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It has been a minute since I last visited the erotic paradise that is Classymassages.  I felt the urge however, and knew the time to enter this “Erotic Slice of Heaven” and see a young lady from the group was well overdue.
At this point, I am floored by the quality of service at this network so I do not go anywhere else. It is safe and an extremely well run business. I like the booking assistant. It was a super easy screening process and always has been a painless booking experience. All the ladies I have met so far are exceptionally good looking, and I really like that.  There were only three girls on the site I had not visited with yet, and though the girls I had tried previously were all great, I am a man that likes variety. Two of the girls I had not seen yet were brunette model types. I was in the mood for a brunette, so I was really torn between the two on this site. I decided to leave it up to fate, and I asked Rachel the assistant to pick for me out of the two, just match me with whomever she felt was the best match for me and who was available at the time I needed. She set me up on a 4 hour appointment with Heather Fields.
Heather’s pictures are just nowhere near as hot as she is in person. She is by far the best looking girl at Classymassages I have seen yet, and that is saying a lot because all the girls so far have been drop-dead gorgeous. The pics are accurate and they are not altered, which is good, but do not show how incredibly breathtaking she is. She has something very glamorous about her in person that the pics just do not come close to capturing.  In this business though, I really would rather see a lady’s appearance downplayed then overplayed, and have my expectations exceeded then to be disappointed. 
Miss Fields in person is definitely Model Material Perfection 10 as advertised. She has a lot of muscle tone, a flat stomach, and a gorgeous slim hourglass type figure with incredible natural-looking large DD perky breasts, a very tiny waist, and a firm butt that is to die for. Her legs are outstanding with thighs that are firm and toned long legs. She has perfect skin, no cellulite, no tattoos, no imperfections anywhere. I would describe her as exotic in an All-American Caucasian way. Exotic because her skin has a light tan to it and she has full lips, high cheekbones, and wide-set hazel almond-shaped eyes. Her ass is absolutely delicious. It is a far superior ass to all asses, and not for the faint of heart. It is an ass for fans of the perfect ass. Her hair is very long and gorgeous. silky, mostly straight with some loose curls on the end. I asked her if she was Latin, Greek, or Italian, and she said denied it, stating she is just Caucasian originally from the Midwest. She looks later 20’s.  Even though she denied being anything but American, my intuition finally decided that she may have a touch French in her genetics even if she does not know it. I watch a lot of late-night French foreign films when I cannot sleep. and she has that sexy “let’s make love all night on the French Riviera” look.  I actually forgot to ask her if she is French, so I might be right. I am really not sure what kind of Caucasian she is, but I honestly did find her sex appeal that of someone way more exotic than your average All-American woman, especially with that incredibly perfect backside. She is just not white bread boring. She is truly a sexy gorgeous woman, a very refined well-bred looking young lady in every way. 
I booked the recommended 4 hour session for massage connoisseurs such as myself, as I just love getting massages.
After knocking on the door, this Goddess let me in. She had an enticing smile and the unspoken words “please fuck me now” vibing off her.  This made me instantly erect just being near her. After a brief introduction, we started making out, first LFK (light french kissing), followed by very passionate DFK (deep french kissing). Our lips touched then our tongues touched, darting in and out of one another’s mouth in a hungry, sexy way. This girl really knew how to deep French kiss. I am telling you she must be French. I felt her kisses throughout my whole entire body. I was so excited as she made me feel excited as a 20 year kid again.
She was wearing a black evening gown with diamond earrings, and looked like she could be my high-end date for the Grammy Awards. I loved the extra touches with the fancy clothes. She was vibrant, full of life, well-spoken, graceful, and held herself like the educated, sophisticated woman she obviously is. She also had a seductive, playful side to her, and a sexy, engaging laugh that just melted me. I found her so appealing mentally and physically, that I knew without a doubt I had found in her a keeper. I do not usually repeat with the same girl, but in this case I decided too.  Our chemistry was that spectacular.
I had read her described as a girl-next-door type, and I could see she has a very down-to-earth side to her personality that is girl-next-door. However IMHO, she is not a girl-next-door type like I had read. I found her beautiful but in a more elaborate, earthshattering way. The down-to-earth girl-next-door thing I found her to be was in or mental connection only that she made me feel comfortable somehow.  She was able to keep a conversation with me at my level about most any topic including wine, traveling, world religions, football, fine cuisine, and even yoga. I had brought her a 1000 dollar bottle of wine out of my personal cellar to share with me, (I had a feeling it would be a fit), and she immediately noted and appreciated it without me having to point it out. This is a touch of class you do not often see in this particular genre. Also, when I went to pour her a glass of the wine, she asked for just a little to taste first, swirled her glass around and tasted it first before giving her approval to fill the rest. Little touches like that showed me her breeding, and I was duly impressed by how cultured she was. We talked further, and without disclosing too much personal information she shared with me, I will share she carries an advanced degree from a highly regarded college. 
The ambiance at Classymassages is by far the best. This is my 4th time at this location, yet it still blows me away each and every time. It is beautifully decorated, very erotic, and I just love the mirrors on the walls, and the warm wooden floor and walls. I like how it is always elaborately set up with music and candles. The best part is how immaculate it is. I swear the clean thing alone is 50 percent why I like visiting it so much, as I have never experienced this degree of cleanliness anywhere else. 
Heather is the kind of girl ideal for extended dates of 6 hours or more, or even overnights. She will work on the price the longer you book an appointment just get in touch with Rachel. I made a note she is open to travel as well in case I ever needed a visit to my home state. 
The 4 hours we spent together were absolutely delightful. After a couple drinks of wine, we proceeded and began our session. I took a shower beforehand, and then placed the robe and slippers she left out for me. Heather took my hand and led me over to the Nuru Bed.  She had changed into a silky kimono styled robe, which I helped her remove, and she stood before me with one of the most gorgeous faces I have ever seen, amazingly soft, ample breasts, flat stomach, perfect sexy hips, shaved pussy, and long toned legs. She is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen by far. Her perfect smile is one of my favorite features of hers, as it is a little seductive and very, very enticing. She has manicured nails but they are not very long. I know most men like long nails, but I prefer them shorter. This lady is very natural looking in general, which I really like.
She instructed me to lay on the Nuru bed, and the fun began. 
Nuru Skills were spectacular. Her body is the perfect body for Nuru. She is very intuitive and knows how to slip and slide perfectly. Her breasts and smooth shaved pussy touched me everywhere. The massage on my back was over an hour and it felt so heavenly I thought minutes went by. She had taken her soft breast and stuck it in my buttocks area and also used them to tease my balls from the back.  I watched the whole thing in the mirror an her body oiled up with the Nuru gel was so hot it was hard to believe it was a reality. Her technique was simply amazing this girl has superior gifts.
She flipped me over and we continued the Nuru. She straddled me and did a backbend in front of my face so I ate her shaved pussy dripping with honey tasting juice until she came in my mouth.
I asked her if she liked girls and she said yes. I told her I would like to maybe do a date with me and my wife sometime. Heather was totally into it, totally turned on.  Just talking about this got me really going…
She found her way down to my throbbing cock and gave me a tantric bj, stopping and starting, building up, bringing me to the edge and back. She expertly placed a cover on my cock and we began intensively fucking. She rode me, with incredible tightness, her lady part massaging my male part as if it were a mouth itself. It was so tight, and I felt the vibrations of her orgasm building up as I fucked her. As my cock fucked her pussy, it felt the build-up against it, and soon I  just could not handle it anymore it was time for me to blow. I then turned her onto all fours and looking at her luscious perfect butt looking oh so juicy I entered her pussy and blasted off into the cover. She moaned with passion as she came with me, both of us shaking with the intensity.  
I thought I was done, but then she took off my cover and started to apply her expert oral skills. I was immediately hard again which does not usually happen for me. She continued to suck and after awhile I blasted again. 
We cuddled for a few minutes, then she wiped me with a clean hot towel asian style from a heater. I just love this young lady. Class, sass, beautiful body, and love of sensuality, love of my body, plus a love of me touching her body that cannot be faked. She is real in every way, and she is fucking gorgeous.
4 Hours was perfect for the Nuru Massage, Conversation, Cuddling, and Sex, but next time I am going to book the 8 hour companionship date and take her out, as it will be a lot of fun to show her off. She obviously knows the ins and outs of fine dining, and I just cannot wait to take her to my favorite 5 star restaurant here in Florida. 
She is utterly spectacular in every way. She is a sexual artist indeed.
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