wife moved against me, building up slowly.  Just when I thought both Violet and my wife were going to orgasm, my wife stopped and asked to switch places with Violet. Violet happily obliged. My wife was now straddling my face as Violet slowly mounted me, taking me inside. My wife started to move against my face as Violet began to move with me deep inside her. We all three finished together in perfect synchronicity. It was beautiful. It was not a lurid sexual experience in any way. It was passionate, tantric, and very deeply healing to us both. Our experience with Violet has reignited our marriage in many ways. She is a wonderful person and an incredible sexual healer. Violet is not your typical escort. She is an artist. She is caring, compassionate, and skilled. If you are looking for a tantric connection with healing by a lovely young woman, look no further. Violet Moon is exceptional at what she does. 


Violet currently offers only Tantra and Nuru not the full service GFE/PSE as described in this review. She does still see couples, however. This was written when she first started and she has since stopped offering these services.  Please select another artist listed who sees couples if you are looking for full PSE/GFE with Tantra and Nuru. Kye or Rebecca are a great choice instead as they love couples and do full PSE/GFE with their Nuru expert Tantra.  Ava offers some Tantra techniques as does Madison Gregory  and they both love couples they could also be considerations instead of Violet if you are looking for a combo GFE/PSE/NURU/TANTRA experience.