Stunning Girl-Next-Door: Do NOT Overlook!

Stunning. Stunning. Did I mention stunning? Heather is simply stunning. Stunning looks, stunning performance, stunning personality. I’m sure the girl has some sort of a flaw somewhere, but I certainly didn’t encounter it. I consider the whole experience an unexpected piece of good luck, and I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, but I must have done something awfully good. Heather is pretty under the radar even the site, as she isn’t particularly featured and her pictures are probably the most anonymous of any of their listed’artists’. I had barely noticed her on the site and hadn’t really considered trying to see her. I had originally tried for an appointment with another girl from classymassages, but we could not coordinate times.  Their assistant said that Heather was available and did I want to see her instead. I almost said no, figuring it was fate telling me this wasn’t a good idea, but I decided to give it a try.  The assistant told me I would love her, and it was an understatement. Classymassages advertises their girls as artists, and I think they’ve got a point. I’ve had sensual massages before and some have been great, but not quite as fulfilling as full service. Full service girls will give a massage if you ask, but usually they aren’t particularly good at it. I’ve had tantra experiences, and they’ve been fun, but it’s always felt a little like a religious event, not quite personal. I’ve had PSE experiences and they’ve been fun, but I felt a little like a stunt cock– essential for the action, but easily replaceable. GFE feels personal, but can be a little dull. This was the best of all of them. It felt very personal and intimate, but Heather has skills you’d never expect your girlfriend to have.

Heather knocked on my hotel room door and I let her in, not quite knowing what to expect as her pictures on the site were pretty generic bikini shots with no face showing. As soon as she walked in, I knew she was extremely pretty, but her total beauty kind of snuck up on me over a bit of time. She was wearing a little jacket over a short blue dress that would have just looked cute on someone with a less phenomenal body. On her it looked both cute and stunningly sexy. Somehow she manages to be flawless but still ‘girl next door’. I’m not quite sure how she pulled it off, apart from wearing reasonably subtle make-up, because I will guarantee that wherever you live, the girl next door did not look like Heather Fields. She’s got firm natural breasts, I would probably peg them at a DD. She’s in wonderful shape, with a flat strong stomach and is clearly quite athletic. But perhaps her most striking bodily feature is a wonderful round ass, bigger than it first appears and simply magical. Perhaps she has some exotic heritage that helps explain that ass? She seems to be from the midwest and certainly has no accent, so no hint there.

In any event, as soon as she got in the door, she smiled, said hello and gave me a wonderful sensual kiss, as if I was her boyfriend returned from a too-long trip. We kissed for a few minutes until she asked if I wanted to start the massage. I gave an enthusiastic yes, and she undressed me and motioned me down onto the bed. She got out of her dress and began an excellent back massage that slowly added more sensual aspects as she began to use her body to massage mine. This went on for a fair bit and she asked me if I wanted to turn over. Of course I did! She took me in her hand, stroked me expertly and then began a wonderful blowjob, keeping her beautiful big hazel eyes on mine. I was a little worried about cumming to soon, but she did an excellent job of keeping me away from the very edge. I still eventually had her stop so I could do some playing with her. She really seemed to enjoy it, in a completely genuine way, and I could feel her squeezing my fingers in a way that seemed both unconscious and extremely intriguing for when my fingers were replaced by something else… She stopped me after a while so she could go back to work on me, and she is simply a true artist with her hands and mouth, keeping me close but not close. She then put some lotion between her breasts and put me between them, which felt wonderful, looked wonderful, and simply was wonderful. We then put on the condom and she started riding me. Seeing her on top of me, feeling her soft breasts and firm ass– it was an experience I won’t soon forget, particularly combined with the feeling of her pussy squeezing my cock in a magical way. After almost two hours of teasing that kept me just far enough away from cumming, this was too much and pushed me over the edge. She cleaned me off and we cuddled for a little while. The two hours were basically up, but she gave every indication of being completely content to be with me indefinitely. I did not want to try to take advantage and volunteered that it was time, and I got the extreme pleasure of watching her put back on her little blue dress, heels and jacket. We kissed goodnight and I fell asleep with a smile on my face that would have had to be surgically removed. Next time will have to book at least 3 hours, it felt like minutes flew by not hours.

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