Refreshing Rendezvous With Renee

I contacted Rachel at Classymassages to meet someone new and knowing my tastes well, she recommended Renee. As always, the arrangements were easy and painless.

At the appointed time, I arrived and, as always they were ready for me. Promptness and consideration for my time is a key point in their favor.  I was directed to the secluded entrance and welcomed by a bright ray of sunshine in a small package. Renee is amazingly perky and pleasant. It would be impossible to have a bad day next to her.

I made use of the clean and well-stocked bathroom to take a shower and after washing up I emerged to find Renee out of her little black dress and into a short sexy robe. Refreshment was offered and I opted for a glass of pinot as we spent a little time in conversation to break the ice. 

Inevitably my interest reached the point where we needed to move to the bed for a soothing, then arousing nuru massage. At first, it was just the pleasant sensation of her lithe young body against mine, but then she began to increase the stakes. Whispers in my ear. Kissed to neck, playful nibbles. A soft touch to my nethers, then more insistent. Pleasurable caresses of my scrotum and perineum. An eternity spent, yet somehow not enough, of escalating intimacy until my arousal was uncomfortable underneath me.”Ready to flip over for me?” she asks. I needed no further encouragement.

A half-whispered “wow” escapes her lips when she sees my manhood. Perhaps she was just being kind, but she did seem excited to proceed.  She resumes her nuru slide atop me, kissing me gently at first, and hungrily as our loins meet.  She uses her body skillfully to build my desire and slowly works her way downward to take my engorged member in her mouth. She takes me to the edge, and then pulls me back, skillfully stimulating my frenulum until I squirm.”Not yet” she says.

She produces and applies a cover and eases herself onto me. “Careful” she implores me “I’m small” and starts slowly.  It is heavenly.  Soon I turn her over for missionary and we look deeply in one another’s eyes as I steadily increase the speed, depth and force of my thrusts. Her breath comes more quickly, her eyes roll and I can feel the heat of her loins as she gets wetter and wetter with every moment. This is where her edging pays off, as I need a bit longer to resolve, and her pleas to “don’t stop” are satisfied.

We transition into a lazy dog position and I am in her ear, telling how amazing she feels, how beautiful she is, how happy I am to have come to see her today. My hand seeks her out as I reach around her body to play with her clit. I can feel her astounding wetness as I stimulate her to yet another release. The clenching of her Kegels during her orgasm finally takes me over the edge and I experience one of the more forceful orgasms I’ve ever experienced.

We lay there for several minutes, both spent before we are able to move.  She expertly cleans my and disposes of the cover, coming back to give my manhood some small kisses to which he immediately responds, but I regretfully put a halt to it as I had an appointment to keep.

Another shower, a lovely goodbye kiss and a bottle of water were provided to get me ready to face the world after this too-brief blissful rendezvous.


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