Considering Applicants

We consider applicants in South Florida although not actively hiring as we are currently full. 

We are not actively seeking models in South Florida but if the perfect Model applies we will still consider hiring. 

There is definitely a current demand in Central Florida, and North Florida regions for Models.

We are also considering Models in other states throughout the United States wherever there may be a demand for our particular services.

We are hoping to bring a new artist aboard to join our Network that fits what we are seeking!

We do not have a lot of ladies “in and out” like most escort/massage agencies. We are technically not an escort/massage agency. We consider ourselves a network of independent artists working together collectively with a focus on heartfelt healing connections. We are a family.

Hiring a new Model happens very rarely, as we are about providing quality. We have a very selective hiring process. Although we receive multiple requests, not everyone has been a correct match with us because our standards are unique and are somewhat higher standards than the “norm.”

Our ladies receive the top roses available in this type of market. Because of our higher-end rate, we are very selective in who we bring aboard so we can continue to mandate our higher-end standards.

Our beautiful artists naturally love this type of work and see it as a beautiful artistic expression of passion. We espouse an Eastern Philosophy that sexuality is a beautiful thing, not something that one represses with guilt and shame attached.  If you are seeking work in this industry but view this type of Network as a sexual service, not as an expression of your vitality, then we are not a fit for you. We are not just Models but consider ourselves artists. This Network is an artistic celebration of life and all the incredible gifts it has in store for you. We do not want to bring anyone aboard who does not truly embrace their sexuality. Having an experience with a client is viewed by our Models as an enjoyable experience, not just work to them. If you would like to join our Network, we would like that you feel this same way. We want you to not only like but genuinely love what you are doing for a living. Clients can “feel” when someone is authentic.  We like to bring aboard Models with a genuine passion for this craft. Perhaps you are a match to what we are currently seeking, or know of someone who is.

We have a professional photographer here, or you may also provide us with your professional pics. You may blur them facially for discretionary purposes the same as our artists blur on site.

Due to our classy established clientele, the fantastic spa, and the fact that we base our Network in love and spirituality, this is a dream job for the appropriate candidate. Our main spa location is in an affluent residential area in  Ft. Lauderdale is a truly fantastic place. The clients love it, as it HIGHLY UPSCALE, luxurious, and indeed a decadent, exotic paradise!

Physically, we are seeking beautiful and sexy women. We consider Models with an appearance of 9 and up based upon a scale from 1 to 10  Slim to average size build, as well as voluptuous builds considered. We do not hire overweight models. All ages considered 18 and up, as we appreciate both youthful models as well as mature models. We ideally are seeking someone with full-time availability. However, we will still consider a request for part-time availability as we know not everyone is available on a full-time basis.  

Experience in Escorting, as well as Tantra, Massage, Energy Healing Therapies, and Yoga, is preferred. It is NOT a requirement, however. Class, warmth, and compassion are the main requirements. The required skills are something that we can teach. We cannot teach class, warmth, and compassion; you must have that in your nature already.

A requirement to join is that you come to us with a passion for this particular genre of work. We are seeking someone wanting to join us who has a natural love of the craft. We want our artists to be spiritual beings filled with light and love, artists who are not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside.

We were started by the World Famous Nuru Goddess Goddess Eden, who was the original woman who brought Nuru Massage to the United States. Make sure to read all about our history: History of Classymassages. We are the first of its kind. Others have often tried to imitate us, but they are not able to deliver what we do in the way that we do it, as we are the original. That is why our current market demand is high at our higher-end rate, as we have been here for a long time now and have an impeccable reputation. 

Customer Satisfaction is everything to us here at Classymassages. We are a network of independent ladies. We are not a service or agency. This Network is this way because we all work together collectively. No one is the boss of anyone. It is a collaborative effort. Together, we make sure every session is fantastic, and our beloved clientele will come back for more and more. Our incredible presentation comes down to the artists not only being gorgeous but also consistently giving their all into every second of every single session.

We are the most upscale service of its kind for a reason. The secret to our continued years of success is in the beautiful souls and hearts of our artists. Our artists exude class, intelligence, warmth, and sincerity. All of our artists are amazing with superior talents because they are naturally uninhibited, open-minded, and extremely sensual and highly erotic naturally.

We do our best to make sure everyone is consistently superior in skills and appearances, so all artists must be punctual, reliable, and dependable. Drug Dependence/disease/drama free, please!

Please text message, Rachel Cohen, for consideration: 954 549 5010.

We ask when messaging us to provide your name, age, along with accurate and current pictures. 

Please, highly accurate unretouched photos for consideration. Please include both a face picture and body picture. A video is also appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting you!!!!!