Sassy Nuru By All DD Natural Vixen!

That woman is truly a sex goddess superior in every single way imaginable. She is the cat’s meow and then some. 

My experience at Classymassages cannot be considered to be just an escort experience, just a Tantra Experience, or even  just a Japanese Style Nuru Massage. It is all those things combined together and then add class, sass, intelligence, and beauty.

Heather is even better in person. Her skin is tanned perfection. She is very graceful. She is an all-natural beauty, no implants or botoxed looking. Her hair is light brown with blonde highlights, long and straight. 

It does not get any better than an experience with this beautiful Goddess.  She may be one of the best looking women I have ever actually had the pleasure of spending intimate time with.  She is with a down-to-earth authentic side I found quite appealing.  Her personality and warmth make her 100 percent perfect in every way.

She is playful with quite the “wild side.” For the combination of  TRULY exceptional, Nuru, Tantra, and GFE/PSE skills, I highly recommend Heather. To me, personally Heather is above and beyond the best I have ever experienced not only in this hobby, but in my entire life. 

She arrived to my upscale hotel room right on time. I really hate tardiness. I read somewhere that Classymassages is reputed at being very punctual, which means a lot to me. Her grooming was impeccable, she was wearing an evening dress that showed a fit pair of long glamorous legs. Her breasts are ALL NATURAL and just sensational. Her breasts look exactly like they do in her pics – simply perfect. Really soft and perky and loved the feeling against me during Nuru.  Her body was made for Nuru. She has a soft sexy voice, and is sweet, intelligent, funny, and very well-spoken. 

She performed her session using Nuru and Gfe/PSE, which was fantastic! She also did quite a bit of Tantra. I wished I was in the spa I read about so I could have been watching her in the mirror as described while she did this to me.  Next time for sure! Was not able to make a spa trip work but I was definitely coming back and definitely going to go visit the spa.

Heather explained to me before we started what she was going to do with me so I knew what to expect in our session. Basically she said she was going to elevate me to a certain level of pleasure keep me at that level of pleasure for most of the 3 hour session I had selected. She said about 15 minutes before our session would end she would relieve me, and that I would have the most intense “finale” ever experienced.  

Well, that is exactly what happened. In doing her session, she basically gave me the best “Nuru” massage known to mankind itself. She also did some deep breathing with me, which may have been a touch of the tantra, maintaining eye contact the entire time. It was intense, intimate, and beautiful. This woman sensually and sexually fulfilled me in every single way possible. Visually I was transcended just looking at her, as her beauty was truly ethereal as was the experience. 

Her lady cookie is sculpted perfectly like a fresh blossoming flower and my manhood inside her felt like it was visiting Heaven on Earth. She is very, very tight and it truly felt like I was in a very low mileage territory. She has hairless perfectly sculpted beautiful lips , and a gorgoeus, hungry clitoris. She drips her sweet honey from those lips whenever I touched her. Let me tell you Heather gets very very very wet, deliciously sopping wet! She is fragrant and clean, and she tastes and smells as good as she looks and feels. Her delectable nipples got very hard while we were intimate together, seeming to pulsate along with our passion. They were as if you could actually visually see desire soaring inside of her, making them that way. Yes,  she is a living, breathing, sexual, sensual Goddess. 

The actual Japanese Nuru Massage I received was very intense, incredible, and she was just phenomenal at it, a total expert. She used every bit of her body rub every bit of mine, and watching her all oiled up just like in her video in the was the most incredibly sensual vision I have ever had. Her hands were simply amazing, and her oral skills were to die for.  

My “finale” was just incredible, I felt it not just in my manhood, but all over, I mean it was quite incredible! It lasted about several minutes of wave after wave of pleasure, all the while I was inside Heather who was experiencing it along with me. When I say it was incredible, I mean it was just incredible.